Fly Fishing Tackle & Gear

Fly fishing is just as much an art as a science. Whether you are new to this demanding sport or it seems you have been using the long rod since the days of Izaak Walton, we can help you have more fun and success using flies in freshwater or saltwater.

Consider us your go-to fly-fishing suppliers. Our fly-fishing equipment's simply the best. At TackleDirect, our fly tackle buyers have scoured the globe to find the perfect combination of old-fashioned good looks and modern technology for avid fly anglers.

Our goal is to bring you the best fly-fishing tackle, fly-tying gear and accessories you will find anywhere. Whether you're looking for saltwater fly-fishing gear or freshwater fly-fishing gear, we can ship you products from top fly-fishing supply companies, no matter where your fishing addiction takes you.

Our fly rods come from leading makers like Beulah, G Loomis and St. Croix as well as Mystic Outdoors and Fenwick. You can find fly fishing rods here to suit any type of angling, whether you're going after dainty brook trout and hard-fighting native cutthroats or want to take on tough saltwater species like false albacore, striped bass, redfish and tarpon.

We even have fly rods big enough to handle big-game fishing offshore if you want to experience catching marlin and sailfish on the fly. Double-handed spey casting rods are an excellent choice for catching salmon, brown trout and other big river trout.

When you browse our lineup of fly rods, you'll discover a wide range of actions ranging from moderate to X-fast. You can get just the kind of rod performance you'll need for the type of fishing you do.

We also have fly rods for the global traveler or for carrying in your vehicle so you can whip it out if you happen to drive by an inviting stretch of good-looking water. These rods break down into four pieces; some come with their own carrying cases.

If you need a quality fly reel to match your fly rod, you'll see plenty to choose from here. The leading brands we carry include famous names like 3-Tand, Hatch and Shimano as well as Tibor and Abel.

These reels are lightweight and feature precision construction for dependable performance. We have models to match any rod or fish. Make sure to pick one with a strong drag system. That way, when a fish fights hard, you can fight back.

You'll also find all the fly line, backing, tippets and leaders you'll need on these pages. Leading names in our stable of fly lines and tippets include Scientific Anglers, Umpqua, Temple Fork Outfitters and Rio.

We have leaders and lines suitable for the rigors of saltwater fishing as well as for the stealthy presentation required in many freshwater fishing situations. These lines come in many sizes and colors. If you're targeting a certain kind of fish, we carry fly lines aimed specific species such as stripers and muskies.

You can match the hatch and your tackle with our flies and fly-tying equipment. Pick from pre-tied patterns from makers like Enrico Puglisi, Umpqua and J.Son Sweden.

If you're partial to the art of tying your own flies, we carry everything you need. This selection of fly-fishing gear includes vises, tools and bucktails as well as thread and hooks.

Have questions? We've got answers. Our staff is full of avid fly anglers. They are available Monday-Saturday by phone or email to assist with your fly-fishing needs.