Saltwater Monofilament Fishing Line

Saltwater monofilament fishing line is an easy-to-handle, all-around line with benefits for beginner and expert anglers alike. Typically extruded from one or more varieties of nylon, monofilament fishing line is flexible in nature, which makes it more manageable and easier to cast. Its extra stretch and lower sinker rate makes it great for topwater fishing and provides more forgiveness during hooking and fighting. In addition, mono fishing line provides better knot holds while being easy to tie, has good shock strength for sudden impacts, and is easier for manufacturers to tint for camouflaging.

TackleDirect has a complete selection of premium saltwater monofilament fishing lines from Hi-Seas, Berkley, Momoi, Jinkai, Sufix and many more top brands. We have all line classes available, from 1 lb. test strength monofilament lines for baitfishing to 600 lb. test line for mackerel sharks. We also have a full spectrum of colors, from hi-visibility yellow, green and blue for trolling to colors such as red and pink which blend in at lower water depths. Monofilament line is the most inexpensive fishing line on the market without sacrificing quality, and you can even order spools with thousands of yards so you always have plenty of line on hand. Order today from a family-owned business that offers thousands of fishing tackle products with first-rate customer service.