Saltwater Experience Season 17 Episode 3

Season 17 - Episode 3: Richard Black Slam

In their quest for a Backcountry Slam, Captains Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor count once again on Richard Black to lead them. Black may be one of the younger Florida Keys fishing guides, but don't confuse that for lack of knowledge or professionalism. He got his captain's license when he was 17, became a guide while still in college, has won countless tournaments and ... now runs Blackfly Charters. He previously sailed with Saltwater Experience in Season 13 for some Everglades snook fishing and rejoins them here in search of a bigger goal.

A Backcountry Slam is catching at least three species of backcountry fish in one day. It typically consists of a redfish, snook and tarpon, although other species such as bonefish, permit and trout are also eligible. Can Rowland, Tudor and Black pull off this storied feat? They begin by packing bonefish, permit and tarpon rods. From there, follow along as they head to spots across the Lower Keys.

Backcountry Fishing Tackle

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