Navionics Update Cards - US & Canada

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Navionics Update Cards for the US & Canada are a convenient and economical method for current owners of chart cards to update their charts and access all of Navionics features and capabilities.

Navionics is devoted to continuously enhance cartography with a one-of-a-kind update program. They make around 2,000 updates to their Nautical Chart daily by integrating Notices to Mariners, new publications, our own survey and reports from our users. Plus several thousand updates to SonarChart and Community Edits.

With Navionics Updates, you get our latest charts using a Navionics card or one from a wide range of other manufacturers. By doing so, you get one year of Freshest Data service, which allows download of Nautical Chart, SonarChart, Community Edits and daily updates.

Ask your dealer for Navionics Updates and switch from a C-MAP, Fishing Hot Spots, Garmin, LakeMaster, Lowrance, or TrakMaps card to Navionics. You will get Navionics' most updated charts and all the value of Navionics+ at a very modest price.

Plug your old Navionics card in and click Downloads & Updates, then proceed with purchase and download as much as your card can take. This online service is compatible with Navionics+, Gold, HotMaps Premium, Marine & Lakes USA, Silver, any card bundled with a plotter or SonarChart for Garmin GPS.

Navionics Updates is a versatile and innovative product. Don't forget to activate your card before you go boating! The Freshest Data service allows you to download marine and lakes content and chart layers with great flexibility for one year.

Navionics Updates needs to be activated online before using. You need your old card to do it. This video shows the process for the downloadable version. The preloaded is even simpler.

Get all the Navionics+ features. Nautical Chart, SonarChart and Community Edits for 1 year with Freshest Data!

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