Ocean Tackle MAG-1101 Maguroni Lure

Ocean Tackle MAG-1101 Maguroni Lure

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MAG-1101 BLU Blue Flyer
7.3in/186mm2.8oz/80gBLU Blue FlyerReg Price $22.99Our Price $14.99
MAG-1101 GRN Green Mackerel
7.3in/186mm2.8oz/80gGRN Green MackerelReg Price $22.99Our Price $14.99
MAG-1101 MAH Mahi
7.3in/186mm2.8oz/80gMAH MahiReg Price $22.99Our Price $14.99
MAG-1101 PNK Pink Sardine
7.3in/186mm2.8oz/80gPNK Pink SardineReg Price $22.99Our Price $14.99
MAG-1101 PUR Purple Flyer
7.3in/186mm2.8oz/80gPUR Purple FlyerReg Price $22.99Our Price $14.99
The OTI Maguroni lure features an internal weight transfer system which allows you to cast further than you will with traditional lures. They are rigged with 2 raptor 4X treble hooks and Raptor XH Split Rings. The belly side of these lures also glows in the dark to entice bites while fishing at night.
5 Stars based on 14 reviews
By Kim
Atlantic Ocean
The new and improved Maguroni Lure by OTI
July 10, 2014
Review/Comments - Ocean Tackle International acquired Maguroni Lures and rather than put the fairly popular lure right back into production, they took the time to evaluate the design with an eye on improving it. In my opinion OTI was highly successful and the MAG-1101 is an improvement over the original lure. The internal weight system not only lets you cast the lure farther and it doubles as a rattle and will attract fish in the area. The lure casts like a dart and this eliminates fouling the hooks with line/leader and then coming tight on a fish. I believe the through plate used in place of wire makes for a stronger lure, I haven't had a MAG-1101 body crushed by a tuna yet. The lure will jink left and right walking the dog, dart left and right on sweeps, dart like a crippled bait fish on twitches and it's swimming action depends on the rate of retrieval. This sinking lure is one of the best ones I have ever used. I have caught Yellow Fin Tuna, Black Fin Tuna, Bonito, Amberjacks, Barracuda, sharks and one Gag Grouper on these lures.
  • Pros - This is a versatile lure, worked fast it acts like a suspending lure while working it slower lets it settle deeper in the water column. I have drifted this lure deep an watched it on the bottom machine get down to where the YFT were schooling 100 - 150 feet down. Working the lure up through the water column using the various techniques results in a lot of predatory strikes. The action of this lure is so effective that a wide variety of fish find it almost irresistible.
  • Cons - I'm on my third order of lures because of sharks. The lure works so well that the sharks feel like they have to hit them too. I'm designing a long handled snipper so that when my lures get sharked I can cut the hooks off the lures, saving the expense of the lure for myself while not harming the shark other than adding to it's jewelry collection.
By Mark K.
Great lures
May 16, 2022
This lure has great action effective for pacific snook and Pargo!
By Mark K.
Great lures
May 16, 2022
This lure cast well and catches fish!
By Sebastian
Biiig plug
November 5, 2021
Big size for those larger fish. I’ve caught bass blues and Mahis on this one so far. Very similar to an sp minnow but big!
By Joe
Long Island New York
December 5, 2020
Very good
  • Nothing
By Manuel
Reston, Virginia
Cast a mile
April 29, 2020
Great great lure. Solid, cast a mile, YFT goes crazy as soon ass it the water. OTI has done a great job redesign it. I fished it right out of the box, no hooks changing, no problem.
  • Great quality, strong, cast a mile, catches fish.
By Jason
Freemansburg, PA, 18017
Awesome lure
February 14, 2019
If ur after topwater tuna get one,nuff said
  • Awesome action,tuna slam em
  • Make it a little heavier
By Doug
Berkley, ma
Looks good
October 14, 2017
Have not caught a by thing with it yet
By Fred
June 20, 2017
Good weight and action
By Stephen
Tuna Killer
December 23, 2015
One of the most deadly BFT over the past 2 years.
  • Versatility
  • none
By Edgar
Salina Cruz, Oaxaca
Perfectos para castear en alta mar
February 12, 2015
Son excelentes para castear en zonas de pesca de altamar, tienen un peso muy bueno para lanzes largos. Los colores son muy atractivos. muy recomendables
By Michael
Ottawa, Ontario
Nice lure
January 8, 2015
very happy with the look and feel of this lure! Haven't used it yet, but can't wait to try it on some YFT !!
Bigger than I thought
  • Looks nice
  • solid
  • decent hardware
By steve
victoria texas
this lure works good
November 28, 2014
i caught yellow fin tuna 126 pound,it held up and caught 2 more
By Kim
Destin, Florida
Mag-1101 Lures
July 6, 2014
I have been using these lures a long time. OTI has taken the reigns of this lure and the Mag-1101 is an improvement on the original lure. It's stronger with the new metal insert instead of wire and I haven't had a big fish crush one yet. It casts well like a dart, doesn't tumble, the swimming action is superb and it's dodging and darting actions draw strikes! This is my top choice when it comes to a sinking lure, I have managed to take YFT that were holding 100 - 150 feet with this lure out at the rigs here. It is the best sinking big game lure I have ever used. I have caught big YFT in the northern GOM, BlkFT, Amberjacks, Bonito and even one Grouper on these lures. I have caught fish with every color combination but for some reason the Blue Flier draws the most vicious strikes , so if you can only have one of these that's the one to get. (not able to add pics at this time but will try to soon)

This is truly a must have lure for anglers that smile when their lure is blown up on and the fish comes sailing out of the water with some familiar colors in it's mouth.
2 Questions & 2 Answers
Cal Cal
from California asked:
May 19, 2022
Please share your favorite colors to use for particular types of fish.  Thanks 
1 Answer
The Ocean Tackle MAG-1101 Maguroni Lures can be used for a variety of saltwater species such as Tuna, Mahi, and Cobia that are feeding near the surface or just under the surface. Depending on the conditions and water clarity the day you are fishing, it is essential to carry a variety of colors to have the best presentation possible that will work on that particular day. Darker colors like Purple Silver tend to work better when there is clear water and Brighter colors like Mahi Mahi show better in darker murkier water. https://www.tackledirect.com/ocean-tackle-mag-1101-maguroni-lure.html Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on May 20, 2022

Charlie DeVerna
from Long Island, NY asked:
October 20, 2014
does it cast as well or better than SP Minnow ? and... is there an issue with the finish ? i ask because i have used 1 of OTI's other lures and after 1 day fishing ( and 1 nice fish ) the paint job was falling apart badly !
1 Answer
Hello Charlie! These lures will cast very similar to the ones you already have. As far as the finish, we have not heard on any issues with it until now. I can assure you though that if the finish does not hold up for a reasonable amount of time under basic usage, Ocean Tackle will definitely get you taken care off with their warranty.
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 20, 2014


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