Gemlux Fishing OR-BA-01 Outrigger Base Pair

Gemlux Fishing OR-BA-01 Outrigger Base Pair

Price: $3,744.57
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Outrigger base pair with one handle operation and stainless steel roller bearingsStainless Steel$3,744.57 USD
Gemlux Fishing OR-BA-01-PAIR Outrigger Base Pair will change the way center console’s are able to fish; while adding some much needed safety features. The strength of this outrigger base allows any style of fishing to be done without worrying about component wear and failure, such as dredge fishing, high speed wahoo trolling, and more. The one handle operation of this base allows almost unlimited adjustability from underneath the T-Top. No more having to climb on the gunnel or T-Top to adjust the height or angle of your outrigger. This base is also easy to install. Simply drop into the hole and bolt it in. This base matches the hole pattern for almost all existing outrigger bases (Please be sure to allow 8” of clearance for our 360 degree rotating handle). After use all you have to do is rinse with soap and water. No more yearly disassembly and maintenance.

  • Cast 316 construction gives you the strength to pull dredges, teasers, and lures without component wear and failure; all off the outrigger poles.
  • Patent Pending one handle operation allows complete adjustment from underneath the T-Top. Up, down, in and out.
  • Stainless steel roller bearings make this a very user friendly outrigger base
  • When the ocean is rough, you have complete adjustability from underneath the top with the simple turn of the handle.
  • The knob on the rotating handle is robust so that it’s easy to hold onto, preventing any slips and swinging outriggers.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

***The GEMLUX Fishing System requires MINIMUM 6.5” (8” recommended) of 360 degree clearance from the center of installation hole. Any interferences within this range will not allow operation of the outrigger base. Please contact TackleDirect customer service if you have any questions.***

Download Gemlux Fishing User Guide/Installation Guide
3 Questions & 3 Answers
Luis barreras
from Florida asked:
February 25, 2021
Do the gemlux or-ba-01 outriggers come complete w poles 22feet collapsible
1 Answer
No, these only come with the base. The actual outriggers are sold separately.
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on March 2, 2021

paul kampa
from NY asked:
February 9, 2019
my top is the pilothouse overhang on a down east hull; the thickness is 21/4"; will the GemLux base fit that thickness
1 Answer

WHAT   ELSE       DO          I               NEED     FOR        INSTALLATION?                Due        to            the         varyingthicknesses                of            mounting            surfaces,              we          leave     the         fastener               buying  to            you.                       It             is             required              that        you        use         (4)          ¼”-20    fasteners.                           Along    with                the         fasteners,           here’s   a              complete             list          of            the         tools      needed                for                installation:                         • 3.125”                (3-1/8”)                hole       saw        if             installing              on           flat                surface• 3.25”  (3-1/4”)                hole       saw        if             installing              on           curved  or            crowned                surface• Philips               Head     screwdriver        or            drill         driver    • (4)       ¼”-20    Fasteners                (316SS)• Electric              Drill        with       5/16”     and        1/4”       Drill        Bit           • Backing             Plates    (If                Necessary,          Available              from      GEM      in            anodized             aluminum,          powder                coated  aluminum            and        Stainless              Steel)    • Wedge              (If           installing              on           a                curved  or            crowned              top,        please   call          for          information)      • Blue   LocTite  242         •Siliconeor            similar   sealantproduct                such       as            4200       or            5200       • Blue   Painters               Tape                • Acetone           •Rags   • Crescent          Wrench                •1/8”    Allen      Key       

                Here’s   a              simple   formula                to            help       you        decide  the         length   of            (4)                fasteners             you’ll     need     for          your       particular             application.         (GEMLUX            is             not                responsible        for          brokenscrews)X             =             Thickness            of            hard       top         Y              =                Backingplate      thickness             (if            applicable)          X             +             Y              =             Z              Z              +                .50”à .75”            =             Fastener              Length 


Example:             If             your       top         is             1.50”      thick,     and        your       backingplate      is             0.25”      thick.                1.50”      +             0.25”      =             1.75”      1.75”      +             0.50”      =             2.25”      1.75”      +             0.75”      =                2.50”      Therefore,          you’re   preferred            fastener               length   will         be           2.25” à 2.50”.                     

Submitted by: Andrew Montagna on March 14, 2019

Clarence Nolan
from Jeanerette, Louisiana asked:
August 27, 2018
T-Top thickness 3 3/8". Does Gemlux have anything that will work with this thickness?
1 Answer
Sorry but no, they do not.
Submitted by: Chris on September 4, 2018


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