Saltwater Plugs

Fishing plugs, also known as crankbait or wobblers, are a type of hard-bodied fishing lure designed to look and act like live bait. These lures are made out of lightweight wood or foam with thin sheet metal or plastic on the front and working by diving under the water's surface and swimming with a "wobbling" movement when retrieved. Although fishing plugs can be used by anglers of any experience level, they are especially effective in the hands of experienced fishermen who can add nuance and additional action to the lure. TackleDirect will help you find saltwater fishing plug shallow-diver and deep-diver lures for any fishing expedition.

Our saltwater fishing plug selection includes hundreds of lures from Daiwa, Super Strike, 24/7, Yo Zuri, Northbar and other leading brands. Choose from handcrafted northern basswood bottle style popper lures to attract big game fish, orca top water lures that imitate injured bait fish, minnow lure long casting bait with a ripping style retrieve, and floating jerkbait lures to attract powerful and aggressive fish. You can also order fishing plug lure packages assembled by our experts for surf fishing or offshore popping. With great prices and worldwide shipping when you order from TackleDirect, saltwater fishing plugs are an inexpensive and effective way to entice more fish to your line.