Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning Reels

Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning Reels

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The Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning reels are saltwater reels made to be durable with new "Cam" oscillation system. These reels are water resistant and provide a comfortable drag. These reels are dedicated to the Blue Water angler, and are perfect to tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power. These reels offer up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offshore fish.

  • X-Ship: For efficient gear engagement, extended gear longevity, and increased castability
  • X-Tough Drag: Cross carbon, waterproof, twin drag all models
  • Water resistant with X-Shield and X-Protect, with body gasket seal, anti-rev bearing cover
  • Paladin Gear durability enhancement and Propulsion line management system
  • S A-RB Shielded ball bearings and graphite Rotor
  • Aluminum frame, cold forged aluminum spool, and machined aluminum handle shank
  • Super Stopper II Anti-Reverse and power roller III line roller
  • Direct drive mechanism, and dyna balance
  • Fluidrive II
  • Waterproof drag
  • Dartainium II drag washers
  • Ergonomic handle grips
  • Septon handle grips
  • Approved for saltwater use
5 Stars based on 120 reviews
Vero Beach, FL
June 1, 2018
Just purchased this awesome reel! This 6000 on my st croix avid vis80hf is the absolute best setup I have ever owned, it might be overkill for slot size snook, but when you have a keeper you want to get it to the hand as fast as possible and this reel is the winch for the tow truck, lol you wont be disapointed!
  • For the money so far it cant be beat. From my experience with penns, cabos, and okumas, this is Shimano smooth, light, powerful.
  • I'll let you know in a year if it holds up to the big snook, reds, and tarpon. But the true test is the BIG Jacks!!! If it stays solid I'll buy some more.
By Chad
Smooth as butter!
October 3, 2021
Purchased as a gift for my brother and he loves it. Said itís the best spinning reel he has!
By Quoc
Hayward, CA
Light weight to use as Tuna setup
September 14, 2021
Been using this reel everytime head out for tuna fishing trip
By Craig
best bang for your buck
January 12, 2021
i have four of these reels and they are extremely durable, super smooth, and an overall dream to fish with day in and day out.
By Kevin
Farmingdale, NY
January 9, 2021
We have danced with this one a lot. We have three and use them to jig, pop, etc... great versatile unit
By Brandon
The new Saragosa is the best
December 8, 2020
I bought the all new Saragosa 6000 and it's the best spinning reel that I have ever owned! I can cast small baits with it just as good as my ci4 4000 and it is built really well 5 stars all the way!
  • Everything
  • Nothing
By Larry L.
Doylestown, PA
Seragosa .... The Legend for a Reason
August 22, 2020
The Saragosa SW spinning reals are one of the best reels regardless of price. They are smooth, have great line capacity, great drag system, and are built to be rigid and water proof (essentially unless you submerge it for a while). I own in 8000, 20000, and 25000 sizes and absolutely love them!!!!! If you want a fantastic saltwater reel stop looking and buy a Saragosa.
  • Rid god construction, awesome drag system, water proof, great line capacity and SMOOTH.
  • May be a little more expensive then some bargain reels ... but worth the money!
By Robin
Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Awesome saltwater spinning reel!
August 11, 2020
I bought the Saragosa 20000 for offshore fishing at the rigs in Grand Isle Louisiana.

The first fish I caught was a 36 pound Cobia. I didnít realize what I had until I got it to the boat. My new Saragosa handled that hard fighting cobia like a champ!! I caught sharks, 30 pound bull reds and a quite a few red and gray snapper as well. I was extremely pleased with the performance of my Shimano Saragosa. Iíll be replacing two SW Penn reels with additional Saragosaís for future trips offshore!!
  • Super smooth drag! Lightweight for its size.
By Carlos
Houston, TX
Reliable and tought
August 6, 2020
You will be getting an all around, solid consistent and very reliable reel.
  • Great reel for the money. dont be afraid to put it to the test.
  • Remember is not the shimano flagship but it get the job done.
By Thanh
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Really amazy reell
June 25, 2020
I ordered 6000 instead of 5000. They're slightly different by a little. Fantastic reel for a 9 ft rod for jetties or surf fishing
By Corey
Jack of All Trades
May 20, 2020
The 6000 is a great all-around reel for stripers, blues, albies, fluke, black sea bass, porgy, and tog.
By David
Kennesaw, GA
Great reel
May 18, 2020
Worth every penny. Smooth as can be! Matched my 6000 w powerpro maxquatro and itís like a dream
By Manuel
Reston, Virginia
It is about power
May 16, 2020
This is a powerful reel from Shimano. Solid, powerful. I own the 10,000 and the 20,000. Will get another 20K. For offshore I paired it with Shimano Tallus Bluewater, unbeatable.
  • Great price for a fantastic reel. Shimano integrated some key features from high end Stella into the Saragossa, maintaining the price.
By Larry
Doylestown, OA
Saragosa Reels are Fantastic!!!!
March 20, 2020
Saragosa reels are fantastic reels. Smooth, light weight with large capacity and plenty of drag. I have an 8000 and three 25000 reels and absolutely love them. All the reels have Maxcuatro line to maximize line capacity. This is specifically important for the 25000 reels since they are setup to catch bluefin and yellowfin tuna and other big game fish and need the extra line capacity Maxcuatro provides. I use FG knot to attach either mono or fluoro top shot to the reels. Highly recommend and think Saragosa spinning reels are some of the best reels made.
  • Smooth, light weight, strong, with plenty of line capacity and drag. They will last for years and years of saltwater fishing fun.
  • They are more expensive then some other reels but the Saragosa reels are worth the extra cost.
By steve
Cape cod
Great reel
March 16, 2020
Bought an 8000 for fishing cape cod canal works great smooth reel extremely happy
75 Questions & 76 Answers
from Hualtulco Mexico asked:
December 30, 2019
Will a 2500 Saragossa match ok with a Terez extra heavy 7‚€™ rod?
1 Answer
The 25000 may be a little too heavy the 10000 would pair better with the 7ft heavy. If you want a heavier set up to go with a 25000 or 20000 try the Terez 7ft 8 XH or 8ft H to pair better. 
Submitted by: Alyssa Madosky on December 30, 2019

Matthew James
from MD asked:
November 26, 2019
What size would pair well with a 6'9" MH terez for Cobia, bull reds, mahi, etc?
1 Answer
The 6000 would balance out better because of the weight of the reel while the 8000 will give you a better line capacity and drag strength also while being a heavier reel. I would lean towards the 6000 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on November 27, 2019

from Houston, Texas asked:
October 21, 2019
Im fishing off piers and occasional jetty‚€™s. Species are redfish, sheepshead, black drum, small sharks, speckled trout, spanish mack, flounder and croaker. I‚€™m planning to get a 8-9 foot surf rod for bottom fishing and lure 1-3 oz. 20-30 lb braid line. What size should I get?
1 Answer
The temple fork outfitters Gary Loomis tactical surf model number GIS SCS 902-2 would be a great choice for you and is rated 1-5 oz lure weight 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on October 21, 2019

from Massachusetts asked:
May 8, 2019
What size would you recommend for surf fishing big striper?
1 Answer
The 8000 size reel would be a good choice, it also depends on the rod you're pairing with it. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on May 8, 2019

Roger george
from Fresno calif asked:
April 21, 2019
Looking to use a 9‚€™ teramar Mhb and the Saragossa 8000 to cast big ripbaits for stripers to 50 lbs using 25 lb Big game. Would this be a good combo for casting the plugs ( Long A‚€™s) and swimbaits long distances. Is the 800 a decent mono casting reel- or mainly jigging 
1 Answer
That would make a great combo. Although you may want to use braid to maximize line capacity. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on April 22, 2019

from Indonesia asked:
April 17, 2019
Recently bought a St Croix 9ft triumph travel surf travel rod from yourselves. Looking to pair up with a Shimano Saragossa reel. Should I get a 5000 or 6000 reel and what strength line should I get for fishing from the beach in the tropics?
1 Answer
The 5000 with 20 pound braid would make a great combo 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on April 17, 2019

Blake Rucker
from Marathon, Florida asked:
March 30, 2019
Would a 7 foot 6 medium heavy st croix tournament inshore spinning rod be good with a Saragossa 8000 for big Mahi and fishing bridges for snook and reds?
1 Answer
8000 would be a bit to heavy for that rod, I would back it down to the 6000
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on April 11, 2019

from Ruskin, FL asked:
March 27, 2019
Hello,  I currently have the SW5000 paired with a Trevala TVS66MH which I use for slow and fast jigging.   I fish and jig with this current setup in anywhere from 60 to 800 ft of water between the gulf and the keys.   It feels like I can go up to the 8000 or even the 10000 to get more line capacity and in hopes of being able to fight a bigger/stronger fish.  What would you recommend?  Thanks
1 Answer
The 8000 Shimano saragosa would be a good match also the Penn slammer 3 6500 would pair up well. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on April 17, 2019

Dan Laur
from Hawai'i, Holualoa asked:
February 24, 2019
Are extra spools available for these reels?
1 Answer
Extra spools can be purchased through Shimano. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on February 27, 2019

from HI asked:
January 25, 2019
Hey! I live in Hawaii and want to make the switch from a conventional reel to a spinner to bait cast for GT and yellowtail.I am looking at the Saragosa 8000 or 10,000 but dont know what pole I should pair it with. I am looking for distance and something that can handle throwing larger baits. Thanks!!
1 Answer
The 8000 or 10000 Shimano Stella would make a good choice of reel for the GT's and yellowtail and a good surf rod to pair with that would be the 11 foot medium heavy St.Croix mojo surf.
Submitted by: Bernie on January 28, 2019

from Florida asked:
January 14, 2019
Is the handle reversable for reeling with your right hand?
1 Answer
The handle can be switched
Submitted by: Bernie on January 14, 2019

from Pennsylvania asked:
January 2, 2019
Are the 5000 & 6000 the same body with just a little bigger spool for the 6000?
1 Answer
The 5000 and 6000 are very close in body size
Submitted by: Bernie on January 2, 2019

from Luanda, Angola asked:
December 5, 2018
I have purchased Saragosa 10K and would like to know which rod I can pair it with for fishing jacks off the rocks and inshore. Thanks
1 Answer
The heavy or extra heavy Shimano Terez 6'9" would pair up well with the 10000 Saragosa
Submitted by: Bernie on December 5, 2018

Dillon Besnier
from Apollo Beach, Florida asked:
November 18, 2018
Hey, i have a 25000 Saragosa and I've loaded it up with 65 lb powerpro... im gonna use it for shark fishing off of the beach on the West Coast and was wondering what rod would be a good match with it ? (Price doesn't matter)
1 Answer
For shark fishing on the west coast you'll need a good blend of power and castability, with that said I would recommend the Century SS1328 Sling Shot Rod
Submitted by: Bernie on November 21, 2018

from florida asked:
September 28, 2018
hello..why is the saragosa 6000 lighter than the 5000....just seems odd ..or is it a misprint....thanks...on the verge of buying the 6000 to match with my tsunami rod...
1 Answer
Hello Edward, the 5000 weighs 16 oz, the 6000 weighs 16.4
Submitted by: Bernie on October 1, 2018

Jameson Mcdonald
from Naples, Florida asked:
November 23, 2017
If I buy a 6000 size Saragosa to fish 30lb powerpro for snook, Tarpon, reds, and other inshore species around beaches and docks, What Rod should I pair with it?
1 Answer
The st.croix Avid inshore would pair up nicely especially the 7 foot mh/fast .
Submitted by: Bernie on November 24, 2017

from Calabar, Nigeria asked:
November 17, 2017
I'm currently in Calabar Cross River state, Nigeria looking to purchase several items from TackleDirect and among them a Saragosa SW 8000 reel. Is it possible to get an 8000 or 10000 spare spool to it? Are you shipping to Nigeria and if so which courier will you recommend me? Thanks
2 Answers
Yes we ship to Nigeria, we can also spool your reels, and it will ship most likely USPS INTERNATIONAL
Submitted by: Bernie on November 20, 2017
I'm sorry but we do not stock spare spools for the Saragosa. They are something that you will have to order through Shimano directly. If the Saragosa is the only thing on your order your shipping options are as follows: $46.88 US Postal Service Priority Mail International Delivery Estimate (IN-STOCK Items Only): Tue, Dec 05 $58.11 FedEx International Economy $63.61 UPS Worldwide Expedited $64.34 US Postal Service Express Mail International Delivery Estimate (IN-STOCK Items Only): Tue, Nov 28 $74.93 FedEx International Priority $84.13 UPS Worldwide Express Saver
Submitted by: Devon on November 20, 2017

Rob. T.
from Hyannis, Ma asked:
July 18, 2017
I am considering pairing a Shimano Saragosa 10000 with the 10'6" Taralejo rod for fishing the Cape Cod canal - I need to be able to cast for distance while also being able to turn a big striper in the canals current - Is this combo suitable or would I be better served opting for the Ultegra reel.
1 Answer
As long as that 10 foot rod is a heavy/ fast action you'll be ok. The Saragosa 10,000 is a great choice as well.
Submitted by: Bernie on July 19, 2017

Gilbert Z
from Chicagi il asked:
June 9, 2017
How much 30 and 40lbs braid cn i put on a 6000 and 8000 saragosa
1 Answer
The Saragosa 6000 would fit 30/290 The Saragosa 8000 would fit 40/340
Submitted by: Bernie on June 12, 2017

from Belmar nj asked:
January 2, 2021
Would a TMSE70MH pair up with a 5000 for striped bass and mahi? 
1 Answer
Yes, that would be a great and fun choice for a setup for stripers and mahi. 
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on January 4, 2021

from South Padre Island, Texas asked:
May 2, 2020
What model would work best for tarpon and cobia fishing the 6000 or 8000?
1 Answer
Both reels will work great for sportfish like tarpon. Though if you would like a little more stopping power to put on a bigger rod, the 8000 would be my recommendation. 
Submitted by: Sydney on May 2, 2020

Jamie james
from Cape May n.j. asked:
April 26, 2020
Shimano saragosa, tuna jigging. 25 or 20 k ?

Like reels on the smaller compact size.


1 Answer
Both sizes will be able to handle most tuna you would get on the jig. It is more a matter of what rod you intend to put it on in order to find the best fit. 
Submitted by: Sydney on April 28, 2020

from Oak Island, NC asked:
April 25, 2020
Are these Saragossa SW reels the updated Shimano‚€™s 2020 model?
1 Answer
Yes, we are currently carrying the latest model of Shimano Saragosa reels. 
Submitted by: Sydney on April 28, 2020

from NJ asked:
April 17, 2020

Going to purchase St. Croix MSWC76MHF Mojo Salt Conventional Rod, not sure which size Saragosa to pair. 6000 or 8000? I regularly fish Blues / Striper / Drum in NJ but would like to handle Tarpon / Snook / Grouper when I head to FL to visit the family. Also is this a good choice for both inshore/offshore fishing? 

1 Answer
Eric, you will want to go with a spinning model on the Mojo rod in order to pair up with a Saragosa.

MSWS76MHF would be the equivalent to the conventional rod listed. The 6000 size would be best loaded with 40lb Power Pro Maxcuatro or a similar thinner than usual braid would give you the best pairing and allow you to do everything you are listing. Would make for a great setup. You could also pair it up with the 8000 if you need the additional line capacity or if you want to go with heavier line. It will still match up well with that rod. 

Submitted by: Brian on April 17, 2020

from Melbourne FL asked:
March 31, 2020
I have a Shimano Tallus medium fast action what size Saragosa and braid weight would match up best with that rod thanks 
1 Answer
A Shimano Saragosa 5000 or 6000 will be plenty of reel for your rod. It is rated for 20-50 braided lin. Depending on what you are fishing for I would spool it in the 35-50lb range. 
Submitted by: Sydney on March 31, 2020

John Sales
from Hartford Connecticut asked:
March 19, 2020
Are the Saragosa reals a  direct drive retrieve or do they have that square drive spindle 
1 Answer
Direct drive according to Shimano.
Submitted by: Brian on March 19, 2020

Arturo Clemente
from California asked:
February 22, 2020
Is spool changeable 
1 Answer
You can replace the spool. 
Submitted by: Rebecca Redington on February 24, 2020

Jeff Beown Sr
from Ocean city nj asked:
October 17, 2019
Looking to get the 5000 saragosa for jetty tog fishing using jigs will this be a good light weight wepon to do battle with 
1 Answer
The 5000 size saragosa would be perfect for togging on jettys pair that with a 7'6 to a 8 foot medium or medium heavy with a fast action rod 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on October 17, 2019

from NJ asked:
May 9, 2019
1 Answer
The saragosa have a manual bail. 
Submitted by: Tyler Bennett on May 9, 2019

Dillon Besnier
from Apollo Beach, Florida asked:
November 19, 2018
Hey, i have a 25000 Saragosa and I've loaded it up with 65 lb powerpro... im gonna use it for shark fishing off of the beach on the West Coast and was wondering what rod would be a good match with it ? (Price doesn't matter)
1 Answer
I would recommend using the St Croix AVSS120HMF2 Avid Series Surf Spinning Rod. (
Submitted by: Ricky on November 20, 2018

from Florida asked:
November 12, 2018
Can you recommend a rod for bridge based shark and tarpon fishing for the 25000? I need a rod in the 100-180$ price range. Thanks
1 Answer
I would recommend using the Shimano TES70HB Talavera Spinning Rod
Submitted by: Ricky on November 12, 2018

from culiacan asked:
November 8, 2018
Which reel is better to choose 5,000 or 6,000, I will use it with line of 20 to 30 pounds to fish in the coasts of the Mexican Pacific, (roosterfish, snook, jack crevalle) with lures up to 3 ounces? which rod would be the best option, tiralejos TRS96MA SHM-2986 or TRS106MA SHM-2818 or do you have another suggestion for those reels?
1 Answer
I would recommend using the 6000 size reel for that fishing.
Submitted by: Ricky on November 12, 2018

from "Maldives, S.Hithadhoo" asked:
November 8, 2018
Is it a latest model saragosa 6000 and I want to know the exact weight
1 Answer
The Saragosa SW 6000 weighs 16.4 oz's.
Submitted by: Rebecca on November 9, 2018

from Kunkletown, Pa asked:
April 9, 2018
What size Saragosa would you recommend for a Trevela 66M for use on stripers, blues, mahi and small tuna?
1 Answer
The Shimano Saragossa 10000 would be a great reel to compliment the 66M Trevala rod for the application your using the combo for.
Submitted by: Donald on April 10, 2018

from New Jersey asked:
April 4, 2018
I have 7√Ę‚‚¨‚"Ę2√Ę‚‚¨¬ med/heavy Terez rod. What reel/size is a good balance for it?
1 Answer
The Shimano Saragossa 10000 will match with the 7' MH Terez rod.
Submitted by: Donald on April 5, 2018

from Brooklyn, NY asked:
February 27, 2018
I√Ę‚‚¨‚"Ęll be fishing the cape cod canal when the season starts. I√Ę‚‚¨‚"Ęm looking for a light setup that can handle 3 - 7 oz lures to battle big fish. What size reel will fit the St Croix Mojo Surf MSS110MHMF2?
1 Answer
The Shimano Saragossa 10000 would match well pairing it with the St Croix Mojo Surf MSS110MHMF2 for battling big fish and can handle big baits.
Submitted by: Donald on March 8, 2018

from Houston, TX asked:
January 8, 2018
Where are Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning Reels made? Are they made in Japan? Thanks.
1 Answer
The Shimano Saragossa spinning reels are made in Malaysia.
Submitted by: Donald on January 9, 2018

Eliseo Sandoval
from Huntington New York asked:
December 23, 2017
I have a Gloomis PBR 844 S, for jigging spring blackfish and fluke. Which would be the best size
1 Answer
The 6000 Saragosa will be a good match pairing with the PBR 844 S fishing for Fluke and Tautog.
Submitted by: Donald on December 27, 2017

Albert Mendoza
from Philippines asked:
December 17, 2017
What is the best match spinning reel for St Croix MSS90MMF2 Mojo Surf Spinning Rods, Shimano SRG6000SW or Shimano SRG5000SW?
1 Answer
The 5000 size would likely be the best fit, but the 6000 wouldn't be too large if you need the addition line capacity.
Submitted by: Devon on December 19, 2017

ali sherif
from jeddah KSA asked:
November 16, 2017
what is the best combination of rod , reel , braid , ... for slow jigging
1 Answer
This depends on many factors such as your target species, fishing conditions, whether you prefer spinning or conventional gear, etc. Black Hole slow pitch jigging rods paired with Shimano reels spooled with Power Pro Maxcuatro are a tough combination to beat.
Submitted by: Devon on November 17, 2017

from Oroville Calif. asked:
November 11, 2017
wanting to match a 6 /6 shakespear jigging rod BWSJL 220066 rated for50 to 100 lb braid would like at least 35 lbs drag what is your suggestion ?
1 Answer
I'd recommend the 10000 size assuming you are using a braided line in the 50 lb. range.
Submitted by: Devon on November 14, 2017

from Boston,ma asked:
May 17, 2017
I have a tfo 7ft inshore rod med heavy. What reel size will work best for a striper set up on this rod?
1 Answer
The Shimano Saragosa 8000 would best match and balance the TFO 7' inshore rod for Striped Bass fishing.
Submitted by: Donald on May 18, 2017

from Texas asked:
May 15, 2017
what size saragosa would you recommend for surf fishing for Blacktips?
1 Answer
I would recommend using the 10000 size up to the 25000 Saragosa depending on the rod you will be pairing it with.
Submitted by: Donald on May 17, 2017

from Alabama gulf coast asked:
May 8, 2017
Hi, I have a St. Croix Avid, 9' surf rod. Fishing off the beach for Reds, Pompano, Sheepshead, etc. I regularly get knocked around by waves, so it's going to get wet. Is the 5000 a good fit for this? Thanks.
1 Answer
The Saragosa 5000 would be a good fit with a 9 foot rod in terms of size. The Saragosa is not a fully sealed reel and will be susceptible to damage if it becomes full submerged. The only submersible reels we offer are the Van Stall VS and VR series.
Submitted by: Devon on May 9, 2017

from Minneapolis, MN asked:
May 2, 2017
What size Saragosa should I get to pair up with my Trevela S Jigging Spinning Rod TVSS63MH? I will be fishing for snappers and snooks.
1 Answer
The 5000 or 6000 Shimnao Saragosa spinning reels would be a good match paired with the Trevela S Jigging Spinning Rod TVSS63MH.
Submitted by: Donald on May 3, 2017

from Houston, Texas asked:
April 24, 2017
Looking to pair a saragosa 10000 w/ 85lb braid with a 12-15 ft surf rod. What do you recommend? Fishing multiple beaches and jetties along the gulf(restricted to surf rods only). Target are bull reds, but I need something to . I plan to use the reel for Jacks eventually.
1 Answer
The St Croix AVSS120HMF2 Avid Series Surf Spinning Rod would pair very nicely with the Saragossa 10000 spinning reel.
Submitted by: Donald on April 25, 2017

from Miami asked:
April 10, 2017
I'm looking to get a Saragosa 6000, put 50 lb. braid on it. Fish for grouper, snapper, large flounder, Cobia. Gulf of Mexico, off Cape San Blas, mostly 30-60 feet deep, off bottom, jigging, free line, and some trolling. Will the 7'2" Tallus Medium work well for an all around set up? Or it be better with Tallus 7'2" MH?
1 Answer
I would advise getting the MH to provide a bit more backbone and stability for your fishing experience.
Submitted by: Donald on April 11, 2017

from Pawtucket, RI asked:
March 11, 2017
2 part question: for fishing in the northeast from boat or shore, for spicies from stripers, fluke, albies, even an occasional mahi, would the 6000 or 8000 be a better fit? And could you pair that choice on a northeast teramar spinning rod and if so which size of that rod would be recommended?
1 Answer
For the applications you list I would suggest the 6000 size Saragosa. You could even go as small as the 5000. It sounds like the Teramar model number TMSE70MH will suit you, however this might change depending on what lures size lures you plan to use.
Submitted by: Devon on March 13, 2017

from Nebraska asked:
February 14, 2017
would the saragossa 10000 fit well on my 6'6" med freshwater rod for small crappie and bass
1 Answer
The Shimano Saragosa 10000 would be too heavy for a freshwater rod for crappie and bass fishing.
Submitted by: Donald on February 15, 2017

from Binghamton, NY asked:
February 11, 2017
I am looking to target Mahi and black fin tuna around the 30lb range, would you recommend the 8000 or 10000 Saragosa?
1 Answer
The Saragosa 8000 would be sufficient for the class of fish you are describing.
Submitted by: Devon on February 13, 2017


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