Flies and Fly Tying

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Fly fishing may be regarded by some as complicated and elite. But the real appeal of this growing sport may lie in its simplicity. The great fly fisherman Lefty Kreh said it best during a casting exhibition at an ICAST gathering in Orlando, Fla. Fly fishing's appeal, he explained, was that it gave him a direct connection to the fish, just like when he was a kid fishing with a simple handline. At TackleDirect, we offer a big assortment of freshwater and saltwater flies and fly-tying equipment. Make it as simple or complex as you want. Here you'll find all the supplies you need to pursue the art and craft of fly fishing and fly tying.

Freshwater Flies
The freshwater flies available at TackleDirect will let you match the hatch no matter the season. Caddis, mayfly and green drake are just a sampling of the patterns you will find here. These carefully tied flies come from premier outfits like Umpqua Fly Fishing and J:SonSweden. Enjoy explosive surface action from ferocious bass with the bass poppers and frog patterns from Umpqua. Or cast one of Umpqua's Lefty Deceivers for action with anything from smallmouth to stripers. Tease up some trout with packs of assorted nymphs and duns from J:SonSweden.

Saltwater Flies
For light-tackle enthusiasts, few things beat the thrill of catching a tough, aggressive saltwater fish on a fly. TackleDirect is here to make sure you get some supreme action, whether you're targeting false albacore, stripers or bluefish in the north or snook, tarpon or permit in the south. Just a few of the saltwater flies available at TackleDirect include mullet imitations for tarpon and snook and herring and baitfish patterns that will draw savage attacks from saltwater predators. Check out our crab patterns if you're stalking permit or bonefish on the flats.

Fly Tying
If you love tying flies as much or more as you do fishing with them, TackleDirect has all the equipment you need to indulge in this practical, artistic pursuit. We have all the basics for assembling beautiful flies, from an assortment of hooks to materials like deer tails. TackleDirect also has fly-tying kits with everything you need to tie dozens of your own flies. In addition, we carry hardware like vises for your shop or desk to make superior flies.

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