Icom Radios & Navigation

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Without question, your Icom marine radio is one of the most valuable pieces of safety equipment on board. Access emergency settings and DSC on Channel 16 and Channel 70, which are monitored 24 hours a day by the U.S. Coast Guard. Use your Icom radio to the latest weather report, or simply keep you in touch with other boats on the water. Icom’s trendsetting radio features include submersible construction, “Float ‘n Flash” technology, intuitive interfaces and Military Spec.

Icom BP-224 Battery Pack for M2A and M32Icom BP-226 Alkaline Battery Case for M88Icom BP-227 Li-Ion Battery Pack for M88Icom Lithium-Ion Battery for M72Icom BP-251 Alkaline Battery Case for M34Icom BP-252 Replacement Li-Ion Battery for M34Icom BP275 Li-Ion Battery for M92DIcom Lithium Battery Pack 3300mAh for GM1600 & GM1600KIcom CP-17L Cigarette Lighter Adapter for M32/M88Icom AD100 Charger Adapter Cup for M88Icom AD114 Charger Adapter Cup for M72Icom BC-119N Rapid Desktop Charger (Adapter Not Included)Icom BC-147 A/C Adapter for Marine Handheld RadiosIcom BC-147E 220V A/C Adapter for Marine Handheld RadiosIcom BC157 AC Power Supply for BC121N 110VIcom AD109 Charger Adapter f/ GM1600Icom AD123 02 Charger Adapter Cup f/ M24Icom AD129 Adapter Cup f/ BC197 Gang ChargerIcom BC119N 02 220V Rapid Charger (Requires Radio Adapter Cup)Icom BC119N 51 110V Rapid Charger w/ AD100Icom BC123SA 51 AC Adapter f/ Rapid Chargers w/ US PlugIcom BC123SE 220V AC Adapter f/ BC191 BC193 & BC160 Rapid ChargersIcom BC145SA 31 110V AC Adapter f/ Rapid ChargersIcom BC152N 11 Desktop ChargerIcom BC157S 110V Power Supply f/ BC121N & BC197 Gang ChargersIcom BC157S 220V Power Supply f/ BC121N & BC197 Gang ChargersIcom BC158 01 Desktop Trickle Charger f/ GM1600 & M90Icom BC162 01 110V Rapid Charger f/ M34 & M36Icom BC173 01 Desktop Trickle Charger f/ M34 & M36Icom BC190 01 Sensing Rapid Charger f/ M88 F50 & F60Icom BC190 02 220V Sensing Rapid Charger f/ M88 F50 & F60Icom BC197 32 110V Six Unit Gang ChargerIcom BC199SA 12 110V Wall Charger f/ M24Icom BC199SE 13 220V Wall Charger f/ M24Icom BC204 12 110V Trickle Charger f/ M92D & BP275Icom BC205 12 110V Rapid Charger f/ M92D & BP275Icom BC210 16 Rapid Charger f/ BP245NIcom BC217SA USB Charger w/ US Style Plug 110240VIcom BP266 Li-Ion 1500MAH Battery Pack f/ M24Icom CP23L 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter CableIcom CP24 Cigarette Lighter Adapter CableIcom CP25 Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable f/ BC204Icom CP25H Cigarette Lighter Adapter Cable f/ BC205Icom OPC515L DC Power Cable f/ Single Unit Rapid ChargersIcom OPC656 DC Power Cable f/ BC121N or BC197 Gang ChargersIcom BP-215 Li-Ion Battery Pack for M1VIcom Rapid Charger f/ BP-245N - Includes AC AdapterIcom BP285 Li-ion 7.2V 1570mAh Battery f/ M93D