Johnny Ray JR-207 Swivel Mount f/ Marine Electronics

Johnny Ray JR-207 Swivel Mount f/ Marine Electronics

Unique swivel mount featuring simple, one-handed-operation, which holds your electronic unit securely in place, no matter what the boating conditions are.

Price: $36.99
TD Code
DescriptionOverall HeightOverall LengthOverall WidthCompatibilityPrice
Swivel Mount f/ Marine Electronics3.00 in.6.25 in.3.20 in.See Specifications$36.99 USD

The Johnny Ray JR-207 Swivel Mount features a sliding lever release top to hold your electronic unit in its turned position, with 24-position automatic locking top, and 360° ratchet rotating.

  • Swivel Top Hole Pattern Measures 5 1/2'' x 1 1/4''
  • Shaft diameter - 1 1/2''
  • Base mounting area - 5'' square
  • Maximum weight - 14 lbs.
  • Lever-Release Top Removal Feature
  • Heavy duty design for today's biggest electronics
  • Molded from DuPont Nylon and assembled with stainless steel springs and screws
Johnny Ray JR-207 Swivel Mount
Compatible Models
ManufacturerUnit ModelDirect Fit*
GarminGPSMap 840 XSNo
JRCNCD 4300 Color Display UnitNo
JRCPlot 500FNo
Lowrance / EagleElite 12 TIYes
Lowrance / EagleElite 9 ChirpYes
Lowrance / EagleElite 9 TIYes
Lowrance / EagleElite 9x ChirpYes
Lowrance / EagleFishStrike 2000C SonarYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 3000Yes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 3300CYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 3500C Chart PlotterYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 5000CYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 5500C Chart PlotterYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 6000CYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 6500CYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 6500C GPS WAASYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 6600C HDYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 7000CYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 7200CYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 7300C HDYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 7500C GPS WAASYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 7600C HDYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 8200CYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 8300C HDYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 9200Yes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap 9300C HDYes
Lowrance / EagleGlobalMap Baja Chart PlotterYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 10Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 10 Gen 2Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 10 Gen 2 TouchYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 10MYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 10M Gen 2Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 12 CarbonYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 12 Gen 2 TouchYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 12 Gen 3Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 12 Gen2 TouchYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 7Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 7 CarbonYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 7 Gen 2Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 7MYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 7m Gen 2Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 7m Gen 2 TouchYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 7m GoldYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 8Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 8 Gen 2Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 8MYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 8m Gen 2Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 9 CarbonYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 9 Gen 2 TouchYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 9m Gen 2Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS 9m Gen 2 TouchYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS Gen 3Yes
Lowrance / EagleHDS-12 Gen 2 TouchYes
Lowrance / EagleHDS-9 Gen 2 TouchYes
Lowrance / EagleHook 9Yes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 104CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 104C DFYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 110CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 111CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 111C DFYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 112CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 113CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 17MYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 17M DFYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 17M DF Sonar / GPSYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 17M SonarYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 17M Sonar / GPSYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 18CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 19CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 20CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 20C DFYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 20C Sonar RecorderYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 25CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 25C DFYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 26CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 26C DFYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 26C HDYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 27CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 28CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 37CYes
Lowrance / EagleLCX 38CYes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 110C DFYes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 111 HD DF w/GPS WAASYes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 150Yes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 200Yes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 300Yes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 350Yes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 480Yes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 480MYes
Lowrance / EagleLMS 480M DFYes
Lowrance / EagleLMS-480MYes
Lowrance / EagleSeaChamp 2000C DFYes
Lowrance / EagleSeaChamp 2000C DF Sonar/GPSYes
Lowrance / EagleSeaChamp DF Sonar GPSYes
Lowrance / EagleSeaCharter 480DFYes
SimradNSS 8No
SitexColorMax ProNo
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