BerleyPro BP6030 Native Watercraft Titan Steering Conversion Kit

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The BerleyPro Native Watercraft Titan Steering Conversion Kit contains two new drums that attach to your existing steering, allowing you to remove the previous wheel and grub screw attachments and providing a new way to tension your cables and prevent the headache of the existing cord falling off. BerleyPro designed this with a rear attachment point at the back and a new drum so that the cords will always travel the same distance as you turn each way. With the cord wrapped around the front drum, you are able to achieve full rudder movement without restriction from the front attachment point.

BerleyPro produce this kit with two discs so it gives you an even feel the whole way through the steering (imagine a rope running around two wheels the cord travels the same distance both ways). A new cover plate with 4 brass inserts allows the cord to be looped over and tightened easily, allowing you to take all the play out of the handle so you don't need to make continuous adjustments while the rudder moves in the chop or current.

BerleyPro BP6030 Native Watercraft Titan Steering Conversion Kit Includes:

  • Handle drum with top and bottom routing to let the cord pass over itself
  • Tapered rudder control disc with rear attachment point
  • Core treated and polyester jacket for high strength and minimal strength spectra cord (295kg/650lb breaking strength)
  • Tension cover with twin cord locking inserts so you can lock the cord down and be sure it won't pull out
  • Pull through braid
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

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