Saltwater Experience Season 16 Episode 3

Season 16 - Episode 3: Redfish in Everglades Renewed

Captains Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor return to a renewed Florida Bay redfish flat and are rewarded with large and abundant Redfish.

Sight-fishing on the flats is a classic style of Florida fishing. Few angling outings can beat the thrill of sneaking up on a wary predator like a tailing bonefish or redfish, making a perfect cast to it, setting the hook and battling it back to your boat.

That's why TackleDirect is proud to present one of the most exciting Saltwater Experience episodes. Season 16 Episode 3 of the Saltwater Experience finds ... Capt. Tom Rowland and Capt. Rich Tudor pursuing redfish in the Everglades. Saltwater fishing shows online don't get much better than this.

Poling the Florida Flats

This Saltwater Experience fishing show finds the captains exploring Florida Bay on a still morning when the water looks like a mirror. They explore Snake Bight and other areas by electric motor and push pole to avoid damaging sensitive seagrass. Although seagrass and redfish populations have suffered in past decades, they have bounced back in recent years, thanks to conservation measures like these.

The proof is in the catching. The best saltwater fishing shows the redfish are indeed back in Florida Bay.

Using their binoculars to distinguish tailing reds from catfish, mullet and sharks, Rowland and Tudor spot feeding reds in water so shallow it barely covers the fishes' backs. With fly rods and spinning outfits, the pair catches and releases a steady stream of these copper-colored beauties. They use circle hooks to ensure minimal damage to the fish.

Moving out to deeper water - but still only 2' - this saltwater fishing TV show's online stars tie into some bigger redfish. They release them all, ensuring there will be plenty of great fishing available for those who follow. Thanks to our outstand inventory of binoculars and other crucial redfishing gear, Saltwater Experience outfitters like TackleDirect can help you see and catch some reds too.