Float Tubes & Boats

Using inflatable tubes for boats may seem like an odd idea. But float tubes and inflatable boats can open up new vistas on your fishing horizon. Inexpensive, lightweight and easy to pack on your back or throw in your vehicle, these handy items can take you beyond the shore to where the fish are. At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of float tubes, inflatable boats and accessories that will help you catch more fish and have more fun.

Fishing from a float tube is a bit like fishing from an easy chair ' except that your legs are dangling beneath you in the water rather than resting on the ground. With a pair of float tube fins, you can easily propel yourself around a pond or lake, getting to spots that shore fishermen and boaters only dream about fishing. These tubes are super stealthy and quiet. They're a blast to catch fish from too, since they put you right down at the fish's level.

TackleDirect carries a variety of float tubes, from the most basic models to deluxe versions with above-water seating. If you want to tackle bigger lakes and rivers, consider one of our inflatable pontoon boats. The oars make it easy to cover more ground.

We also carry all the accessories you need for your float tube or inflatable. Pick from hand pumps, foot pumps or electric pumps to keep the air pressure at the right level. We have fins for propelling your float tube and straps for packing your float tube into those remote lakes and ponds that hardly anyone else goes to.