Lowrance HDS-16 Carbon Multi-Function Display

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With the Lowrance HDS-16 Carbon Multi-Function Display, which combines a huge, ultra-clear SolarMAX HD 16-inch screen with a new dual core high-performance processor, leading-edge fishfinder technology like Live Network Sonar and the latest advances in integrated wireless service tools, you will see better (and more) than ever before! The HDS Carbon 16 boasts speed, agility, and brute power all in one easy-to-use multi-touch display.

The largest display Lowrance have ever produced, the HDS Carbon 16 features a gigantic, 16-inch ultra-clear SolarMAX HD multi-touch display Ð the equivalent of four 7-inch screens. SolarMAX HD screens are viewable through polarized sunglasses thanks to high-bright LED backlighting and advanced anti-reflective coatings which create wider viewing angles in any lighting condition. Only the HDS Carbon provides superior color accuracy and boosted high-resolution viewing panels specifically designed to maximize today's leading sonar. Loaded with a dual core high performance processor, HDS Carbon delivers faster redraw speeds and quicker response times for CHIRP sonar, Live Network Sonar, StructureScan 3D and StructureMap plus split-screen views showing all this and mapping at the same time. Importantly, it reserves enough brute strength to handle future high powered fishfinding upgrades. Lowrance HDS Carbon brings modern "smartphone-like" comfort with integrated Bluetooth and wireless connectivity that supports the most advanced marine technology including a system Service Assistant that allows user to transmit a detailed report of their electronics network direct to technical advisers for custom hands-on assistance, and a Network Analyzer that notifies user when new software becomes available. The most versatile combo out on the water today, the Lowrance HDS-16 Carbon can view and control Mercury VesselView Link, control SmartSteer trolling motor/outboard motors, and be paired with Power-Pole shallow-water anchors. You can easily navigate with the HDS Carbon thanks to a 10 Hz internal GPS antenna, built-in C-MAP, and a multitude of mapping options. Of course, an expansive list of safety and entertainment plug-ins are available to complete your network.

Lowrance HDS-16 Carbon Multi-Function Display Features:

Easy To See: HDS Carbon 16 features a massive 16-inch, LED-backlit, multi-touch, SolarMAX HD widescreen display that is viewable through polarized sunglasses. Set up a four-panel split on the HDS Carbon 16 and view the equivalent of four, 7-inch panels on one screen. SolarMAX HD touchscreen technology produces a wider range of viewing angles and clear visibility in any lighting situation, using a unique balance of high-bright LED backlight, advanced anti-reflective coatings along with superior color accuracy and a boosted high-resolution viewing panel.

Dual-Core, High Performance Processor: HDS Carbon employs a dual-core, high performance processor with more than enough agility, speed and power providing faster redraws and quicker response times to easily drive today's best technology, like StructureScan 3D, Mercury VesselView Link and the Lowrance Outboard pilot. And, it has enough reserve brute strength to drive future high powered fishfinding technologies, too.

Simple To Use: Unique Lowrance interface featuring quick-response touchscreen or keypad control, intuitive software, and protective coatings deliver performance in the most rugged on-the-water conditions. Lightning-fast, fingertip access to all HDS Carbon features.

Most Advanced Fishfinder Technology: Simultaneously view CHIRP Sonar with StructureScan 3D or StructureScan HD to get the best possible view of fish and structure, below and to the sides of your boat.

Live Network Sonar: Cover more water and mark fish targets more clearly from a network of CHIRP sonar transducers. Watch sonar views from bow-mounted transducer and the in-hull or transom-mounted transducer at the same time on the same display.

Quickly Make Adjustments: HDS Carbon has a high performance processor that produces lightning quick redraw speeds and faster sonar updates. It easily powers Carbon's intuitive user-interface that includes scrolling menus, cursor assist, snap-to setting markers and innovative preview panes with quick-touch slider bars.

Network All Components: Plug-and-play compatibility with Lowrance performance modules, including Broadband Radar, SonicHub2 Marine Audio, SiriusXM Marine Weather and audio, Class B AIS and DSC VHF, as well as industry-leading technologies, like Mercury VesselView Link, Bluetooth control of Power-Pole shallow water anchors equipped with the C-Monster Control System and the SmartSteer interface, featuring control of MotorGuide Xi5 trolling motor and the Lowrance Outboard Pilot.

Stay Connected: Integrated wireless connectivity with the Lowrance GoFree App and other onboard devices, allows you to download software updates and map purchases 'for immediate use' in addition to viewing and/or controlling the display wirelessly using supported tablets and smartphones.

Wireless Diagnostic Tools: The Network Analyzer detects devices with out-of-date software, while the Service Assistant allows users to send a detailed report of networked devices to Navico Service for quicker resolution of software/technical issues.

  • TotalScan all-in-one transducer ready
  • Point-1 Antenna support (external)
  • Precision-9 Compass compatibility
  • Connects and communicates with HDS Gen3, HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen2 multifunction displays
  • Dual Ethernet networking port
  • Micro-C connection for NMEA 2000 devices
  • Video input via optional adapter cable
  • Supported by Lowrance Service & Support program

Lowrance HDS-16 Carbon Multi-Function Display Includes:
  • Carbon Bezel Card Door - 000-13995-001
  • Carbon Suncover - 000-13993-001
  • Carbon Nracket Accessory - 000-13994-001
  • Gimbal Bracket Knobs - 000-10467-001
  • Power Cable - 000-0127-49
  • Fuse and Fuse Holder - 000-0127-50
  • HDS connector cover set - 000-0124-70
  • TotalScan Skimmer Transducer - 000-12568-001 (*000-13735-001 ONLY)
  • StructureScan 3D Module and Transdcuer - 000-12395-001 (*000-13736-001 ONLY)
  • 83/200 kHz Transom-mount Skimmer Transducer - 000-0106-72 (*000-13736-001 ONLY)

*Restricted Areas Of Operation for Americas Units
DS Units designed for sale in the America's region have restricted functionality outside of the area defined by 30 degrees West longitude on the East and the International Date Line on the West. America's units operating outside of this region are restricted to English language selection only and will not display metric based units. Inside the America's region, these units have full feature set functionality. Lowrance manufactures WorldWide HDS models that have no feature set restrictions and meet all local and regional requirements for operation. Worldwide HDS models are available from dealers and distributors based outside the America's region only.

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