G-Loomis Greenwater Series Saltwater Rods

G. Loomis Greenwater Series Saltwater Rods

G Loomis Greenwater Series rods has flats anglers covered and sets new standards for light-duty saltwater rods. GLoomis worked very closely with their flats guides, dealers and pro staff to develop the ultimate rods for the flats and in some cases, a little bit deeper water for certain species.

$260.00 - $435.00
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Length/TypeHandlePiecesLine Weight (lb)Lure Weight (oz)ActionPowerPrice
2218-141/4-5/8FastMedium$260.00 USD
12316-121/4-1/2Ex-FastMag-Light$280.00 USD
12616-121/4-1/2Med-FastMed-Light$275.00 USD
127110-171/4-3/4FastMed-Heavy$270.00 USD
127110-171/4-3/4FastMed-Heavy$285.00 USD
12718-141/4-1/2Med-FastMedium$280.00 USD
124110-201/4-1 1/4Ex-FastMag-Med$300.00 USD
126110-171/4-3/4FastMed-Heavy$265.00 USD
304110-171/4-3/4FastMed-Heavy$425.00 USD
12618-141/4-5/8Med-FastMedium$270.00 USD
305110-201/4-1 1/4Ex-FastMag-Med$430.00 USD
123110-201/4-1 1/4Ex-FastMag-Med$290.00 USD
12318-151/4-5/8Ex-FastMag-Med$290.00 USD
305110-171/4-1Ex-FastMag-Med$435.00 USD
123110-201/4-1 1/4Ex-FastMag-Med$305.00 USD
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The G. Loomis Greenwater Series Saltwater rods are not your normal shallow-water rods - these are high performance spinning and casting rods designed to fish in the skinny water where the fish come to eat. And how often do you find rods that are not only made for a very specific fishery, but also reflect that image in the color of the blank.

G. Loomis Greenwater core models feature G. Loomis' proprietary ''fiber blend technology'' and have Fuji chrome Alconite guides. Three other models offer the ultimate in light weight and sensitivity with G. Loomis' proprietary GLX performance. They feature the light and virtually indestructible Recoil guides.

G. Loomis Greenwater rods may be divided into three groups:
  • ''standard'' Greenwater rods (GWR) for fishing live or cut bait
  • ''popping'' Greenwater rods (GWPR) for bait or small soft plastics
  • ''magnum taper'' Greenwater rods (GWMR) for fishing spoons, soft plastic jerkbaits and jigs
G. Loomis Greenwater Series Saltwater Rods - Application Details
  • GWMR783C
    A fast-action casting rod designed to fish soft jerkbaits, small jigs and live bait. A great choice for fishing in close cover and around the mangroves for snook, small stripers and redfish, it has plenty of reserve power to keep big fish away from trouble. If you like to fish topwater baits, this would make a great choice!
  • GWMR843C
    A fast-action casting rod designed to fish soft jerkbaits, jigs and live bait. It's a good choice for fishing the edges of cover for those saltwater species that invade shallow water flats such as snook, schoolie stripers or redfish. The 7-foot length allows you to make longer casts and fish slightly deeper water. It is unbelievably strong and has plenty of power to handle big fish, surprisingly big fish if you're lucky enough to hook up.
  • GWPR843C
    A medium-light casting rod designed to fish shrimp or soft plastics for bonefish, small reds and specks in shallow water with sufficient power to fish the edges of the cover. It is made with G. Loomis' proprietary ''fiber blend technology'' which gives you a nice blend of sensitivity and light weight. A really good rod for fishing the new super braids like Power Pro.
  • GWR901C
    A little more powerful casting rod designed to fish live bait, it makes a really good choice for the deeper flats and bigger fish. You might call this an oversized popping rod, but it has a faster action. It is a good rod for permit, Crevelle jacks and big reds. It will handle small crabs and baitfish. Made with G. Loomis' ''fiber blend technology'', it has good sensitivity and is very light!
  • GWR782S
    A light duty spinning rod for fishing shrimp, small spoons or light jigs, it has a nice soft tip with a moderate-fast taper that provides protection for lighter line. It has a powerful butt-section to help with the hookset and keep the pressure on whatever eats your bait. This is a great rod for specks, flounder and other skittish skinny water critters.
  • GWMR783S
    A 6'6'' fast-action spinning rod designed to fish soft plastics and jigs around heavy cover for snook, redfish and small tarpon where tight quarters dictate the need for a shorter rod. It has a very powerful butt-section and medium-heavy tip so it is a great choice for fishing weedless rigs like soft jerkbaits where you need to drive the hook through the plastic and into the fish. A lot like fishing a plastic worm for bass.
  • GWPR842S
    A light duty popping rod designed to fish shrimp or small jigs in shallow water applications. The upper half of this rod is very soft and forgiving to allow anglers to drop lightly weighted shrimp in front of cruising bonefish and specks with minimal splash... with or without a popping cork. It's made with G. Loomis' proprietary ''fiber blend technology'' which provides an excellent balance of sensitivity and lightweight.
  • GWMR843S GLX
    A 7' fast-action spinning rod designed to fish jigs and larger soft plastic. The extra length makes a huge difference for casting distance and lure/line control, especially when a fish grabs your lure at the end of a long cast. It will be a good choice for more open water situations where you still need the power to keep fish away from snags and cover. GLX makes this rod incredibly light in weight and you'll have to experience the sensitivity to believe it.
  • GWPR843S
    A spinning style popping rod designed to fish shrimp or soft plastics for bonefish, small reds and specks in shallow water. It offers a bit more power, allowing you to fish slightly heavier line and a little closer to the cover. It is made with G. Loomis' proprietary ''fiber blend technology'' which provides an excellent balance of sensitivity and lightweight.
  • GWR9000S
    An exceptional all around spinning rod designed to fish soft plastics, light jigs and spoons where long casts are necessary for success. This is a powerful rod that will handle redfish, permit and snook. Whether you wade or fish from a boat this rod gives you positive hooksets and total fish-fighting control thanks to the magnum taper and strong butt-section. You can hold this rod, with the tip up and just slowly shake it to create an unbelievable "dog walking" action with almost any stick bait.
  • GWR901S GLX
    A more powerful spinning rod designed to fish live bait and soft plastics, this is a great choice for the deeper flats and the bigger fish that inhabit them. It makes a good choice for permit, snook and big reds. It's a nice rod for fishing small crabs and baitfish. Thanks to the sensitivity of GLX, you can almost feel a fish look at your bait.
  • GWR901S
    A more powerful spinning rod designed to fish live bait and soft plastics, it makes a really good choice for the deeper flats and bigger fish. It is a good choice for permit, small jacks and big reds. It will handle small crabs and has enough power to handle those oversized surprises. Made with G. Loomis' ''fiber blend technology'', it is light and sensitive!
  • GWR930S
    A good choice for fishing shrimp and soft plastics in clear water where you need to stay back off the fish. It works exceptionally well for ''fly lining'' live bait to spooky fish and will give you excellent casting range and accuracy. When the bite gets tough and downsizing your bait seems your only alternative, this rod can handle it.
  • GWR941S GLX
    When the water gets a bit deeper and the fish a bit bigger we look for a little more power and a little more control. This rod not only extends your casting range due to the extra length, but it creates a bigger tip arc when you set the hook so you're moving a lot more line with the same effort as that of a shorter rod. It has a magnum taper and that means a lot more power when you really need to give them the ''no treatment''. GLX makes this rod extremely light and unbelievably sensitive.
  • GWR981S
    A powerful rod for fishing bigger baits and up to 20-pound line, this rod will cast a jig or a small pinfish a country mile and there's plenty of power left to set the hook and handle fish from long distance. Whether you're pitching crabs to cruising permit or casting spoons for big reds, this rod will keep you in total control. It's made with G. Loomis' ''fiber blend technology'' creating a nice blend of power, light weight and sensitivity.
4.5 Stars based on 26 reviews
By Adam
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
GWR901C Unique Rod
June 29, 2022
The GWR901C is a very unique rod. The "1" rating is lightweight for Loomis, and the tip shows it. But the combination of the Extra Fast action with the unique Mag-Medium power gives this rod a ton of back bone that loads up quickly. So you get the benefits of a very soft tip yet more backbone than you would expect. You need to know that is the action you want...it's really a rod meant for lighter smaller lures but in an environment where you don't want to be caught by surprise by a trophy fish. Giving it 4 stars for that reason...it's not a rod for everyone for every day use.
By Ron
Coastal SC
Great rod
December 16, 2021
Got this rod for larger inshore fish, primarily reds, and to use larger artificials. Very sensitive rod with great feel. Casts great.
By Ron
Coastal SC
Awesome light rod
December 16, 2021
Perfect for long casts on the coastal flats. Like the length for fighting inshore trout and reds.
By Alex D.
Southeast Michigan Lakes
Great Spinning Rod
June 24, 2021
I put a Daiwa Procyon LT 4000 reel and some 50lbs braid on this rod and have taken it out quite a few times on the kayak for freshwater fishing. This rod works very well, after reading the review of someone rod breaking I was a bit skeptical but I have accidentally hit it on my ceiling fan and dropped it a couple of times and it has not even scratch on it.

That being said I would definitely recommend this rod to anyone out there fishing for bass or pike. I've pulled a few big guys out of the lake so far with no issues.

  • Feels quality is just rigid enough, casts great!
By Kenny
Harwood, Maryland
great rod
May 29, 2020
it's light and sensitive. it throws unweighted paddletails and doa shrimps really well on 10lb braid really well when fishing shallow waters
By Jake M.
AC "in the soak"
Best Rod I own
April 29, 2020
This rod is nothing short of exceptional. It is a versatile rod that isn't just ok or "so-so" for a number of applications but truly a great rod for back bay fluking, striper fishing, sea bass jigging and my favorite as a tog jigging rod. Can't say enough good things.
  • None
By Reese
Great rod until...
January 31, 2020
This rod was great used it a lot for sheepshead because it was so sensitive and the bamboo felt great in the hand. But after about 3 years of use we were carrying it and hits something and the tip snapped. This was our fault completely but many rods I have used don’t snap when you hit a wall accidentally
By Steve
Sarasota, FL
G Loomis Lifetime Warranty a joke
March 5, 2019
Great rod, until it snapped into 3 pieces fighting a small fish. G Loomis refused to replace under their lifetime warranty, but instead "offered" a 3-figure replacement cost. The lifetime warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on.
  • great feel
  • lightweight
  • nice rod til it broke
  • G Loomis warranty is useless
  • Replacement cost under warranty is more than competitive rods
By Avery
Thornton , CO
Never own another rod
August 1, 2018
This rod is pure American ingenuity At it’s finest super light super strong and does the job well I can battle a big cat or a big wiper with it no problem does the job well and preforms consistently loomis makes a great rod when you are looking to step into that type of craftsmanship
  • Very light. Strong great cork handle
  • Price
By Matt D.
Corpus christi
Strong rod
March 20, 2018
The strength and durability of this rod is amazing. I love the feel of the real cork as well.
  • Sensitive
By Larry
Feels right
February 26, 2018
This is one of the best G Loomis rods I have owned. The fast taper tip flex and speed is just right for versatile fishing anywhere from 10-20lb. It will work well pitching plastics, casting live bait or crank baits. Very light weight. I just need to make sure my kids don't break it as these are pricey!
By phillip
stockton, MD
November 13, 2017
Very awesome lite weight rod paired with the new conflict 2 3000 pulled on stripers this past weekend very easy to cast line is smooth threw the guides on casting just a all around great rod!
By Donnie
, Goldsboro nc
Nice rod , prefer pro green
November 7, 2017
It's a good rod the 842s is what I bought. But the progreen 821s has a lot better feel for $15 more.
  • Good looking rod ,nice weight
By Al
Fayetteville, NC
Worth the price
November 13, 2016
I surf fish but purchased this rod to use on the pier. This rod is super-sensitive, even when paired to a spinning reel. On the surf, it performed equally well, on a calm day with only a 2 oz sinker.
The only down side to some may be the one-piece construction of this 8’6†rod which may be an issue to some. However, the sensitivity offered by this rod outweighs the issue of transporting and/or storing.
  • Super sensitive. Light weight.
  • One-piece construction makes it cumbersome to transport to a pier.
By Dave
Excellent rod
January 30, 2016
Light weight and super sensitive
4 Questions & 4 Answers
Don S
from Charleston, SC asked:
December 4, 2019
I see the GWMR843S GLX is on backorder. Is this rod still currently available for purchase after the backorder is filled, or is it an error on this website?
1 Answer
This can still be ordered, it may take up to or longer than 30 days. 
Submitted by: Ethan on December 7, 2019

from NY asked:
January 7, 2019
Do you think the GWR901S GLX will be an excellent match with Shimano CUDC150HG Curado DC Casting Reel ?? if its not or there is better Reel please advice for this rod .. Thanks in advance
1 Answer
Depending on what you're fishing for the Curado DC would make a good choice for that rod.
Submitted by: Bernie on January 9, 2019

from Spain asked:
June 9, 2022
What reels do you recommend for the GWR981S model?
1 Answer
Hi Luis, We recommend looking at the Shimano Stradic 4000 ( https://www.tackledirect.com/shimano-stradic-fl-spinning-reels.html ), the Shimano TwinPower 4000 ( https://www.tackledirect.com/shimano-twin-power-xd-fa-spinning-reels.html ), Or the Daiwa Saltist MQ 3000 ( https://www.tackledirect.com/daiwa-saltist-mq-spinning-reels.html ). These are a few reels that will balance out your rod well. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with!
Submitted by: Huy - TackleDirect Customer Service on June 10, 2022

from Jones Beach NY asked:
March 18, 2021
When will you have 901s GLX back in stock? Or has GLoomis discontinued this rod?
1 Answer
I believe this rod has been discontinued by G Loomis
Submitted by: William Larkin on March 25, 2021


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