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Andrus Bucktail Jetty Caster Lures

Andrus Bucktail Jetty Caster Lures

$4.69 - $5.49
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Bucktail Jetty Caster Lure3/4ozSelect Color$4.69 USD
Bucktail Jetty Caster Lure1ozSelect Color$4.69 USD
Bucktail Jetty Caster Lure1 1/4ozSelect Color$4.99 USD
Bucktail Jetty Caster Lure1 1/2ozSelect Color$4.99 USD
Bucktail Jetty Caster Lure2ozSelect Color$4.99 USD
Bucktail Jetty Caster Lure2 1/2ozSelect Color$0.00 USD
Bucktail Jetty Caster Lure3ozSelect Color$5.49 USD
Andrus Lures, the makers of premium jigs. Great for targeting fluke, striped bass and weakfish in the bay, surf, inlet and inshore waters. Andrus Jigs are a favorite among surfcasting and inshore anglers.

Andrus is not skimpy with the hair. Their jigs are professionally tied with generous amounts (stuffed) with premium bucktail hair. Andrus jigs are made with high quality, strong, sharp hooks. Andrus Jigs are available in a variety of sizes and colors.
5 Stars based on 70 reviews
Long Island, NY
April 1, 2018
Favorite Bucktail
Besides homemade, Andrus bucktails are tied good with nice amount of hair and seem to hold up well to surf fishing around the rocks. Finish is not perfect in some cases but get the job done.
By TonyF
January 10, 2018
Excellent lure
I use this lure fishing a local inlet/open beach. It has a strong hook and is well made. I like the 1.25oz size which I find perfect for many stages of the tide. I usually tip it with an Otter Tail or Fat Cow strip.
ProsWell made
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
January 9, 2018
Good bucktail
A very reliable product. There are better bucktails on the market, but these are pretty solid
By TonyF
November 9, 2017
Excellent Bucktail
This is an excellent bucktail with a strong hook. It is one of my go to backtails. I typically use this with an otter tail, Fat Cow tail or curly tail. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the weight can vary sometimes.
ProsStrong hook
Consinconsistent weight
By gordon
sf bay area
August 13, 2017
great bucktail
These andrus jetty casters have a lot of hair and sharp hooks. I have a bunch of these andrus bucktails in different weights and highly recommend them.
By gordon
sf bay area
August 13, 2017
good bucktail
good sharp hooks and a lot of hair. good to have a variety of different weight bucktails
By gordon
sf bay area
August 13, 2017
good bucktail
a lot of hair on these andrus bucktails and good sharp hooks.
By gordon
sf bay area
August 13, 2017
great bucktails
I really like these Andrus jetty casters. Lots of hair and they work well for me.
By Daniel
Middlebury, CT
August 7, 2017
Great Bucktail!
I've used several different company/makes of Bucktail and this is hands down the best!
By leon
brooklyn, ny
January 3, 2017
The best
I love these jigs, I don't throw anything else!
By Greg W
Eastern PA
October 21, 2016
Best bucktail
Best bucktail for stripers in Montauk; just add a trailer or twisty tail and you are ready to go. Fluffy tail keeps you above the rocks and a sharp jig makes them hit. Extra strong hook is necessary if you get a large one swimming against the current. Don't be fooled by other jigs.
By Chris G.
New Jersey
October 6, 2016
Great around jetties
My go to lure around jetties and when nothing else works - count on these to produce. Use with a trailer.
Proshook strentght lots of bucktail
By Bob
Phoenixville, PA
October 3, 2016
All around bucktail.
These are the standard to judge by.
By Richard
Colonia, NJ
September 12, 2016
Great bucktail for surf
I use these bucktails from the surf and they work great. Great casting and an ample amount of hair for a nice large profile. I only wish this came in more colors, like wine red
By Richard
Colonia, NJ
September 12, 2016
Great bucktails for the surf
I use these bucktails from the surf and they work great. Great casting and an ample amount of hair for a nice large profile. I only wish this came in more colors, like wine red
By Bob
Phoenixville, PA
August 15, 2016
Great bucktail
Industry standard. For good reason.
By Bob
Phoenixville, PA
August 15, 2016
Great bucktail
Lots of hair, swims well.
By Bob
Phoenixville, PA
August 15, 2016
It's a classic
Best buckails out there short of going custom tied.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
August 4, 2016
Jetty caster
These are another bucktail I use quite often. Sometimes I feel the fish are picky and will hit this bucktail over other. I always trainer them with a pork rind or now a fat cow trailer.
By Joel
Sea Bright, NJ
June 29, 2016
One of my favorites
I love the softer rubber head on the Jetty Caster. Excellent with the rocky bottoms in the rivers I fish.
ProsGreat medium fall speed Catches fish
ConsMy friends lose them in the rocks.
By Stephen
Holmdel, NJ
June 8, 2016
Good quality bucktail
lots of hair swims great with trailer favorite bucktail
By Terry
Oakland Gardens, NY
January 12, 2016
dependable bucktail
excellent quality bucktail. lots of fur. i'd buy again and definitely load up if there is a sale.
By Andrew
Worcester, MA
December 30, 2015
Good quality
I like these bucktails because they have a lot of hair. Good motion in the water. Nicely made s well.
By Andy
December 30, 2015
Good bucktails
I like these bucktails because they have a lot of hair. Good motion in the water.
By Emery
Melrose, MA
December 18, 2015
Reliable Andrus jig
The jetty caster is a very dense jig, making it ideal among rocks and where you can get hung up. It's also good around shallow water where there is wide baitfish. Don't forget the pork rind though!
ProsStrong hook Lots of hair Swims above hang ups
ConsThe eye of the hook is wide, difficult to get a snap on
By John
Corryton, TN
December 17, 2015
Well made
Well made bucktail with plenty of hair. Strong hooks.
By Jeremy
Brooklyn, NY
October 4, 2015
Favorite Bucktail
Strong construction, lots of hair, great buoyancy. Be advised, with chartreuse, the head is white and hair yellow, even though pic shows it all yellow.
ConsWhite head, yellow hair on chartreuse.
By Justin
Carlisle, PA
June 23, 2015
Top notch bucktails
Very nice bucktail jigs. Would buy again without hesitation.
By Jeremy
Brooklyn, NY
June 12, 2015
Great Quality
Lots of hair, sharp hooks, great product. Casts great for a bucktail
By Jeremy
Brooklyn, NY
June 12, 2015
Great Quality
Lots of hair, sharp hooks, great product.
By Eugenia
Pozzuoli, Italy
May 18, 2015
very effective
very good for all fish but blue fish destroy it in one bite. very effective and versatile and works best with big waves.
By meas
Phila, Pa
May 16, 2015
great product
Perfect size for striped bass and weakie. Pair it up with a pork rind.
By meas
Phila, Pa
May 16, 2015
great product
Perfect size for striped bass. Last longer than other brands
By meas
Phila, Pa
May 16, 2015
most versatile lure
Lots of bucktail fur and effective. Perfect size for flounder with a gulp bait
By Margaret
Poughkeepsie, NY
April 18, 2015
Excellent Bucktail Jig
I have been fishing Bucktail Jigs for years. I have even tied some of my own, these are far superior to anything I have used.
By Alex
Solomons, Maryland
April 2, 2015
Well tied and very strong!
This is my go to lure for any conditions! I catch and catch and catch with it all day! Cant go wrong with Andrus Jetty Casters!
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
March 29, 2015
Good buck tails
Construction quality is good and the price is right. I didn't fish bucktails much last year, but I'm planning to give them more time this year.
By Bill White
Stony Brook NY
March 8, 2015
For Montauk
Perfect bucktails for Montauk!!
By Db
new york, NY
March 5, 2015
for inlet
2oz works perfectly on rough surf or inlet current.. I feel the hook is kittle too big for nj striper
By Db
new york, NY
March 5, 2015
Nice thick bucktail.. my favorite all time bucktail.. it has thicker tail than lisplitter.
ProsThick tail
By Christopher
Long Beach, NY
February 7, 2015
Great quality bucktails and cheap.
Catch fish, aren’t skimpy with the hair, and only 3.99 if you get snagged and lose one. This is what I’m throwing if I’m at all uncertain about where I’m fishing.
Prosprice quality
By Db
new york, NY
February 5, 2015
I believe this lure has extra thick bucktail compare to others.. when I retrieve, this has lot more resistance than spro.. so It can swim in very slow motion.. I found it also work very nice in open water beach..
Prosworks every condition
By Db
new york, NY
February 4, 2015
fly well
Using in the surf on windy day.. it can cast better than rip splitter design
Prosstrong hook
By James
December 18, 2014
Top Notch Bucktail
There is a reason everyone likes these....they work and take a beating. My favorites are 1-1.5 oz.
Prosthey catch
By Gary
Virginia Beach
December 10, 2014
Purchased a few white bucktails, haven't did much good on them but the striper are hit or miss here this time of year. But the lure looks and feels well built and made to last as long as you don't knock to much paint off the head.
By jason W
Keansburg, NJ
December 1, 2014
Catches fish
I caught a Striper the first night I used this. Have caught multiple fish on it since buying it.
ProsAffordable and Catches fish
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
November 1, 2014
Good basic bucktails
I have these in both white and chartreuse. These are good basic buck tails and, as other reviewers have point out, they have bit more hair than other bucktails so they can be retrieved more slowly in calm water. I thought the hooks could be a bit sharper out of the box but a few seconds of touch up with my hook file solved that issue.
ProsGood basic bucktails Afro a good price.
By Jesse
Pine Brook, NJ
October 26, 2014
Andrus Jetty Caster 1oz
Nice bucktail. Good hair. Bought for fluke but my first hit was from a striper. Will be buying more.
ProsNice quality. Hair. Fish think it's a meal.
By Mohammad Fareed
Saudi Arabia
October 22, 2014
Plugs to buy when you are getting started
Andrus bucktails will generally be tied a bit bulkier so they will sink slower. As the trailer I'd stick with Uncle Josh 50-S rinds in red/white for now, but Uncle Josh 240-S in red/white.
By Kristi
California, MD
September 26, 2014
Tackle Direct's service is VERY good!!
By Jon
Annapolis, Maryland
September 21, 2014
Great on Maine Stripers!
Used this and the 1 once size with a pork rind trailer to fool stripers at the mouth of the Kennebunk River this past week! Great fun and great fish. The slow sinking Jetty Casters were great at avoiding the rocky bottom while attracting bass in the outgoing tide!
By Kristi
September 17, 2014
Great item!
Nice Bucktail, item came within 18 hours of the order
By Kristi
September 17, 2014
Fast shipping and great service
Came in very fast! will buy again
By Steven
Melbourne, Victoria
August 17, 2014
Great bottom Salmon Hook
Ive used this Andrus Bucktail type of jig as an unbaited hook for the bottom of my padanoster rig so when im fishing for Salmon off the beach so I don't get my bait picked of by the "pikers" on the bottom, As it turned out over the course of the season I got Salmon on the top baited hook and just as many on the jig. It has an abundance of fibers that don't just get plucked off with the first fish you catch, this jig is great value for money and works well for Victorian Surf fishing.
By shane
sandwich, MA
March 11, 2014
Bucktails catch
A strip of uncle josh pork on the back or a curly tail grub is all one needs to make these bucktails deadly. The bucktail hair stays on well even after being hit by bluefish. A must have.
By stephen
sag harbor, NY
February 7, 2014
Quintessential bucktail
Andrus is by far the best maker of buck tails in my opinion, heavy on the hair so it has a great profile in the white stuff and enough to slow down the fall rate. They produce and they produce well. The jetty caster and the infamous rip splitter all serve well in any condition. A must in your bag.
By Colin
Wallingford, PA
January 21, 2014
Andrus Jetty Caster
These are quality bucktails meant to take a beating. They have strong hook and are tied with lots of hair for ample action.
By Nick
Scituate, MA
January 5, 2014
great for the beach-breaks
Cast this jig into the troughs along the whitewater beach breaks and let it glide along the bottom. Cant think of a better lure for this application. These jigs are durable and perform well. Casting into onshores is never a problem. My white one has picked up a red-ish tint to it from sitting next to another lure in the tackle box; hasn't seemed to affect performance at all.
By Jimmy
Massapequa Park, New York
November 28, 2013
Simple and effective
Simple and very effective. I hooked but lost my biggest Bass using this bucktail. The 2oz allowed me to get down in the strike zone. I through the bag that evening and this way the other lure that produced any results that night.
ProsLooks great in the water tipped with porkrind.
By Erich
Wading River, NY
November 13, 2013
Does what a bucktail does really well
Great bucktail, casts nice, holds the bottom and catches fish, what more could you ask for.
By Gary
Plum Island Massachusetts
August 16, 2013
Ideal in any conditions
Ideal in all conditions. Lighter colors work well in daylight conditions. Black for overcast conditions or for night fishing. Can combine with all types of soft baits.
ProsWell made and durable
By Gary
Plum Island Massachusetts
August 16, 2013
Very effective when combined with Uncle Josh baits
When fishing for stripers you can;t go wrong with these. Throw on a Uncle Josh meat eel and even a novice striper fisherman has a shot at a prized catch. You can mix and match colors for effect.
ProsInexpensive compared to plugs and cast very well. If you want to bring the kids this is a good lure for them to use.
By Bob
August 4, 2013
nice well made
caught some nice bass swimming this baby
By Bob
August 4, 2013
nice jig
caught some nice bass swimming this jig
By Keith
Ibsp, nj
July 26, 2013
Not bad
Good lure for the surf. No probs casting it
By rob
cherry hill, nj
June 7, 2013
As described
I can't give it any less than 5 stars because its a bucktail. It does what a bucktail does. Hook is sharp. Seems well tied. Haven't had these for a long time so I can't say how long the paint lasts, but's a bucktail. Re tie or repaint if need be, it's a bucktail!
By rob
cherry hill nj
June 7, 2013
Works as described
I can't give it any less than 5 stars because its a bucktail. It does what a bucktail does. Hook is sharp. Seems well tied. Haven't had these for a long time so I can't say how long the paint lasts, but's a bucktail. Re tie or repaint if need be, it's a bucktail!
By bo know
March 9, 2013
look good in water
to use this jig it will work in deep water from a boat
Proscolor and action
Cons did not catch many fish
By Barry
East Moriches, NY
January 12, 2013
Andrus Bucktails
Andrus has been around for a while and never let me down. Great balance of hair to weight and they hold up well.
ProsHair to weight balance durability
By Kalvin
Orlando, Florida
December 26, 2012
Cheaper bucktail
I bought this bucktail as well as a couple spro bucktails. I will be sticking the the spro bucktails, their quality is much better than these. The only good thing about these bucktails is their lower cost.
1 Question & 1 Answer
from NY asked:
July 15, 2018
can you tell me if the chartreuse jetty caster bucktails have a matching head-paint/bucktail color,or are they white jig head/chart. bucktail colored? thanks
1 Answers
The head color matches the bucktail
on July 16, 2018


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