Lowrance Marine Electronics

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Lowrance Marine Electronics is practically synonymous with fish-finders, which it invented in 1957. But itís not resting on its laurels. This company keeps moving forward with innovative fish-finders and other equipment. Whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater, Lowrance products will help you catch and find more fish. At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of Lowrance Electronics fish-finders and accessories.

Lowrance Fish-Finders
Youíll find a big selection of Lowrance fish-finders, chartplotters and fish-finder and chartplotter combos at TackleDirect. Whether you are looking for a unit for your bass boat to take honors in the next largemouth tournament or for a Lowrance device for your battle wagon to win the calcutta at the next marlin shoot-out, we can supply you with the Lowrance product that will fit your boat and your fishing.

Youíll find fish-finders with advanced features that will help you see and understand whatís going on under your boat. Lowrance chartplotters will help you navigate more safely, whether on a lake or the open seas. The fish-finder/chartplotter combos combine these two important uses in one easy-to-read display.

Lowrance Transducers and Accessories
TackleDirect has all the Lowrance transducers and accessories you need to get the most out of your Lowrance fish-finders. Made to match Lowrance equipment, the Lowrance transducers we carry will let your fish-finder scan the depths, whether you fish from a yacht or a kayak. We also have all the other gear you need to operate your Lowrance fish-finders and chartplotters, including Lowrance mounting kits and hardware.

Lowrance Elite-7 Ti2 Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-9 Ti2 Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance HDS-7 LIVE FishfindersLowrance HDS-9 LIVE FishfindersLowrance HDS-12 LIVE FishfindersLowrance HDS-16 LIVE FishfindersLowrance HOOK2 Fishfinders w/ TripleShot 3-in-1 SonarLowrance HOOK2 Fishfinders w/ SplitShot 2-in-1 SonarLowrance HOOK2-4x Fishfinders w/ Bullet Skimmer TransducerLowrance HOOK2-4x 4in Fishfinder w/ Bullet Skimmer - All Season PackLowrance HOOK2-4x 4in GPS Fishfinder w/ Bullet - All Season PackLowrance HOOK2-7x 7in GPS Fishfinder w/ Track Plotter & TripleShotLowrance HOOK2-5x 5in GPS Fishfinder w/ Track Plotter & SplitShotLowrance HOOK2-7x 7in GPS Fishfinder w/ Track Plotter & SplitShotLowrance Elite-12 Ti Combo w/ TotalScan TransducerLowrance Elite-9 Ti Combo w/ TotalScan Transducer (Remanufactured)Lowrance Elite-9 Ti Touchscreen Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-7 Ti Touchscreen Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-5 Ti Touchscreen Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-5 CHIRP Base Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-5 CHIRP Gold Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-7 CHIRP Base Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-7 CHIRP Gold Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance Elite-7x CHIRP FishfindersLowrance HDS-12 Gen3 FishfindersLowrance HDS-7 Gen3 FishfindersLowrance HDS-9 Gen3 FishfindersLowrance 000-12635-001 HOOK-3x Fishfinder w/ 83/200 TransducerLowrance 000-12636-001 HOOK-3x DSI Fishfinder w/ 455/800 TransducerLowrance 000-12638-001 HOOK-3x All Season Pack w/ TransducerLowrance HOOK-4x FishfindersLowrance HOOK-4 Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance 000-12650-001 HOOK-4 Combo Ice Machine w/ Ice TransducerLowrance 000-12653-001 HOOK-5x Fishfinder w/ HDI TransducerLowrance 000-12654-001 HOOK-5 Combo Ice Machine w/ Ice TransducerLowrance HOOK-5 Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance 000-12660-001 HOOK-7x Fishfinder w/ HDI TransducerLowrance HOOK-7 Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance HOOK-9 Fishfinder/Chartplotter CombosLowrance 000-12539-001 Ice Fishing Pack w/ Transducer & Power CordLowrance 000-11030-001 Sun Cover f/ HDS-7 GEN2 TouchLowrance Sun Cover for Elite-7 SeriesLowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight w/ 83/200 and LSS-2 TransducerLowrance HDS Carbon Series Multifunction DisplaysLowrance Legacy UnitsLowrance 055-12421-001 Elite-5 Ti Touch Combo (Remanufactured)Lowrance 000-12643-001 Hook 4x Ice Machine w/ Portable TransducerLowrance 000-11061-001 Universal Portable Power PackLowrance HDS-16 Carbon Multi-Function DisplayLowrance HOOK2-5 BAJA Off Road GPSLowrance HOOK Reveal Fishfinders/ChartplottersLowrance Portable Power Pack f/ 7in & 5in Hook2 / Elite-Ti2 / HDS LIVELowrance HDS-9 LIVE / HDS-12 LIVE Boat in a Box BundleLowrance HDS-12 LIVE Boat in a Box BundleLowrance Elite FS 9 Chartplotter/FishfindersLowrance Elite FS 7 Chartplotter/Fishfinders
Lowrance 106-72 HST-WSBL Single Frequency Transom Mount TransducerLowrance HST-DFSBL Dual Frequency Skimmer Transducer with TemperatureLowrance Kayak Scupper Transducer MountLowrance 10EX-BLK Extension Cable for LSS-1/LSS-2 TransducerLowrance XT-12BL 12' Transducer Extension CableLowrance HDI SkimmersLowrance HDI Trolling Motor Adaptor For Skimmer XDCRLowrance 000-12568-001 Totalscan Skimmer Transom Transducer 455/800Lowrance XT-20BL 20-Foot Extension Cable for TransducersLowrance 000-10263-001 15' Extension Cable f/ DSI TransducersLowrance 99-91 15' Transducer Extension CableLowrance 000-10392-001 50/200 Skimmer Transducer Mounting KitLowrance 000-0099-06 83/200 Skimming Transducer SS Mounting KitLowrance 000-13313-001 Adapter 7-Pin Blue Transducer to 9-Pin BlackLowrance B117-DT-BL B117 0 Degree Depth/Temp Transducer w/ Blue Conn.Lowrance B164-12-BL B164 12 Degree Tilted Transducer w/ Blue ConnectorLowrance B260-BL B260 Bronze Thru HullLowrance B60-12-BL B60-12 12 Degree Tilted Element TransducerLowrance B60-20-BL B60-20 20 Degree Tilted Element TransducerLowrance 000-14192-001 Bullet/SplitShot Transom Mount BracketLowrance 000-12752-001 Dual Transducer 10' Extension Cable - 12-PinLowrance 000-14413-001 Extension Cable f/ Bullet Transducer - 10'Lowrance 106-49 HST-50/200-WSU Dual Frequency TM Transducer w/ TempLowrance 000-00146-001 LGC-16W Elite GPS AntennaLowrance 000-10782-001 Link-2 VHf/ GPS Handheld RadioLowrance 000-11040-001 LSS-1 Ducer to LSS-2 Module AdapterLowrance 000-10874-001 LSS-2 Skimmer Mount Bracket - Stainless SteelLowrance 000-10802-001 LSS-2 StructureScan HD Sonar Imaging TransducerLowrance 47-94 LST-3800 In-Dash Digital Depth/Temp Guage w/ TransducerLowrance P66-BL P66-BL Transom Triducer Multisensor Blue ConnectorLowrance P79-BL P79 In-Hull TransducerLowrance 106-73 PD-WBL Trolling Motor Mount TransducerLowrance 106-52 PD-WSU Trolling Motor or Shoot Thru 200 kHz TransducerLowrance 106-89 PDRT-WBL Shoot Thru-HullLowrance 106-69 PDRT-WSU 83/200 kHz Pod Style Transducer - Remote TempLowrance 106-50 PDT-WSU Trolling Motor 200 kHz TransducerLowrance 106-68 PTI-WSU 200kHz Portable Mount Ice Fishing TransducerLowrance 99-75 ST-TU Transom Paddle Wheel w/ TempLowrance 000-13559-001 StructureScan 3D S/S Thru-Hull TransducerLowrance 000-11460-001 StructureScanHD Sonar S/S TH Transducer PairLowrance 000-11459-001 StructureScanHD Sonar S/S Thru-Hull TransducerLowrance 000-0051-52 Suction Cup Kit f/ Portable Skimmer TransducerLowrance 000-10052-001 TA-UQ2BL-T Uniplug Transducer Adapter to BlueLowrance 000-11521-001 Thru-Hull Temperature SensorLowrance 106-48 TM 20 Degree Skimmer TransducerLowrance 000-10260-001 TM Transducer f/ DSI w/ TempLowrance 000-14259-001 TotalScan Thru Hull Transducer Low/High ChirpLowrance 000-14257-001 TotalScan Thru-Hull Transducer Med/High CHIRPLowrance 000-14193-001 TripleShot Transom Mount BracketLowrance 106-74 Trolling Motor Mount TransducerLowrance 000-10261-001 Trolling Motor Transducer Bracket f/ DSILowrance 000-13907-001 XSONIC TH Bronze HDI Transducer 9 Pin 10M CableLowrance 000-13942-001 XSONIC P79 Adjustable In-Hull Transducer 9-PinLowrance 000-13779-001 XSONIC SS175M Medium CHIRP Xducer 20 Deg TiltLowrance 000-13944-001 XSONIC TM150M TM Transducer - 9-Pin 10M CableLowrance 000-14069-001 XSONIC Transducer Adapter Cable to HOOK2Lowrance Active Imaging 3-in-1 Nosecone for Ghost Trolling MotorLowrance HDI Nosecone Transducer for Ghost Trolling MotorLowrance 000-14088-001 Ice Transducer for HOOK2 4xLowrance 000-14089-001 Ice Transducer for HOOK2-5/7/9/12