Rob English

Rob English holding a fish

Rob English

Inshore Kayak Fishing

Rob English is an inshore kayak fishing guide who mainly targets striped bass, flounder, and bluefish.

About Rob

My earliest memories are fishing ponds at a friend of the family’s house whenever we went over there. From then on I grew up fishing a lake across the street from my house as a kid catching Pickerel, Bass and Catfish. I’d spend my summers in FL with my grand parents getting up a 5am every morning to fish the salt flats with my grandfather for Trout and Snook. As I got older, I still fished occasionally but not as much.

It wasn’t until I moved with minutes from back bays, bridges and surf fishing, that I became dedicated to fishing again. After a few year of shore and boat fishing, I bought my Hobie Pro Angler and I found what my type of fishing I was truly passionate about. I’ve dedicated 100’s of hours and miles learning the skills of fishing from a kayak in the back bays, rivers and ocean. Everyday is a new lesson learned and experience remembered.