Freshwater Flies

For some anglers, few fishing experiences can rival enticing a wary predator to pounce on a carefully presented fly. Fooling a wary fish with an artfully tied fly requires patience, skill and know-how, and is usually more difficult than catching fish on bait or even lures. There are times, however, such as during a major insect hatch, when nothing but the right fly will work.

At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of quality freshwater panfish, trout and bass flies. These carefully tied flies are made by leading outfits such as Umpqua, J:Son Sweden, and Enrico Puglisi. You will find bass poppers as well as patterns tied to catch bluegills and other sunfish and panfish. We also have flies specifically designed to fool eastern trout. In addition to single flies, you can buy multipacks that will give you a range of choices when you are on the water.