Saltwater Electric Reels

Electric saltwater fishing reels are designed to take the heavy work out of fishing and make it more fun for everyone. By incorporating electric motors into the reel mechanism, these saltwater reels improve the efficiency of your fishing tackle. Electric reels are especially useful for offshore deep drop ocean anglers, whether they're fishing for daytime swordfish or plumbing the depths for tile fish and grouper. Electric saltwater reels plug directly into your boat's power system or run off a stand-alone 12 volt or 24 volt battery.

TackleDirect will help you find electric saltwater reels for bottom fishing from numerous top brands. Order Shimano Forcemaster Electric Dendou Reels with motor heat dissipation, Daiwa Seaborg Megatwin reels that also you switch power rangers with a button press, or Elec-Tra-Mate Brute reels that can also be used for pulling dredges or deep dropping. You can even get green sticking reels that allow you to switch rods or spools in seconds. Additional features available include automatic stop and jigging, variable-speed power control, hands-off hauling and corrosion resistance. With models available for all levels of recreational and commercial fishing, we have an electric saltwater fishing reel for you. You'll also get fast worldwide shipping and no-hassle returns when you order from TackleDirect.