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Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Swimming Mullet 4in 10pk

Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Swimming Mullet 4in 10pk

$6.39 - $6.49
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SizeQty per PackColorPrice
GSSM4 Chartreuse
4 Inches10Chartreuse$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Glow
4 Inches10Glow$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Pearl White
4 Inches10Pearl White$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Pink
4 Inches10Pink$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Pumpkinseed
4 Inches10Pumpkinseed$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Root Beer Gold
4 Inches10Root Beer Gold$6.39 USD
GSSM4 Smoke
4 Inches10Smoke$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Watermelon
4 Inches10Watermelon$6.39 USD
GSSM4 Yellow
4 Inches10Yellow$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Camo
4 Inches10Camo$6.49 USD
4 Inches10Red$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Green Prawn
4 Inches10Green Prawn$6.49 USD
GSSM4 Nuclear Chicken
4 Inches10Nuclear Chicken$6.39 USD
Ideal for all saltwater species! Swimming tail action irresistible to fish. Lifelike detail and appearance. Berkley Gulp! Saltwater baits are made from natural ingredients that release 400 times more scent than plastic baits. Formulated especially for ocean gamefish, Berkley Gulp! Saltwater is so potent it can actually OUTFISH live bait. Plus itís 100 percent biodegradable for a cleaner environment. Stock up on a full selection of Gulp! Saltwater baits and youíll experience more action than ever! They all look, smell, and move just like the real thing.
5 Stars based on 48 reviews
By radley
rincon, Georgia
July 13, 2018
Great addition to Jigs
I use these on larger bucktail jigs and they make a world of difference, both in the number and quality of fish caught.
By Robert Granato
July 9, 2018
great bait
It works as well as live bait and lasts longer
By Jessie
waldwick, nj
June 27, 2018
These things work like a chaarm!
Either color, it dosen't matter. On a jig head these things kill em.
Proswork really well. Work really well. Did i mention work really well....always. Fluke, seabass, weakfish, blackfish,porgies, ling, even stripers will hit these!
By Josh
Long Island, New York
May 26, 2018
My go to for fluke.
Fluke are absolutely addicted to this stuff! My personal go to is the chartreuse 4 inch on a bucktail.
outer banks nc
May 17, 2018
great product
first time I had tried these, worked great for chopper blues and drums first attempt
By The Kad
March 29, 2018
Great bait
The 6 in. swimming Mullet is great on a bucktail for large fluke and as a teaser for cod.
By NavyDog
Lake Charles, LA
November 24, 2017
Berkley Swimming Mullet in Camo
When croaker are on the Texas Coastal Bend flats this is a good imitation to catch reds, trout, and flounder. Like to rig with 1/8 ounce jig head with silver or yellow metallic eyes. Fish hold on when they hit it. Highly recommend.
ProsGood croaker imitation. Rigs well with 1/8 jig head.
ConsPackage hard to re-seal. Put mine in a mason jar and tight lid.
By NavyDog
Lake Charles, LA
November 24, 2017
Berkley Swimming Mullet in Green Prawn - "Go to" bait in Louisiana
In the marsh, redfish this time of year (fall) are eating up 4" size prey. Typically, a lot of people throw chartruese or white - this green prawn is something they don't see. Good for catching slot redfish, and picked up a couple flouder as well in the past month.
Pros4" bait with 1/8 oz jig head great combo. Able to land more silently in water and not spook reds feeding in shallows.
ConsHard to get bait baggie to re-seal. Have to transfer to mason jar. Just an annoyance, not a show stopper.
By Lou
toms river, new jersey
July 31, 2017
Always Produce
I love Gulp 4" in green! I have caught all of my fluke on them this summer ... mostly keepers or near keepers too. They are durable unless the fish are being fickle and just get the tails.
By David Kosewski
Cape Cod, MA.
March 29, 2017
Bait Durability
Works great on my target species, but can be soft and rip off fairly easy.
ProsFish love it!
ConsFairly soft.
By Hanlon Surf
December 19, 2016
They work
Put these on a 3/4oz jig head and you have a very versatile lure. Swim it, jig it, bounce it off the bottom, it all works.
Consthe tails get bit off easily, but I'm not sure thats really a fault of the Gulp Mullet
By Bill
October 21, 2016
If you are dragging your feet on trying these you are missing out.
ProsWork better than plain soft plastics
ConsDrys like concrete if you leave it on s jig head.
By william
Atlanta, Georgia
August 21, 2016
Awesome Bait
I have used this to catch almost every saltwater fish. It is easy to use and catches fish.
Consdries out
By tatyana
Corona, NY
August 10, 2016
berkley gulp
a good product that stays on your hook without falling off
Prosstay on your hook for multiple use. fluke/ summer flounder love them.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
July 8, 2016
Will always produce fish. Ive caught fluke, blues, bass, and weakfish with them.
ProsDurable and easier to use than bait. also very cost effective.
By AdamD.
Duryea, PA
June 23, 2016
Works Great.
Gulp works great!!!!
June 22, 2016
Trying these out and honestly, I'm amazed!
Difficult to say if it's due to these little guys but the fact is I've been landing more fish when I change my game to these from other plastics, from seabass to even flukes, amazing!
By NovaRyder
Cortlandt Manor, NY
May 22, 2016
Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Swimming Mullet 4in 10pk
Had success with fluke and black sea bass, last season. Couldn't pass up, the Berkeley rebate!
ProsAttracts the fish !
By Tony
Pasadena, MD
December 3, 2015
Perfect for Jigging
These are my faviort for jigging. Perfect for perch and also caught lots of flounder off them. they have great movement with the tail and a strong scent. T
By Mike
Webster, NY
July 20, 2015
Works Well for Stripers on Jig Heads
Used this on a jig head to catch Bass. Larger Gup head fits better on a jig Good product. I bought some small tupperware containers with the seal and claps in the lid for storage.
ProsBerkely Rebate Promo going on now
ConsKeep air tight in fluid
By Michael
E Moriches, NY
July 16, 2015
Good on Jig Heads
Used this on a jig head to catch Bass. This fits better on a jig because the gulp has a larger head to fit on the retaining ridges. They hold up well just store them in the Berkley wet solution in the packaging or the will dry out. Good product.
By Marco
Long Island, Ney York
May 30, 2015
Pros: will catch nearly everything, can survive multiple trips. There is only one con and that's that they smell which is how they work, overall great product
By Melvin ALLEN
United States
May 4, 2015
Great salt water swim bait
Can retrieve at any speed to produce tail-action.
ProsEasy to attach to weighted head, durable, color-fast colors even in salt water.
By Margaret
Poughkeepsie, NY
April 18, 2015
Fluke Magnet
Very effective fluke lures, off the boat they work very well.
By Alex
Solomons, Maryland
April 2, 2015
Fluke Lures
These are amazing. They work even better than live bait! I put these on a 1 ounce Spro Bucktail and they just catch fluke!
By charles prelle
December 24, 2014
5 stars
great prices and got it quick. thanks
By James
December 18, 2014
Hard not to love this stuff
Works great, sometimes when nothing else is...a flounder killer. Bluefish will destroy it though.
ProsFish Crack
Consstinky, don't let it leak in your bag
By Andrew
West River, MD
December 6, 2014
When fishing gets slow on the Chesapeake, I break out 4 inch chartreuse Gulp swimming mullets. I've caught more species of fish on these baits than any other artificial bait: white perch, croaker, spot, bluefish, striper, flounder, red drum and various species of trash fish like toadfish. Great product, especially over offshore wrecks and reefs for large summer flounder/fluke.
Round Rock, TX
November 7, 2014
Right size
It is the right size with the right strength. A little bit expensive.
By Dustin
October 5, 2014
better than real bait
I absolutely love these mullet, I have been using these all summer long and caught a bunch of fish with them. I always keep a few colors and sizes in my tackle bag. These hold up well to toothy fish and I am able to use the same piece of bait all day or at least most of the day. The only thing you have to watch out for is if the tail gets bitten off The fish will mostly ignore it. Great tool for you bag.
By Aaron
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
October 2, 2014
Great on a bucktail
These worked great for fluke on a bucktail. chartreuse or red seemed to work the best for me during the day
By Ron
milford de
September 20, 2014
better than most baits for flounder
5" is the perfect size for the spro bucktails. nuclear chicken the most productive. Generates more strikes than most bait i've used when jigged lighly off the bottom.
Prosstays on the jig well
Constails get bit off frquently
By Ron
Bayonne N J
September 18, 2014
Real fish catcher
Used this product all summer. It will out fish live bait.
By Ron
Bayonne n j
September 18, 2014
Used fluke fishing. Fish love this bait. Found the black worked best on dark days and red on bright days.
ProsFish love it. I stopped using spearing and squid.
ConsIt say 4 inches but I believe its 3. Wish they made it in 5 inch.
By Steven
Melbourne, Victoria
August 7, 2014
Trout Luv Em.
When I went on a Trout fishing holiday to Tasmania I tried several brands and styles of plastics but after 2 days I ended up giving all my plastics to some young kids except for one, That was the legendary Berkley Gulp Saltwater Swimming Mullet in Pumpkinseed. I know it is a SALTWATER lure but guess what? Someone forgot to tell the Trout that! That week we caught and released over 25 fish between me and my wife, the thing was as she prefers to just slow reel it in she actually out fished me! Big Browns were SLAMING the Plastic straight off the bottom, it was unlike anything ive ever seen before while Trout fishing. These Berkley Gulp Saltwater Swimming Mullet in Pumpkinseed are AWSOME!
May 28, 2014
By Tim Annear
Dublin, CA
May 21, 2014
Excellent product
Have been using Gulp grubs for a few years now in saltwater and they work great on striped bass, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish out here on the west coast. Sometimes they even outfish live bait for me.
By Tony
Pasadena, MD
May 15, 2014
Best Mullet
This mullet worked great for drifting for flounder in the Coastal Bay. Used a live liner reel and drifted with these baits and flounder sucked them up. used a fish finder with a weight so the fish did not feel the weight on the line. The best part is the used baits and be reused.
ProsBait can be reused and very durable.
By William
Sugar Land, Texas
November 6, 2013
Great soft-bait for wading fishing.
Best soft-bait for flounders fishing.
By William
October 25, 2013
Best soft-bait for flounders fishing
For me these are the top soft-bait for flounders fishing....
By Ronald
Allentown, NJ
October 20, 2013
Berkley Gulp
Wouldn't go on a trip without them. For me, over the past several years gulp has proven to be just as effective as fresh cut bait. Just wish they were a little more durable.
By francis
wallingford, CT
October 5, 2013
Good clean alternative to frozen
This bait fishes well. Its a cleaner alternative to keeping live or frozen bait and can be stored on the boat for those "I wish I had some bait" days. It gets hits from fluke, black sea bass and blackfish. It is much more durable than squid, crabs etc.
Prosclean, storable, durable
ConsCost factor is debatable
By Rob
September 22, 2013
This stuff works great.
I caught some monster fluke when other baits didn't work
By JerseyJigger
Keyport, NJ
September 13, 2013
Bigger = Better
If you like the 4" mullets, then you'll love the 5" ones. And if you like catching big fish, then you'll love catching bigger fish! Killler for big fluke and sea bass on the reef/rocks.
ConsNot as durable as they used to be
By JerseyJigger
Keyport, NJ
September 13, 2013
Black Gulp???
I didn't think black gulp would have any use, but the fluke don't agree with that thinking. Caught the biggest fish on my boat this year with a 1/4 oz jig tipped with a black gulp mullet.
By Filadelfia76
Brooklyn, ny
July 30, 2013
It works
It's great substitute of bait. Clean and efficient. Lasts long on the hook.
ConsLeaking package
By Arno
Brick, NewJersey
June 1, 2013
Best thing since "real" bait !
I have consistant hits with Gulp baits. Live bait here in Jersey has gotten out of control with prices skyrocketing. Gulp has filled the nich perfectily. I also use the Gulp spray after a few drops for fluke. I am looking foward to using the Gulp sandworms around bridges and the beach for strippers.
ProsLast a long time.
By Alon
Petach Tikvah, israel
February 22, 2013
very nice action
good action in the water
Consbag leaks after opening
1 Question & 1 Answer
from Camden County NJ asked:
July 6, 2014
does this come in a bucket size green in color
1 Answers
John, Here is the link, available in 3 different container sizes:
Customer Service
on July 6, 2014


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