Navionics Platinum West Great Lakes on SD/microSD

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Chart MSD/900P+ covers West Great Lakes including Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Georgian Bay and Lake of the Woods.

The multi-dimensional Navionics Platinum+; marine charts take the navigational experience beyond Gold to a whole new level with 3D views, integrated aerial imagery layer, and port photos. Enjoy perspective well beyond that available from traditional charts, while viewing harbors, marina entrances, and surrounding topography. Consult geo-referenced Coast Pilot as well as coastal points of interest conveniently while underway.

Navionics Freshest Data ? When you buy Hotmaps Premium, Hotmaps Platinum, Fish'N Chip, Gold or Platinum products you are eligible for unlimited updates of the 2D Gold component and SonarCharts (see below) for a period of one year ? this means you always have access to the Freshest Data. Simply go to, plug your chart into your computer, and the software will update automatically.

SonarCharts exposes incredible seabed detail not available on existing cartography. Navionics integrates its survey data with Hydrographic office data and sonar logs received from the Navionics Community which, when orcombined, reveal maximum detail. Online updates to the seabed are available daily allowing for timely bathymetric awareness for ever-changing conditions. All Navionics users can become explorers! Virtually anyone with a sonar device can plumb the marine depths to discover any kind of relief, hidden gorges, detailed mountains, canyons, or submerged structures never before mapped!

Navionics Platinum Features:

3D Bathymetric Charts
Navigate in 3D with detailed underwater and terrain topography

Enhanced Navigation
Improved situational awareness through 3D and photographic chart views

Aerial Photo Charts
View vector charts overlaid with "real world" aerial photo charts

Multiple Chart Windows
The powerful user interface enables 2D, 3D and aerial charts windows

Panoramic Port Photos
A simple click of the cursor provides access to panoramic photos of popular harbor entries and port services

Radar and Aerial Photo Overlay
Overlay radar targets with aerial photos simultaneously

Enhanced Ports and Services Guide
The enhanced Platinum Ports and Services database is accessed via easy-to-locate chart icons for marinas, hotels, restaurants, and more...

Coastal Roads Network
Navionics Platinum charts display major highways, roads and points of interest displayed on the chart

Built In Coast Pilot Guides
Geo-referenced Coast Pilot guide with detailed descriptions of anchorages, bridges, routes and more

Other Platinum Features:

  • Extended Wrecks Database
  • Tides & Currents
  • Shaded depth contours
  • X-Plain Feature
    • Simply describes navaids and chart objects in plain language
  • IC Intelligent Clarity
    • Clear and uncluttered display
    • Easy to read on all zoom levels
  • Full Seamless Technology
    • No Clutter, no holes, no discontinuities

Navionics Platinum+; on SD/microSD is fully compatible (Nautical Charts, SonarCharts and Community Edits) with:

  • B & G: Zeus (all models)
  • Humminbird: ION 10, ION 12, and ONIX 8ci Combo, ONIX 8ci SI Combo, ONIX 10ci Combo, ONIX 10ci SI Combo
  • Lowrance: HDS Gen2: HDS-12 Gen2 Touch, HDS-9 Gen2 Touch, HDS-7 Gen2 Touch; HDS-10 Gen2, HDS-8 Gen2, HDS-7 Gen2, HDS-5 Gen2 (includes HDS Gen2 "m" models); HDS Gen 1: 10, 8, 7, 5
  • Raymarine: e7, e7D, e95, e97, e125, e127, e165; c95, c97, c125, c127; a65, a67, a68, a75, a77, a78
  • Simrad: NSE8, NSE12, NSO15, NSS7, NSS7 evo2, NSS8, NSS9 evo2, NSS12

Navionics Platinum+; on SD/microSD is also recommended for (Nautical Charts and SonarCharts only):

  • Humminbird: 1199CI HD SI, 1199CI HD SI KVD, 1198c SI, 1197, 1159CI HD, 1159CI HD XD, 1159CI HD DI, 1158c, 1158c DI, 1157, 1155, 999CI HD SI, 999CI HD SI KVD, 998c HD SI, 998, 997, 987, 967, 959CI HD, 959CI HD XD, 959CI HD DI, 958c HD, 958c HD DI, 958, 957, 955, 947, 937, 917, 899CI HD SI, 898c HD SI, 859CI HD, 859CI HD XD, 859CI HD DI, 858c HD, 858c HD DI, 858

Navionics Platinum+; on SD/microSD also works (Nautical Charts only) with:

  • GeoNav: G12, G10

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