Eagle Claw Saltwater Terminal Tackle

Founded in 1925 in Denver, the Wright and McGill Co. has become a fixture in the American fishing tackle industry. Under its Eagle Claw brand, it produces just about everything you need to catch a fish, from live-bait traps to hooks, line, rods and reels. At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of quality Eagle Claw saltwater hooks, tackle and traps that can boost your fishing success inshore or onshore.

Made in the U.S., Eagle Claw hooks boast American craftsmanship and premium materials. You'll find all kinds of hooks here, including J-hooks, treble hooks and baitholder hooks. We have snelled hooks and rigs to catch everything from blackfish to bluefish. If you want to release your catch with the best chances of survival, check out our circle hooks.

We also carry handy terminal tackle like floats and swivels. If you want to catch your own bait to give the most natural presentation possible, check out our Eagle Claw minnow traps, crab traps and Sabiki rigs.