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PowerPro Super Slick Braided Line

PowerPro Super Slick Braided Line

$16.99 - $189.99
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Lb. TestLengthColorPrice
10lb1500ydsSelect Color$139.99 USD
10lb150ydsSelect Color$17.99 USD
10lb300ydsSelect Color$29.99 USD
15lb1500ydsSelect Color$139.99 USD
15lb150ydsSelect Color$17.99 USD
15lb300ydsSelect Color$29.99 USD
20lb1500ydsSelect Color$169.99 USD
20lb150ydsSelect Color$19.99 USD
20lb300ydsSelect Color$34.99 USD
30lb1500ydsSelect Color$169.99 USD
30lb150ydsSelect Color$19.99 USD
30lb300ydsSelect Color$34.99 USD
40lb1500ydsSelect Color$169.99 USD
40lb150ydsSelect Color$20.99 USD
40lb300ydsSelect Color$36.99 USD
50lb1500ydsSelect Color$169.99 USD
50lb150ydsSelect Color$20.99 USD
50lb300ydsSelect Color$36.99 USD
65lb1500ydsSelect Color$179.99 USD
65lb150ydsSelect Color$21.99 USD
65lb300ydsSelect Color$39.99 USD
80lb1500ydsSelect Color$189.99 USD
80lb150ydsSelect Color$24.99 USD
80lb300ydsSelect Color$44.99 USD
Power Pro Super Slick Braided Line, constructed with 8 yarn Spectra fiber braided under high tension, has a ''smooth as silk'' surface. The smooth surface means reduced line friction on the spool and through the rod guides, which allows PowerPro Super Slick to cast like a bullet. An additional benefit of the Super Slick smooth surface and reduced friction is reduced line noise, allowing you to fish with stealth and silence.
  • Super-Slick is 8 yarn Spectra fiber construction for anglers who demand high performance.
  • PowerPro ''EBT'' (Enhanced Body Technology) process creates a stronger, thinner, smoother and quieter line.
  • Available in 8 sizes (10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80lb) and 4 colors (Hi-Vis Yellow, Marine Blue, Timber Brown, Aqua Green.
PowerPro Super Slick Color Descriptions - See Below
5 Stars based on 167 reviews
By Mark Schuman
Lyndonville, NY
October 27, 2015
Slick Line!
This line was spooled onto two different reels and rods I used at the OBX. One reel was the Penn SSV7500LC, and the other on a Shimano Ultegra XSC Surf Spinning Reel. Both reels performance was outstanding with this line. The blue color I chose was alright for visibility but I think yellow would have been better, that's just an opinion. The line is thin and casts very well from these reels with the right rod matched to it. My first experience with the line was on a Penn SSV7500LC, and the line flew off the reel with a 12 foot heavy rod, never an issue with wind knots on that particular rod and reel setup. My second experience was on the Shimano Ultegra XSC, and it was mounted to a 10 Foot light Newport rod from Penn (not made anymore) it did not do well with that rod. It almost always threw a wind knot out the guides. Not the lines fault at all, as I purchased a new rod recommended to me from Jam at Teaches Lair in Hatteras while I was there. The new rod was a TICA Samira 9 foot fast action and the line loved that rod and the Ultegra. I was easily making power casts to near 375 to 400 feet with metal in an offshore wind without tangles at all on that combo. I have used power pro for trolling for years but never tried casting spinning reels with it before. It does take a quality rod with the right guides to avoid the tangles on a cast, but when it all works this line performed excellent with very little drag on the lure. It's also nice to have a lot more line spooled on compared to the thicker monofilament lines. I used 30 lb mono for backing on these reels and spooled on 300 yards of power pro as a top load. Lots of room for big fish to run.
ProsSlick, smooth, strong, casts with little resistance, small diameter . 011 inch 30lb compared to .022 inch for 30lb mono.
By Ryan Harder
Grand Island NE
July 15, 2012
I have used several braided lines and POWER PRO is still the best I have yet to use. Like the new Marine Blue just received 1500 yard spool. Love IT!
Bronx ny
July 11, 2018
Great line
Allways Reliable line can't go wrong with power pro
By robert
Houston Tx.
July 9, 2018
starting down sizing, rods,reels,and line,(getting older),my casting distance have improved with the smoothness of this line.
By Kevin
July 3, 2018
Super Slick 8, Yellow Hi Vis, 30 lb test, 150 yard spool
Have used Slick 8 for several years, light, strong. Like all Braid , you need to keep an eye out for wear in the braid. Great for Cast long distance.
ProsLight, strong
ConsHave to check for wear
By L.D.
NJ and Florida
June 30, 2018
The best
Super slick is the braid I trust. Casts great, quality line.
ProsThin, strong, casts great
By Mike
June 24, 2018
came highly recommend
I purchased this line on the recommendation of a friend who is a guide on the Texas middle coast. I wanted to better detect lite bites while free shrimping. I'll be down at Port Aransas in July, so I'm definately looking forward to detecting those lite bites.
raritan bay
June 9, 2018
great line for plugging heavy currents with 3 oz plus plugs. super tough cast great and smooth. wont slice your finger off when casting .
raritan bay
June 9, 2018
slick 8 30lb
use slick 8 30 for 90% of my plugging 1/4 oz-3 oz plugs for stripers on my vs 150's . super tough and super smooth, cast a mile and wont slice your finger off when casting with dry hands. use 40 for heavier current waters with heavier reels and heavier plugs. go lighter than 30 better tape your finger or dont lay into the cast.
By Jim
April 19, 2018
20# Super 8 Slick Power Pro
I really like this line... small diameter, super strong, and some of the smoothest casting I've used.
Houston, TX
April 4, 2018
Cast a mile
This power pro is something very different in good meaning. Very durable and strong especially when vs rocky enviroment. Love my purchase
By Rangelo
Miami, FL
January 12, 2018
Haven't touch power pro in years but decided to give it another try once I heard about the super slick. Power pro has made me a believer again, braid is super smooth when casting and no mystery break offs. Stays strong and lasts.
By Gkarp11
Runnemede, NJ
December 17, 2017
Great Line
I tried other braids and Power Pro Slick 8 is the best braid Iā€™ve used. It sinks fast, casts far and seems strong. Itā€™s on all of my surf reels, 30lb.
ProsLight Sinks well Casts far
By Steve in Everett
Everett, Wa
December 12, 2017
Super deal on sale $$
The Super Slick power pro is the way to go if you use braided line. I have it loaded on most of my reels.
ProsSmall dia. color fast runs thru the guides easily
ConsAll braid can often wrap on the rod tip.
By John J Morise
Venice, LA
December 7, 2017
Powerpro super slick 30
very easy to cast. Possibly a thicker than other Power Pro 30
By robposse
Alexandria, VA
December 3, 2017
Its strong - goes well with my bait runner rod.
Braided lines are strong to begin with but they do weaken within 3-4 years and you cannot tell by looking at it like mono. You may detect by seeing a faded color. 50 lbs may be too much for surf fishing, but it does go well with the rod I use for chunkering bunker. Plus I can see it. I do wish I could toss the bait out further.
ProsVery strong in the 1st year. You can see the Timber Brown color line.
ConsBraided lines do weaken without you knowing it. Its hard to toss out bait very far with a 50 lb test line.
By lawrence
tolar, TX
November 25, 2017
Nice and soft line
I bought the 65lb for a offshore popping rod. Braid is much smoother and more supple than the normal power pro. No failures yet!
Prosstrong, soft
Conscolor fades slightly
By Chuck
Boston, MA
October 22, 2017
Made for Comfort and strength
I use conventional reels only. Shimano Calcutta, and Torium, Seigler Star Drag, and Penn Squal and all of them are loaded with PowerPro Super Slick Braided Line. I used to use PowerPro Spectra braided, also a great line, but after hours of casting, I would sometimes find that the Spectra had been abrasive on my thumb. When I switched to Super Slick, the problem was solved. Never have I experienced any thumb abrasion with this line and it maintains all the positive qualities of Spectra which caused me to use PowerPro in the first place, strength, durability, and diameter. Super Slick is a great line braided Fishing line.
ProsSlickness, strength, durability
ConsColor fades with time as do all braids.
By Gordon
Stamford, CT
July 21, 2017
This is the stuff
This is my go to line and has been since I first used it. I use 15 pound for all my inshore fishing - extra long casts, sinks fast, couldn't ask for anything better.
Pros-long casts -strong -can bring in good sized fish (bigger than 15 pounds on 15 pound test) - sinks fast with small diameter - palomar knots all day
Cons-nothing I can think of
By Christopher
Brooklyn, NY
June 23, 2017
Smooth on the Cating finger.
Love this line and use for everything. Boat and Surf.
ProsLess likely to cut your finger after a long night of casting.
By Tin
Arlington, TX
May 18, 2017
Best braid for the money
Great for distance and lure fishing. Durable and soft, cant ask much more. Always use a mono or flourocarbon leader when using braid
By Kelvin
April 27, 2017
Great product
I'm loving the super 8 slick I ordered the ocean blue and it looks great on my reel. It's so smooth when casting. Great stuff
By mark
cranbury , nj
April 20, 2017
Great line
Have it on most of my reels hold up well and it last for multiple seasons.
Bluffton, SC
April 6, 2017
Excellent line
Casts like a dream. Handles big fish very well. No wind knots. Best value. The only brand I will use for my beach fishing!
By Pat
Cocoa fl
March 30, 2017
Good line
Same as regular power pro but no noisewhen you cast.
By Eric Dula
Boca Raton, FL
March 14, 2017
Power Pro Duper Slick 80lb braid
Power Pro Super Slick 80lb braid is very strong and light. One of the best braids I have used. I use it for light trolling and deep drop on the reef. running Penn VSX12 on a Crowder 20-50lb rod. The wax coating makes it glide through the rod with no hangup or nicks.
ProsLight thin braid that is super the color selection, and available weights.
ConsNo issues.
By Miguel
Brownsville, Texas
January 12, 2017
Powerpro superslick braid review
Casts far and is more smooth compared to the original power pro
ProsSmooth, strong
By G
Evesham New Jersey
December 9, 2016
PowerPro super slick braided fishing line
Best line I have ever used. My 3rd year using it. Also like buying the 1500 yard spool when it's on sale. It's the best dollar value.
ProsLonger casting distances.
By bigron452
Hopewell Juction, NY
November 4, 2016
Smooth as silk
Love the new powerpro super smooth and as light and strong as ever. The new colors make your line easily visible .. overall very happy with the purchase
ProsThin, strong and light.
By Miseel
November 2, 2016
Best Braid
This is by far the best casting braid I've used. Very smooth.
ProsThin diameter strength knots
By Robert
New jersey
October 16, 2016
Great quality
ProsStrength Pliable
By buckeyesnookhunter
October 15, 2016
PowerPro Super Slick Braided Line
PowerPro Super Slick Braided Line Is the best line I have found for my baitcasting need
Prosless tangels and backlash like other braided lines on market
By Kamden
Waverly, Iowa
October 10, 2016
Not their best work
I love PowerPro and use it for almost every fishing application under the sun. I have tried their super 8 slick line multiple times, and it just hasn't lived up to my expectations of PowerPro line. It is extremely susceptible to wind knots, and the spools I have tried have had really poor line strength compared to original PowerPro.
By Donald
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 18, 2016
Power Pro Super Slick
I've always been a power pro guy but for surf and jetty applications I decided to give the super slick a try and was very pleased. The line is stiff and has a hard coating but definitely is slicker through the guides and will add some extra length in long cast situations.
ProsCasting Distance
By William
, NJ
August 27, 2016
The strongest and softest braid on the market.
PowerPro is my fishing line of choice in all fishing applications. It is always soft and easy to tie, and always strong. I have never had a line failure while using PowerPro line. The Super8Slick is my choice for all of my saltwater gear and the 65lb test is just as easy to tie and smooth casting as the 15lb test.
ProsSoft yet strong
By Al Lideros
Antioch CA
August 19, 2016
love the colors of super slick
The power pro slick is durable and strong. I like the slick coating on the slick compared to the regular braid giving me greater distance casting and the sensitive feel. Super slick will be the only braid i will use for now!
By Alex
Pozzuoli, Italy
August 4, 2016
Awesome stuff
I have this line on all my 5000 sized reels and it is great. Power Pro is the only line I trust. Tried and true.
ProsSmooth, strong, abrasion resistant and reasonably priced.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
August 4, 2016
Used a lot of braids
I have used a lot of braided lines. So far this is my favorite of all of them. I have used it on multiple reels and have not had any issues with it so far. Less wind knots and break offs. I was never a fan of the original PP, but this stuff is great.
By Terry
Dana Point Harbor, California
July 30, 2016
Catching west coast bluefins!
Works great as top shot on Penn spinning reel to long cast poppers. Doesn't fray, or stretch, and handles long casts, and long fights.
ProsEasy long casts. Ties well. Takes heavy use.
ConsDoes not stretch !!
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
July 7, 2016
Best I've used
I've used many braided lines and this is the best I've used so far.
ProsDurability and casting
By Ed Wallace
Dauphin Island, Al
June 5, 2016
Nice line dude
Love the multicolor line for controlled Dept fishing
By Gene
South Alabma
May 15, 2016
should be called "Super Cast"
Great product. spools easily, casts like a bullet and is just about invisible in clear water. Have caught a couple of nice bass just messing around off my dock at our lake cottage. I can't wait to get it into salt water. Yes, it costs more that the competition but Yo Mama always told you" You will get what you pay for. If it cheap,there is a reason". This is the GOOD stuff.
ProsCast great, winds easily. super sensitive
ConsNone found yet
Florida Gulf coast
May 3, 2016
great product
Great line. Will buy again.
By Chris
May 2, 2016
Best Line
Tried a couple of different lines and keep coming back to power pro slick. Knots are strong, no fade in color, tangle free, and casts super far.
By Joe
Raleigh, North Carolina
April 28, 2016
What a difference
For years I've been using standard PowerPro Braid on my surf fishing rigs. While it's a great product and drastically reduced my "break off" percentage it has a few down sides. Mainly, it is rough line and it is quite noisy to reel in with weight on the line. It also doesn't cast nearly as far as mono. I decided to try out PowerPro Super Slick to see if it was any better and man what a difference. It's nearly as good as casting mono and just as quiet when you reel in. I'll be converting all my rigs to Super Slick very soon.
ProsSmooth Casting Quiet Reeling Easy on rod guides
By jules
April 23, 2016
power pre slick marine 20# test
excellent line.very pleased
By Jeff
April 21, 2016
power pro super slick
always have used power pro ,this new slick cast great
ProsHad a super price and was everything I expected
By Chris
Long Beach Island
April 19, 2016
Casts nicely
My new Penn Clash 4000 came spooled with this quality product by the great team at TackleDirect. What else can you ask for!
By Ahmed
Doha, Doha
March 30, 2016
Very smoth and strong
Recommend for surfcasting guys ,
By Jay
Heber City, Utah
March 16, 2016
Quality line.
Very happy with this line. Used fire line for years and this line is just as good. I like the variety of colors offered.
By mostafa
willow spring, nc
March 14, 2016
best line ever
Use it for surf fishing, lake fishing and it holds up. Every 3-4 years I buy me a spool and put a leader with the tactical clip. The set up is powerful. I'm loven it because I can cast far off than I ever thought possible. With the right rod and reel setup you can amaze your self. I'm not a big guy I'm 5'7 180lb but I can cast a good distance with this line and helps me catch bigger fish because I'm in deeper water. Get yours and you'll see for your self.
Pros a good casting technique you will have success
By mostafa
willowspring, NC
March 9, 2016
5lb BASS around weeds!
I love this line I use it in my back yard and every where, even around weeds. holds up nice and landed a few 5lb bass in the weeds.
Proswill land and catch fish in the weeds with 10lb power pro, casts far, very sensitive
By Leon
Tonsupa, Ecuador
March 5, 2016
PowerPro Line
Great stuff.
By Sean
Northern VA
January 27, 2016
casts like a rocket
The combination of the coating and construction allows this line to cast better than any other brain I have tried, even 832. True that the coating will ware after a while diminishing the casting advantage a tad, but overall this is one of the best braids you can buy; especially if distance is your goal.
Prosgreat casting distance easy to handle
Consthe coating wares off quicker than I would like
By Terry
San Clemente, Ca.
December 23, 2015
Great braided line
Best casting I've used. Never have had a knot fail, or unexpected line break. Used in offshore and inshore situations. (just remember it is braid and doesn't stretch)
ProsEasier to untangle and tie knots
ConsIt's Braid !
By Terry
San Clemente, Ca.
December 23, 2015
Great braided line
Best casting braid made, and easy to tie knots with. Used inshore and off shore in many different pound tests.
Proseasier to untangle
Consnone (but you always need to remember it is braid and does not stretch)
By Frank
Smyrna, Tennessee
December 6, 2015
Durable and Strong
I keep a spool of this braid in every pound test from 15 to 80. It is my favorite braid for all fishing techniques. It casts great, makes strong knots and is very durable for extended use. The green is perfect for inshore/nearshore fishing and the blue works great offshore. I have never had a break-off with this Power Pro.
ProsPound test selection Color selection Knot strength Durablity
By tim shaw
New England
November 18, 2015
great braid
casts a mile
Consnone yet
By Ernani
November 16, 2015
Great line, very strong and asmooth.
By Michael Chandler
Seattle WA
October 29, 2015
Super slick is the best...
Been using this braid for years, twitch jigs with it, spinners, spoons, fish from a Kayak, surf works well for me, not as limp as some others but it doesn't get wind knotted, real sensitive. no complaints.
Prosthin, casts well. no memory, no wind knots...
Consthe lower test stuff will cut you up when you tie knots.
By Mike
October 28, 2015
Power pro super slick
Great casting, good durability
By Anthony
Toms river
October 6, 2015
Best line
Can cast for miles
By Christian
Orlando, FL
August 21, 2015
Great Line
Awesome line, big fan of PowerPro. Knot strength is always high and consistent. The super slick line is just that, very smooth and casts a mile.
ProsStrength, cast ability.
By John Buono
Staten Island NY
July 30, 2015
PowerPro Super Slick
Great stuff. Superb fishing in deep water and great casting.
By Chris
New Port Richey, FL
July 25, 2015
go to line
Only line I will use for all situations, slick 8 is by far the best braid. Just re-spooled my tarpon rods with 50lbs
By edgar
cabo san lucas, bcs
July 7, 2015
linea fuerte, muy fina.
Esta linea me sorprendio, se castea excelente y resiste tal ez mas alla de las 30 lbs marcadas. lo pude comprobar con un gallo enorme (roosterfish).
Prosdelgada, resistente, casteabilidad
By rich
foristell, mo
May 24, 2015
super slick super use
Great visibility with this yellow color - cant miss seeing your line take off when they inhale the bait and take off. The strength is what you expect of power pro braid- doesn't let you down. No memory issue and high sensitivity to feel the light tick when you know to set the hook. I use a fluorocarbon leader and it's a perfect match.
Proshigh visibility great sensitivity high strength
By david
lake worth, FL
May 7, 2015
strong line
this line is great for spillway fishging its very strong and has no stretch and its thinner so you can hold more line
By imran
singapore, singapore
April 4, 2015
power pro
Strong....thin diameter...slick. Have been using these line for years now...its the best.
ProsNice colour braids to choose from...
By John Rogers
Newport, Or.
April 3, 2015
Power pro braided line
This line is working out great, small Dia. but very strong for large fish.
By TonyF
F'dale, NY
March 25, 2015
Nice casting line
I use this line on my weakfish setup. It casts very well and hold up nicely. Just make sure to load it on the spool tightly as you should with all line.
ProsCasts well and hold up to heavy use.
By Rick
Long Island, New York
March 25, 2015
Power Pro Super Slick Braided Line
Very good braided line. If you are looking for braided line for a spinning rod this is the best choice.
By matthew
kingston, MA
March 16, 2015
Quality and Dependability
Many big fish caught with this brand.
By Db
new york, NY
March 13, 2015
great line
super slick 8 is way bettr than spro.. about 1year old line still maintain its round section. others are went flat.. color stayed better..
Proscolor stay better
By rip
jacksonville, North Carolina
February 1, 2015
this is the only way to go
This braid is fantastic .
ProsI have reeled in some big ones in heavy grass and have had no problems/ and tackle direct is the greatest
By Michael
January 20, 2015
Best braid out there
Great line manages well and no wind knots you can't go wrong with power pro
By Jesse Peeler
Costa Rica
January 17, 2015
Great line
PowerPro has always been dependable and durable.
By Will
January 14, 2015
Better than before.
Great stuff. Casts further than conventional PP. Not sure if color fastness is better or worse but that will always be an issue for any braid
By Leon
Tonsupa, Ecuador
January 13, 2015
PowerPro Super Slick
Very good line, when wetted before casting.
ConsToo pricey.
By Leon
Tonsupa, Ecuador
January 13, 2015
PowerPro Super Slick
Great braided line! Almost unbreakable.
ConsMuch better if wetted before casting.
By Carlos Ariel Cruz
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
January 7, 2015
By michael
Austin Texas
January 7, 2015
Great fishing line for white bass
excellent bass line
By Jude
lafayette hill, PA
January 4, 2015
it took awhile for me to switch from the original, but I'm glad I did. The SS is much smoother, casts better, and IMO stronger.
By Wes
Darien, CT
January 2, 2015
Only line I use
Great line. Casts well.
By Jonski22
New Canaan, Connecticut
January 2, 2015
Awesome braid
Love this stuff. Great color and never breaks. Casts far!
By Jonathan
December 27, 2014
PowerPro Super Slick Braid
Awesome line, great visibility above water, will definitely be on all my reels! Super thin, super strong, love the Power Pro!
By Mogandave
November 14, 2014
Nice Braid
This line throws and ties nice, no complaints.
ProsCasts well Ties well
By Aaron
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
September 30, 2014
Great Line
This line casts great. I was concerned I might get more wind knots or some other negative effects of the line being such a small diameter but so far so good.
By Aaron
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
September 30, 2014
Great Line
This line casts great. I was concerned I might get more wind knots or some other negative effects of the line being such a small diameter but so far so good.
By Brian
Parkton, NC
September 18, 2014
Great Line
Great line - no issues so far. Use it in fresh and salt without any problems so far.
Proslarge spools
By Brian
Parkton, NC
September 18, 2014
Great line
I have had no issues with this line while using it in fresh or salt. casts well and I've been having very few wind-knots. the larger spools are so much nicer than buying smaller spools regularly.
ProsLarge capacity spools
By ryan
September 17, 2014
line review
have no quirrelems with this product works great. can cast very far with this line. would recommend to every one .
Proscasting distance and visibility to the fisherman.
Consneed to use leader also visible to the fish if used straight.
By Jeffrey
Hyattsville, MD
September 12, 2014
Best Braid I've Used!
Power Pro Super Slick goes on & comes off the reel every time I cast.
ProsWill never buy any other Braided Line BUT Power Pro.
ConsWish It was a little cheaper in price!!
By Christian
Orlando, FL
August 21, 2014
Great Stuff
Always been a fan of PowerPro braid. Reliable and well priced. And its made in the USA.
ProsPower, Price
Austin, TX
August 19, 2014
Great smooth superline
I used the regular PP but once I started using PP SS it was simply better. Smoother, quieter and casts like a dream.
By Ofishyl
Barneget NJ
August 7, 2014
Super Slick
Super Slick is my braid of choice. it casts very well, doesn't knot up easily and ties well. very sensitive feel for bottom fishing, super slick for casting plugs or jigs, and the high vis blue or yellow is great for trolling.
ProsGreat casting, very sensitive, easy to work with, good color choices.
By Ofishyl
Barneget NJ
August 7, 2014
Awesome Line
Super Slick is my braid of choice. it casts very well, doesn't knot up easily and ties well. very sensitive feel for bottom fishing, super slick for casting plugs or jigs, and the high vis blue or yellow is great for trolling.
Prosgreat casting, very sensitive, easy to work with, good color choices
By Saleh
Qatif, Eastern region, KSA
July 25, 2014
great birded line
its fantastic braided line super slick excellent casting distance
By vin_
Hattiesburg, MS
July 2, 2014
great line!
Got 30lb on a shimano stradic 5000 and a spheres 5000. never had any problems and fought everything from spec trout to huge stingrays and snappers
By Stephen
Middletown, DE
June 12, 2014
My go-to braid
PowerPro got it right with Super Slick. I've been a faithful PowerPro user for years and decided to give super slick a try last season. I do a substantial amount of surf casting, and when you need that extra 10 or 20 yards, this smooth casting braid will get you there. I fish 10 lb for freshwater, 20 lb for surf, and 50 on my wreck reels. Wind knots are rare, and I've never had a knot slip with this line. Can't recommend this stuff enough!
ProsExceptional Casting Distance Easy on your finger Knot strength
8 Questions & 8 Answers
from 32136 asked:
January 26, 2017
Is the powerpro slick braid have the same amount of strength as the regular powerpro braid?
1 Answers
The power pro super slick braided line does have equivalent strength to the regular power pro braided line.
on January 26, 2017

from williston florida asked:
September 7, 2015
iam looking to buy your stradic 5000 fj and thinking about power braid super slick.would you give advice on line size ,color , and type and or brand. for inshore and surf fishing.would this be the right type of braid for my use.
1 Answers
For the 5000 you can use anything from 20 pound test braid to 50 pound test... I personally use 20 to 30 pound test for lure/jig fishing since the lower pound test keeps my cast accurate and improves my distance. Color does not make a difference, it is just preference. Also, pound test over 20 can handle most fish up to the 50 lb range if handled correctly and proper use of the drag system. Power pro slick is great for improving distance for casting, but is not as durable as the regular power pro braid.
on September 8, 2015

from williston florida asked:
September 7, 2015
with moderate use ,what would life of line be?
1 Answers
It depends on how you storage it, take care of it, and how much use you get out of it... Some guys claim they have used the same power pro line for 15 years while others have claims to have only used it for two years before experiencing typical wear and tear problems. Also, if it starts to wear on you then you can reverse the line by spooling it directly on to another reel.
on September 7, 2015

from asked:
April 17, 2015
How should I spool my marine bait caster for both trawling and bottom fishing. What kind of line braided line should I use?
1 Answers
Andrei, That would be an excellent line for your application.
on April 20, 2015

Richard Wilkes
from wesern australia asked:
July 19, 2014
does the colour of the line work best in different colour water thanks.
1 Answers
The line color for the PowerPro is typically a personal preference. When using braided lines it is typically best to use a flourocarbon or monofilament leader for added abrasion resistance. So you wouldn't have to worry about the line being seen in front of your lure either.
Customer Service
on July 20, 2014

from Nj asked:
October 27, 2012
What are the sizes of the line compared to mono?
1 Answers
the best way to reference diameters is by referring to their prior generation of lines. They are very similar in size. Check this link to reference
Customer Service
on October 29, 2012

from asked:
September 12, 2012
do you need leader with braided line
1 Answers
It is not always needed but I highly recommend always using a mono or fluorocarbon leader when fishing with braided line.
Customer Service
on September 12, 2012

from Longview, Washington asked:
September 8, 2012
What is the difference of power pro super slick and regular power pro?
1 Answers
Super Slick is an 8 carrier braided line that is smoother, makes less noise going through guides, and comes in different colors than traditional Power Pro.
Customer Service
on September 9, 2012


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