Fly Tying Materials

Tying your own flies is as much an art as fly fishing itself. In fact, for some, fly tying becomes a full-time hobby. If you love to tie your own flies, whether for the art or for the sake of matching the hatch as closely as possible, you will find a wealth of fly-tying kits and materials at TackleDirect.

Whether you are tying saltwater flies or freshwater flies, we have all the materials you need right here to come up with some beautiful patterns. Our Raymond Rumpf and Spirit River fly-tying materials give you a broad palette on which to indulge your artistry.

We carry Spirit River bucktails in a variety of colors to trigger strikes from the most reluctant fish. You will also find plenty of other materials here, including elk hair as well as scud shrimp and caddis/nymph dubbing. Use some Mylar tinsel to add some flash to your flies. We also have a variety of stick-on eyes to add realism to your flies. Use our threads in many colors to wrap things up.

If you're just starting out in the fascinating field of fly tying, check out our fly-tying kits. These starter kits provide everything you need, except for the thread, to tie a couple of dozen flies. They are fun and a great way to learn.