American Fishing Wire Terminal Tackle

As the top American company making and selling wire leaders, American Fishing Wire has helped legions of pro and amateur anglers catch more fish and lose fewer rigs. At TackleDirect, we carry a selection of this company's terminal tackle and leader kits that can boost your catch too. Thanks to AFW, hours spent fishing will be more fun than frustrating.

You'll find components here to make your own custom leaders as well as kits that give you everything you need to make your own leaders in one convenient and economical package. Our kits are available in mono, fluorocarbon and braid versions. We also stock wire shark kits to keep those toothy critters from severing your line.

Supplies for making leaders include quality wire, swivels, snap swivels and sleeves. We also have split rings for rigging or upgrading your lures.

Our planers and planer kits will get your lures and baits down deeper. Farther up the water column, AFW shark floats will suspend your bait at the depth you choose to invite savage attacks.