Big Bass Dreams - The Movement DVD

Big Bass Dreams - The Movement DVD

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DVD that captures a new perspective on fishing and the journey that is the Big Bass Dreams Project45+ mins including additional bonus footage.Reg Price $24.99Our Price $9.99
Join in on the Big Bass Dreams project. This movement has been inspired by passion for chasing fish of a lifetime. Big Bass Dreams has captured special moments with a new perspective on fishing. Hopefully you'll find yourself being inspired, entertained, and motivated to chase your own fishing dreams. In this film you'll witness a journey from California through Arizona and into Texas. Join us as "The Movement" gains momentum.

- Run Time - 45+ mins including additional bonus footage.

Check out this review from Fishhound:
Movie Review - Big Bass Dreams "The Movement"
by Andrew Schadegg

Big bass, giant baits and a passion for searching the globe for the fish of a lifetime make Big Bass Dreams "The Movement" a must watch!

In the world of fishing, there are multiple tribes. Subcultures, if you will. Tournament guys, kayak fisherman, crappie, inshore saltwater, pond hoppers, fly fisherman, groups of anglers that come together around a common species or method. Among those tribes, the big bass anglers are the Comanches. The apex of power fisherman among freshwater thrill seekers, looking for the biggest rush of landing the granddaddy of all fishing records. If big bass fisherman were a tribe, Oliver Ngy would be their Chief. He is the founder of Big Bass Dreams, a movement of anglers that are out for one purpose and one purpose only…to catch the fish of a lifetime. Big Bass Dreams “The Movement” is a brand new movie that documents Oliver’s vision and the story of the big bass hunters that are part of it.

Let’s face it, when it comes to fishing videos we’re all guilty of searching the internet for streaming clips of guys catching big fish. “Fish Porn” is a real thing and it’s magnificent. Anglers armed with the latest swimbaits and glide baits, big topwater and giant jigs, pulling 10, 12 and even “teener” sized bass from the best fisheries in the country. It’s every anglers’ dream. The Big Bass Dream. This video is 45 minutes of footage showing these dreams coming true.

“The Movement” has all the components of a movie you’ll watch over and over again. It’s well edited, with clips of giant bass being pinned with long sweeping hooksets, angry fights and rod-straining boat flips all set to an upbeat, hip-hop soundtrack. Mixed in between all the obscenely obese bass, are excerpts of interviews with Oliver about how he got started from a kid growing up in Los Angeles fishing with a stick, to traveling the world fishing with the best equipment and pursuing the biggest fish he can find. An unlikely ambassador of this specialized, exciting segment of the sport of bass fishing.

Even top Bassmaster tournament pro, Brandon Palaniuk, is featured in the movie. What is so much fun to watch, is a guy like Palaniuk, who has won on the highest level of fishing and at the top of his game, gets SO PUMPED when he catches his personal best on camera! The excitement is palpable and inspiring. If you don’t want to go track down a swimbait rod and an 8-inch Huddleston after this movie, you probably should just list your fishing gear on Craigslist and move on to golf.

That’s just the precursor to the best footage in the movie. Back in 2013, Oliver caught the fish of a lifetime. A 17.4 largemouth out of a reservoir in Northern California. It was all over the message boards, social media sites and fishing websites at the time it was caught, but “The Movement” features the entire catch. The backstory, the cast, the hookup, the landing, the weighing and the release. It’s pretty incredible. Multiple camera angles of the biggest bass I’ve ever seen caught on video.

Amongst all the big fish insanity, is a message about encouraging others to pursue their own “Big Bass Dream.” Helping others is a passion project for Oliver. He talks about the struggles of getting jaded, after having spent so much time and energy chasing big fish and catching hundreds of them (not like any of us feel bad for him). He renews his own energy by helping others land that personal best. In “The Movement” there are some very cool segments featuring young people getting that fish of a lifetime, that will help renew your own passion for the sport of fishing.

The fishing footage comes to around 35 minutes, which features a solid amount of giant bass being caught. The only negative is that it isn’t longer. Another 15 minutes would have been just about right. The last 10 minutes feature a conversation while driving between Oliver and his buddy, Manny Chee. It’s a great dialogue about the passion for swimbaits and seeking out these giant fish. The way fish react to the bigger baits and the reason why they are addicted to throwing them. You can tell the intensity of the hunt. The reason they can’t get enough of the pursuit.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Big Bass Dreams – “The Movement”. It will inspire you and make you envious of the lifestyle that these guys live. It might even get you to go out and start pursuing these giant fish yourself. They are truly living the dream.

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