Jinkai 33 Yd. Fluorocarbon Leader Coil 180 Lb. Test

Jinkai 33 Yd. Fluorocarbon Leader Coil 180 Lb. Test

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33 yd. Coil180 lb.Natural Color$69.89 USD
JINKAI Fluorocarbon is a very low visibility line. It was especially developed to give fishermen a greater advantage in catching leader-shy fish. With a specific gravity of 1.78, fluorocarbon sinks faster in water than do conventional leaders. It has excellent transparency, becoming almost totally invisible in water. With a Refractive Index [RI] of 1.42, fluorocarbon comes closer to the 1.33 RI of water than any other leader material. Fluorocarbon line does not absorb water as nylon line does; its strength is the same, wet or dry. And JINKAI Fluorocarbon line has excellent impact strength, knot strength, and abrasion resistance, holding up well, fish after fish.
4.5 Stars based on 15 reviews
By James
San Diego, California
Great leader material
September 13, 2021
I have been using Jinkai leader for the past 6 seasons for rigging my flatfalls and poppers and it has proven to be very abrasion resistant and long lasting. This is top quality leader material if your looking to go after trophy size fish and will give you the confidence needed when cranking down on that big one!
  • Stands up very well to abrasion and tests out very well!
By Dean E.
East Cape Baja Sur
Fluorocarbon leader
March 24, 2019
Great fluro leader small diameter really helps when fish ARE LINE SHY.
By Young
Cypress, ca
Trusted brand for years
October 7, 2018
Loved product and great value
Great price, great quality
February 17, 2017
Smokier appearance. Has worked well for rigging trolling baits. Larger diameter than Jinkai mono, so be careful on crimp size when using Jinkai chart.
By Tim K.
January 26, 2017
A line you can have confidence in when on the big fish. For me, there is no other.
  • Reliable!
  • None
By Tim
Quality Line.
January 26, 2017
Catch more fish using the correct leader for the fishing you do. This line gives me the confidence to put it to the fish when hooked up.
  • Ties well
By Bob S.
San Tan Valley, AZ
A bit disappointed
August 26, 2016
I bought some 200b Jenkai Fluorocarbon and was disappointed with it. It was certainly not as soft and flexible as I was led to believe. I have seen the Jenkai fluorocarbon in smaller test(100-135) that was
very flexible. I certainly realize that as you move up in test the line becomes more rigid, but not the extent that this was.

By Donna N.
Jinkai is awesome!
December 30, 2014
We love this stuff! It's one of the best on the market.
By doug m.
san diego, ca
September 21, 2014
Good fluorocarbon and knot strength
By Steven
Melbourne, Victoria
Serious Flurocarbon for Serious Fisherpeople!
July 26, 2014
I have used other brands of Flurocarbon leader material in the past,
I then orderd some Jinkai Flurocarbon In 100 lbs for a try as I realy like the quality of their other products.
My line was nice and hard even my crimps looked better and smoother than ever before!
Strength? Humm...
100 Pound Jinkai Flurocarbon leader, Jinkai Stainless Springs and the right size for diameter Jinkai Sleeves and 2 double loops and 2 meters of line in between, with one loop over my Mondeo's towbar and the other loop around my leather glove and metal ring I could pull my car without any slippage.
Now that's what I call a road test!
I wouldn't have any hesitation using this Ultra High Quality Flurocarbon on ANY game fish in the world with my only exceptions being toothy critters,
In saying that If you hook a big Spanish Mac unexpectedly you might be lucky and still land it as a Hacksaw blade running up and down took me 54 passes to fray the line sufficiently to allow a breakage under 20 KG's of gym weights.
By Steve
Charleston, SC
Best Flourocarbon Leader
May 7, 2014
I've fished Jinkai in various weights from 15 to 30 pound test. It is the thinnest flouro for its strength rating that I have found. It is less stiff than other brands making it easier to tie. Its hard finish makes it durable, resistant to nicks and sand abrasion. I use this as leader for all types of fishing: fresh water, inshore salt water, and surf casting. Having tried everything else on the market I keep returning to Jinkai.
  • Durable. Easy to tie. Thin diameter for strength.
  • Somewhat hard to find. Very few local sporting goods stores offer it and not many internet sites do either. Tackle direct usually has Jinkai in most weights.
By Gary
Concord, NH
Very clear, hard surface
March 28, 2014
Works well!
By craig
catch more fish
October 2, 2013
fluorocarbon leaders are not necessary to catch fish, but certainly help you catch MORE fish. Jinkai has been used by our tournament team for years, and has helped produce! Nuff said

tackle direct has the best pricing on this stuff, so just buy it already.
  • Invisible, durable, consistent
  • None
By Justin
Monroe, LA
September 9, 2013
Not a bad spool of Fluoro but nothing special, not worth the price. Nothing special over generic brands.
By Christos
Samos, Greece
October 11, 2012
Best I've found so far
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