Rod Holders

Without doubt, many more fishing rods have been broken by people stepping on them, slamming doors on them or otherwise accidentally breaking them than by fish snapping them in the heat of the battle. That's just one reason why it's wise to use fishing rod holders, however. Besides keeping your precious fishing gear safe, rod holders and racks also help you organize your gear better, keeping it out of the way but quickly accessible. Besides, these products just look darn good.

Whether you are looking for wall-mounted fishing rod holders for your home or a wall-mount fishing rod holder for your boat, you'll find plenty of great choices at TackleDirect. We carry rod holders made by leading tackle manufacturers such as Berkley and Rapala, so you'll know you're getting equipment designed by anglers for anglers.

Our selection of fishing rod holders, racks and accessories can accommodate just about anyone, whether you're a professional tournament angler or a weekend warrior whose fishing tackle spends a lot more time on land than on the water. We have rod holders and racks designed for mounting on the ceiling as well as wall-mounted holders. Many are designed for permanent installation with screws, although we also carry convenient rod holders that you can easily attach and remove with suction mounts. You'll find rod holders designed for multiple rigs on your boat or in your home as well as holders for just one rod attached to your center console for quick access, such as when you want to make a fast cast to breaking fish.

We have rod holders to accommodate everything from the skinniest ultralight freshwater spinning rod to the thickest offshore trolling rod. In addition to rod holders for storing and protecting your rods, we also carry rod holders for holding rods while actively trolling, whether with flat lines, outriggers or downriggers.