Freshwater Knives

Anglers love their fishing knives. And with good reason. Off on a boat or on shore, knives have limitless uses. Use them for rigging tackle, cutting line, cleaning fish and even for emergencies. At TackleDirect, we carry scores of quality fishing knives as well as sharpeners to keep a keen edge on them. We also have handy tools that no angler should be without.

At TackleDirect, you will find knives made by leading knifemakers such as Buck Knives, Dexter-Russell, Kershaw and many others. We have lots of premium fillet knives for cleaning your catch. TackleDirect also has knives specifically designed to cut bait as well as dive knives for scuba and snorkeling. You will find folding knives that you can carry in your pocket as well as fixed-blade knives.

It's a smart idea to keep your blade as sharp as possible. TackleDirect has a big selection of knife sharpeners that are easy to use and will keep a razor edge on your knife. Choose from portable sharpeners as well as tabletop sharpeners. We also carry hook sharpeners to make sure your hooks easily penetrate fishes' jaws.

In addition to knives and sharpeners, TackleDirect stocks a large selection of handy multitools. These include many varieties of famous Leatherman multitools, which all anglers should carry on their belts. In one handy package, these multitools offer virtually everything you will need for any fishing situation.