Penn Rampage Boat Rods

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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Penn Rampage Boat Rods: Your Ultimate Fishing Workhorse!

We're thrilled to introduce you to a true powerhouse in the world of fishing rods - the Penn Rampage Boat Rods. These bad boys were built for one purpose: to tackle any fishing situation with ease while standing up to the toughest challenges out on the water. Whether you're a seasoned pro on a charter boat or an avid angler seeking unmatched durability, the Penn Rampage is your ultimate fishing companion.

Built Tough for Demanding Situations

When it comes to strength, the Penn Rampage Boat Rods don't mess around. Constructed with a 1-piece tubular glass blank, these rods boast extra muscle that can handle even the most aggressive fish species. But that's not all - the solid glass tip takes things up a notch by providing additional reinforcement to prevent any unfortunate snapping, even if you find yourself high sticking during the action. No matter how intense the battle gets, you can trust the Penn Rampage to stand strong and keep you in control.

Charter boats and anglers venturing into diverse fishing situations demand gear that can handle whatever the ocean throws at them. The Penn Rampage is precisely designed to meet these rigorous requirements. A heavy-duty Pac-Bay reel seat ensures a secure lock on your reel foot, eliminating any flex even under the heaviest loads. So when you're battling that trophy fish, you can focus on the fight without worrying about gear performance.

The Penn Rampage Boat Rods come equipped with guides that have heavy-duty stainless steel frames and aluminum oxide inserts. This combination ensures smooth line flow and reduces wear on your line, whether you're using mono or braided lines. You'll experience superior casting and feel every bite, thanks to these top-notch guides.

Maximum Comfort and Control

For those anglers opting for select models, you'll be delighted to find a soft yet durable rubber gimbal. Say goodbye to worries about scratching or cracking your boat's gel coat, as the rubber gimbal does its job without leaving any marks. Moreover, these gimbals also offer a more comfortable experience while fighting a fish, relieving the stress that traditional metal gimbals can put on your body.

Fishing can be a real test of endurance, especially when you're reeling in the big ones. That's why the Penn Rampage Boat Rods come equipped with EVA Torque grips. These grips are contoured to fit your hand perfectly, providing unmatched comfort during those long battles. Say goodbye to annoying twisting and maintain precise control even under heavy loads. With the Penn Rampage in your hands, you'll feel like you can take on the ocean itself!

Penn Rampage Boat Rod Features:
  • 1-piece tubular glass blank with solid tip
  • Heavy-duty graphite reel seat
  • Stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts (Select Models)
  • Soft yet durable rubber gimbal (Select Models)
  • Triangular shaped EVA grips

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