Saltwater Fishing Jig Lures

In the hands of beginner and expert anglers alike, good saltwater fishing jigging lures are like candy to fish. Rather than using built-in action, jigs rely on the angler to jerk, snap and pop, creating the appearance of an injured baitfish that bigger fish find irresistible. TackleDirect has premium saltwater jigs from Shimano, Point Jude, OTI, Williamson, Runoff and many others. With hundreds of vertical jigs, bucktail jigs, lead-head jigs, metal jigs and more in stock, you can be certain to find the right jig to get fish biting on your next outing.

Saltwater fishing jigs come in a number of different designs, colors, shapes and weights to simulate all sorts of prey from small mackerels to mullet. Find jigs for casting or spinning, with single or treble hooks, and with features such as hammered finishes and split rings. Each high-quality jig is built to withstand wear and corrosion. Jigs can also be used in tandem with live bait, or even be used to catch the live bait you need to go after bigger game. Our experts will help you find the right jig to go after stripers, bluefish, bass, tuna, or anything else your heart desires. And no matter what you end up ordering, you'll enjoy our low prices and fast worldwide shipping.