Freshwater Hooks

Freshwater Fishing Hooks, Jigs and Rigs:

The weakest link argument definitely applies to hooks. You can do everything right, spend all the time and money in the world, be in the right place at the right time with exactly the right equipment and bait. But if you don't use good, sharp, strong hooks, all your effort will be in vain. At TackleDirect, we offer a big selection of quality hooks from famous manufacturers to ensure you hook and land your quarry. We also have simple but effective freshwater jigs with hooks that you can dress yourself with your favorite soft baits that will help you catch more fish.

Freshwater Single and Treble Hooks:

TackleDirect has hundreds of hooks that will help you catch practically any fish that swims in freshwater. Choose from a variety of standard J hooks including O'Shaughnessy's, offset and non-offset single hooks from leading manufacturers such as Eagle Claw, Mustad and VMC. If you practice catch-and-release fishing, we have lots of circle hooks that will help you release fish unharmed. We also carry treble hooks ideal for replacing or upgrading hooks on your lures. You can also use trebles for holding soft baits.

Freshwater Jigs:

There's a reason why jigs have been included in standard military survival kits for decades: They catch fish. Simple, small and deadly, these basic lures will catch virtually any fish on the planet in saltwater or freshwater.

At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of jigs to help you go after virtually any freshwater fish, from 1/16-ounce crappie killers to 1-ounce jig heads for enticing walleye and lake trout. These jigs are available with a variety of head shapes. We ship them bare so you can dress them with your favorite soft baits or other baits.

Freshwater Rigs:

Sure, you could tie your own rigs. But when you consider how precious your time on the water is, you might want to look into some of the quality pre-tied rigs available from TackleDirect. Made of premium components, our freshwater rigs include beaded snelled hook rigs that are walleye killers. You'll also find mooching rigs complete with quality Gamakatsu hooks and tough leaders that will improve your results with salmon as well as fish-finder rigs catch striped bass and other gamefish. These come complete with hook, three-way swivel, dual-lock snap, orange float with peg and monofilament leader.