Saltwater Trolling Lures

There's a lot more to successful trolling (fishing, that is) then just tossing out your line and letting the boat do the work. A good saltwater lure will exponentially increase your chances of hooking more mackerel, batfish, tuna and other gamefish than a standard drag and snag. TackleDirect's experts have handpicked the best trolling lures available from Black Bart, Blue Water Candy, Iland Lures, Squidnation and other leading brands to draw more fish to your rigs.

Trolling lures are designed to imitate real-live bait fish that appear to be injured or just moving quickly. You'll find a variety of surface lures, plugs, soft baits, spoon lures and spinnerbait to attract almost any type of pelagic fish. Find stainless steel bunker spoons for herring, cedar plugs for tuna, blueheads for dolphin and wahoo, chrome pink floating lures for topwater trolling, bronze ballyhoo rigs for soft baits, and hundreds of other options. You can also order trolling packages for specific fish. Our selection is constantly expanding, and our experts are always looking for suggestions of new trolling lures. Don't forget that satisfaction is guaranteed on every order from TackleDirect. And with lifelike lures in tow, you'll get the satisfaction of fish finding your trolling lines irresistible.