Barracuda Tackle Cast Nets & Accessories

While some anglers may think all cast nets are the same, the folks at Barracuda Tackle beg to differ. A Barracuda cast net is the product of countless hours of research and development, field testing, and underwater slow motion video analysis. Anglers will find that a Barracuda throws better, sinks faster, opens easier, and lasts longer than any other net available today. Barracuda cast nets easily outperform their competition thanks to superior craftsmanship along with the use of custom made, top of the line components including 30' heavy duty, loose braided polypropylene handlines that are both strong and easy on the hands during extended periods of use. The monofilament mesh material constructed exclusively for Barracuda nets is lightweight and supple for fast sinking and easy opening, while retaining exceptional strength for hauling in large loads. Barracuda Tackle believes in the quality of their nets so much that they are the only cast net manufacturer to back their nets with a lifetime warranty!