Berkley Powerbait Soft Baits

Berkley Power Baits

For a soft bait that bass will latch onto year after year, trust Berkley PowerBait® lures from TackleDirect. At Berkley, they believe in trusting facts instead of fads. And the facts are that PowerBait soft baits will get more bites — they guarantee it.

Decades of scientific research and on-water testing have gone into these soft baits. Berkley has studied what bass like to eat and used this knowledge to develop scent, taste and bait shape formulas that have yet to be duplicated. But don't just take their word for it. Professional anglers around the world use the Berkley PowerBait lineup to conquer bass tournaments — and they'll be just as deadly on your lines.

Powerful Baits for Powerful Fish

We stock hundreds of Power Bait combinations to snag bigmouth bass, smallmouth bass and striper. This collection of saltwater and freshwater soft baits includes Berkley power worms , craws, swimbaits and drop shots that perfectly mimic real baitfish. Check out a variety of creature baits as well in assorted sizes and colors. With proper care, PowerBait lures can deliver years of successful hauls, making them a remarkable value.

PowerBait isn't just for bass, either. The Berkley PowerBait Trout Bait Assortment Pack is perfect for lake and river casting. People also use these revolutionary baits for catfish, yellow perch, steelhead and crappie. Looking for ideas on what to target with your PowerBait? Check out product reviews from real anglers. TackleDirect's on-staff anglers can also answer your questions seven days a week — and we ship PowerBait soft baits anywhere you fish.