Freshwater Pliers

Besides a good knife, few items are handier to have during a fishing expedition than a pair of pliers. You can use these tools to make on-the-spot reel repairs and other quick fixes. Pliers are handy for rigging tackle. They are also excellent for extracting hooks from fish and ' worst-case scenario ' fishermen. You'll find dozens of other uses for a good pair of pliers on any fishing or outdoors expedition.

At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of freshwater fishing pliers, scissors and sheaths. These aren't ordinary pliers like you'd get at the hardware store. These pliers have been specially designed for fishing. That means they're built to stand up to corrosion and to be easily portable so you'll always have them at hand during the most crucial moments.

Lightweight and practical, many of these pliers come with extra features. Some have long noses to help extract hooks from deep down a fish's throat. Others come with bonus tools for crimping leaders and opening split rings. These pliers are made by leading names in fishing, including Penn, Mustad and Shimano, so you can be assured of quality.

In addition to pliers, TackleDirect carries scissors and shears for dealing with everything from rigging to fish cookery. We also boast a big lineup of sheaths so you can wear your pliers on your belt. Choose from leather or nylon.