Shimano CT401D L/H Calcutta Reel

Shimano CT401D L/H Calcutta Reel

Reg Price $389.99
Our Price $299.99
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RetrieveLine Retrive Per CrankMono Line CapacityPowerPro Line CapacityMax DragSA-RB BBA-RB BBGear RatioWeight
Left2712/330 14/260 20/16150/275 65/170 80/14115225.1:111.8Reg Price $389.99Our Price $299.99
The Shimano Calcutta D reels are the perfect saltwater reels for many species. Comfortable to use with a round design, the ideal reel choice for most anglers. Each reel has S-compact body to allow for more comfortable use and allows the reel to be smaller. This type of body allows for more rigidity within the reel as well, as a result the Calcutta D reels are smaller. These reels have features that make them advanced, comfortable to use and an excellent addition for any angler's rod. Perfect for reeling in the biggest species, most anglers will find this reel great for heavy duty applications. With a re-studied gear ratio the Shimano Calcutta D reels are more effective for the latest in angling technology such as new lures and applications.
  • X-Ship Feature which allows for an increase in power, rigidity, and freespool in the baitcasting category, exclusive to baitcast
  • X-Drag Feature which is biggest innovation in round category in 20 years. This feature also helps with rigidity so the heavier your catch the more leverage will be experienced.
  • Palming side is 15% smaller
  • Long Power Handle
4.5 Stars based on 12 reviews
By Chris
My Favorite reels
April 8, 2022
Love Shimano products Great reel for the money My favorite reel to troll for Salmon
By Howard N.
Chico, California
Great reel for salmon and striped bass
September 17, 2021
I found this reel to be very smooth in it's release and in take up. The gear ratio makes take up easy and quick. I fish for both salmon and striped bass on the Sacramento River in California and need a reel that can stand up to large fish, rugged river bottom and swift current. I put braided line on it and it works like a charm. My only complaint is a lack of a clicker on it, but since I rarely use the clicker on my other reels, that lack is no big deal. Certainly not enough to cost it a star.
By David
Orange Beach, AL
High quality
March 14, 2021
Excellent bait casting reel. Very dependable.
By Michael
Mattoon, IL
Good quality reel.
March 7, 2021
I bought two in the 300 size. Smooth and consistent. As others have pointed out there are numerous cost cutting parts when compared to my Calcutta TE models. This is still a top reel, and I'm glad I finally tried it. The line guide disengages for the cast. On my 300 size, it is not a problem. The spool is very narrow (think thumb width). If you are buying the 400 (wider) size you may find the disengaging guide troublesome during long casts. The 300 size also picks up more line per crank than the 400, which is why I chose it over the 400 size. Overall a good reel.
  • Lighter than previous Calcuttas.
  • More plastic than previous Calcuttas.
By Frank B.
Good reel, but overpriced for what you get.
July 5, 2017
I own a Calcutta 400 and love it. I wanted to upgrade, so I bought a Calcutta 401D. I do like the new reel, but for the price, Shimano should have included the Non-Disengaging Levelwind System that allows the levelwind to track back and forth during the cast which reduces drastic line angles that cause unwanted friction and backlashes. I really like the drag system because its smooth, at your fingertips and so easy to use. I can do without a clicker, but it would be nice for salmon trolling. As far as casting goes, my 400 casts farther than the 401D. I think Shimano should have a 401D option for the Non-Disengaging Levelwind System.
  • Smooth drag and fits in my hand. Easy to use.
  • Does not have have the Non-Disengaging Levelwind System.
  • Too expensive in my opinion for what you get.
By David N.
July 9, 2016
This reel is super smooth, the drag has more than enough adjustability, and the size is just right for the salmon fishing i do here in Idaho.
  • quality product
  • good looking
  • holds enough line
  • none
By Sean
Farmingdale, NY
Versitale Reel, Hnds Down
September 5, 2014
This reel, is probably one of the best Shimano Reels I have owned in its class. It is the power of a 400 series reel, with the size of a 200. With the X Drag and X Ship integrations, you are able to use this reel on larger fish, you may have not dared to use on the larger species before. Because of these advancements, it has tremendous power and torque. The drag is very smooth and flawless, and the retrieve is superb. I have been using this reel, paired with the Tescata Rods, to bottom fish using the Lucanus Jigs. I have been bottom fishing for years, and I wanted a way to add a little something to the ordinary drop, jig, reel! The looks I get when I step onto an offshore Cod Boat with a small baitcaster and a noodle of a rod are all too funny. But when they see me reeling up the same fish, with my rod bent towards the water, and the fight they give me, they realize I am having the time of my life! I own 2 Calcutta D's on 2 different Tescata Rods. One for shallow water and one for 50 and beyond fathoms. Like Larry Dahlberg said, if he had one reel he could own, it would be the Calcutta D. After using this little gem, you to will be convinced of that statement.
  • Small size, increased torque and drag weight, ability to hold heavier braid, smooth drag and retrieve, ability to use on the larger species.
By Andy
Vancouver, BC
smooth and light weight
June 25, 2014
This reel is relatively light weight than other conventional reel. I use this reel as a bottom fishing reel. Works perfect and had lots of fun time with this reel.
By Cathy
Ocean Springs, MS
Mixed bag
October 31, 2013
I have fished the 200d for about a year. It has been in the shop twice, once for replacement of the plastic gear on the level wind and more recently for inconsistent casting. The second time a defective pad on the drag was replaced There are things about the reel I love. The size for one, and its strength and rigidity for another. No complaints when I am reeling in a fish. However, casting I do not seem to be able to get anywhere near the distance I get with my 100B. Also while this might be due in part to operator error, sometimes when I cast, the reel seems to freeze. Because there is no easy access to the centrifugal brakes I don't know how they are set. Maybe there are too many engaged for my casting style. I rarely if ever get backlash on this reel, but it would be nice if I could get to the brakes without taking the reel apart. All of this aside, this reel and the 100 are my go to reels for fishing inshore. I fish at least twice a week on average and the reel is comfortable to use all day.
By Bob
El Lago, TX
Great reel
June 6, 2013
very happy with the product, was shipped on time and would recommend Tackle Direct to others.
By Johan M.
Excellent drilling feel
April 17, 2013
Excellent drilling feel to this one. The break is smooth as silk and gives a very rigid feel. The casting could have been worked at a bit more. Not as long casts as with my previous calcutta. Maybe needs a more running in. With all centrifugal breaks off can't still get it to overspool.

Also the spool is a bit wiggly.

  • rigid
  • break
  • handle
  • spool
  • looks
San Diego,CA
Shimano 400D
September 29, 2012
I give this reel only 2 stars because I think Shimano jumped on the band wagon and got cheap w/ this alot of plastic where the metal should be compared to the 3 Calcuttas I own and love (400CTE) Yeah this one has a couple of high points like the palm size and the bigger handle oh and its silver ,Dont let the CTE 's disappear buy them up thats a strong reel. IMO
  • Silver,palm size, big handle
  • to much plastic not very smooth retrieve
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July 2, 2015
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If you would like to purchase this reel and have it shipped to you directly, feel free to place an order online or call us directly.
on July 2, 2015


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