Frabill Conservation Series Witness Weigh Landing Nets

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. -
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An all-in-one tool to land, weigh, and measure your catch, the Frabill Conservation Series Witness Weigh Landing Nets take fish care and convenience to the next level. Part of Frabill's conservation series, these nets feature a knotless micro-mesh designed to reduce any abrasiveness and maintain the natural slime coat of the fish. Its micro-mesh netting also mitigates hook tangles that often happen with lesser nets, further adding convenience to its use. A flat bottom netting reduces roll and supports the length and weight of the fish, calming them for easier unhooking and handling. Built into the handle itself, its electronic scale is easy to use and easy to read, with the ability to land the fish and keep it in the water, then lift it out of the water for an accurate weight, taking out much of the time that your catch must be out of the water entirely. For the small-medium sized gamefish, these nets offer all the robustness, convivence and capabilities anglers demand, with the additional digital scale not seen on many landing nets if at all, feature packing this tool for the hardcore angler.

  • Knotless, Micro-Mesh Netting
  • Flat Bottom Netting for Additional Fish Support
  • Meshguard Hoop for Enhanced Durability
  • Built in Easy to Read Digital Scale
  • Integrated Ruler for Fish Measurement

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