Native Sunglasses

Native eyewear is one of the top sunglass brands out there today. Offering 100% UV protection among other amazing features. Native Sunglasses now have co injected molding on every frame for increased comfort. With mastoid temple grip which hug the mastoid bone that is behind your ears allowing for the best, secure, and comfortable fit. No worries of them slipping off. Native Sunglasses also emplore anti ocular intrustion system so if something happens such as an impact the lenses will not shoot toward your eyes.

Another technology Native has is Ryhno Tuff air frames that make these sunglasses so lightweight yet durable. Great in case of high velocity collision or extreme temperature. Native also has cushional nose pads and temple boots. These both allow for the best custom fit to any nose shape and non slip grip during athletic activity. With cam action hinges to lock in. Native also has folding plate technology which controls flex of the temples. With state of the art new N3 Polarized Lenses which pass Z87.1 testing and 40% IR reduction with blue light filtering and UV protection up to 400nm. The highest quality sunglasses for any angler to fish longer but still have the best eye protection and vision possible. You don't have to make any compromises to your vision or eye protection with Native Sunglasses.