Fishing Books & Videos

TackleDirect's new Books and Videos section is a great place to find information, instruction and entertainment that will improve your fishing experience while increasing your odds of landing a big catch. We have books by nationally known authors that go in depth about rods, reels, tackle, strategies and the best places for your next adventure. Find books with tips to improve your surfcasting, fly fishing, shark fishing, jigging, knot-tying and more. Or you can read about the best way to tackle fishing coasts from Maine to Florida. You can even find memoirs that blend together a mix of tactics and personal stories, or cookbooks to help you prepare a feast after your next successful outing.

Many of these same lessons can also be found in our Video category, with DVDs about swordfishing, cast net throwing, fly fishing and more. We also have a number of book and DVD combos with essential information and expert advice. Our Books and Videos section is always expanding, and whether you're a beginner or advanced angler, you're sure to find something that will save you from learning a valuable lesson the hard way. Browse our selection today and make your next fishing trip even more successful.