Waders & Wading Boots

Fly Fishing Waders and Boots

Whether you chase salmon in the Great Lakes or wahoo from a Gulf Coast inlet, fly fishermen need to stand in just the right spot to land their target. Sometimes, that spot is in the middle of frigid water — and that means owning high-quality wading gear to keep you warm and dry. Our fishing waders are designed by top outdoor names such as Simms, Grundens, Caddis, and Orvis. They were originally made for fly fishing but work just as well for surfcasting and other adventures in waters that are a little too cool for comfort.

The Best Waders for Fishing

TackleDirect has waders for men, women and kids who enjoy getting up close and personal with Mother Nature as they pursue a trophy catch. Basic hip waders, also called wading pants, give you the most freedom of movement in shallow, slow-moving streams and rivers. Look for chest waders, aka fishing overalls, if you want the highest level of protection in deep waters and rapids.

Stockingfoot waders have neoprene socks to shield your feet, and you wear separate wading boots over them. Bootfoot waders are an all-in-one package. Even if the water is warm enough to fish without waders, many anglers still wear wading boots for added traction and to prevent cuts and bruises.

Dozens of waterproof fishing waders are in stock so you can find the right fit for your fishing destination and your budget. We also have accessories such as wading belts to add buoyancy and comfort. TackleDirect experts are available seven days a week to answer your questions.