Monofilament Line

Saltwater Mono Fishing Line

Both beginner anglers and tournament pros who need a solid all-around line will enjoy the selection of monofilament fishing line at TackleDirect. Even with the rise of fluorocarbon and braided lines, monofilament is still the best saltwater fishing line for topwater casting, and the design is useful for many other techniques. Its abrasion resistance is forgiving in tough environments, the lines are easy to tie and the stretch makes it less likely to rip hooks away from the fish. Finally, monofilaments are easy to colorize so your lines can blend into various environments.

Best Monofilament Fishing Line

We stock an unmatched collection of saltwater monofilament line to haul in bass, catfish, walleyes and even larger gamefish like marlin. Despite its reputation for light tackle fishing, mono fishing lines come in many break strength ratings, from basic 10-pound-test lines up to 600-pound lines. You also have many colors to choose from. Order clear mono line for general casting, green and bronze lines for inshore fishing, red lines for bottom dropping and high-viz line when there's a lot of sun glare. For more information about when to use each type of monofilament saltwater line, visit the TackleDirect blog or call us seven days a week.

Once you've found the right line, we know you'll want to stock up. Bulk mono fishing line spools can contain more than 10,000 yards so you're never in danger of running out mid-trip. TackleDirect sells top saltwater fishing line brands such as Berkley, Hi-Seas, Ande and Platypus with worldwide shipping.