Quantum CSP50PTsE Cabo Spinning Reel

Quantum CSP50PTsE Cabo Spinning Reel

Quantum's Saltwater Reels are engineered to last. Choose from a range of Quantum fishing reels specific to your requirements..

Price: $209.95
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Gear RatioLine Capacity
Per Turn
Max DragBearingsWeightPrice
5.3:1225/123635lbs7+113.6oz$209.95 USD
The Cabo PTsE Spinning Reels represent the absolute pinnacle of Quantum saltwater tackle, and is built to take on whatever tries to take you on! Cabo PT reels feature our legendary TiMAG II titanium fail-proof bail with magnetic trip, as well as 8 PT bearings and our exclusive SaltGuard II multi-layered corrosion protection finish. The new Quantum Cabo PTsE Spinning Reels have the ultra smooth drag that Cabo’s have always been known for plus can achieve up to 65 pounds of drag power. With a triple supported shaft and the only forged and machined stainless steel drive gear in the industry, you can trust it will handle more than the guy holding it can.
  • 8 PT bearings (7 + clutch)
  • Sealed Magnum CSC ceramic, stainless steel and carbon fiber drag system
  • Sealed Magnum clutch
  • TiMag II titanium fail-proof bail wire with magnetic trip
  • SaltGuard II multi-layer corrosion protection finish
  • SCR aluminum body and side cover
  • Designed specifically for saltwater use
  • Withstanding The Salt Assault: Working with corrosion experts, we developed our own multi-layer SaltGuard finish to keep PT saltwater reels looking and performing their best.
  • Line Management System: Quantum's exclusive LMS Line Management System, available on every Quantum PT spinning reel, is re-designed for 2009 to allow your line to be directed to the line roller even more smoothly upon retrieve.
  • Pour On The Sauce: Quantum Hot sauce contains a special, proprietary blend of synthetic and organic additives to provide the ultimate balance in performance, protection, durability, and smoothness in both grease and oil for all fishing equipment.
  • Timag II Bail: The only spinning reels with a Nickel-Titanium bail wire that never gets bent out of shape. And unlike traditional bail springs, our magnetic bail trip will never wear out — and it's guaranteed for life.
  • Customized Bearings: Most reels use stock bearings made for other applications. Not ours. We designed our own high-grade stainless bearings to exact specs to minimize vibration and friction. Then we fit them in a special polymer cage for added sensitivity and corrosion protection.
  • Ceramics Take The Heat: PT drag systems feature ceramic washers to dissipate heat during long runs. We also use ceramics to reduce wear in our baitcast levelwind systems.
  • Unyielding Metal Construction: All PT reels begin with single-piece aluminum frames, each machined with computer-guided precision, to hold all critical components in perfect alignment. We use special high-strength grades of aluminum to yield lightweight reels that will not flex even during heavy cranking.
4.5 Stars based on 36 reviews
By Jim
Awesome reel
July 1, 2021
Tons of drag . Well built feel to it.
By Matt
Dallastown, Pa
Best Reel Ever
June 27, 2021
These reels are great, affordable and very durable especially when used around salt waters. I use these on my flounder rods and insure the CSP40 is a great all around reel.
  • affordable
  • None
By Frank
Brooklyn, NY
Less Expensive Reels are a Better Investment
May 28, 2021
Although the fit and finish are good, and the heft feels more substantial, as long as you take care of it a less expensive Daiwa would have been a better choice.
By Patrick
Panama City Beach, FL
Solid reel
March 14, 2021
But it’s heavier and about the same price as a Shimano Stradic which is a much better 4000 and 5000 class reel.
  • Drag
  • Price compared to others in its class
By Makoman
Polk City
Great reel
February 1, 2021
Have 4 Bocas but can't get them any more so I tried the Cabo and like it a lot so far. Light weight in the 50 size and lots of drag power. Smooth drag. Great reel so far. Cost more than the Boca so I hope it lasts.
  • Strong smooth drag
  • None so far
By Sebastian
Naples, FL
December 16, 2020
handles great and has a nice deep spool
By tom w.
great reel
December 13, 2020
I have the Cabo 50 and I love it. Strong smooth drag system. A little on the heavy side but very durable frame and bail. My drag clicker did brake after catching a bunch of monster sheepshead but the customer service was great and they sent me 2 clickers for free and was an easy fix. I can definitely say i would recommend this reel.
  • strong/smooth drag
  • very durable frame
  • sealed drag
  • looks cool
  • indestructible bail
  • picks up line fast and reels smoothly
  • drag clicker is prone to braking but not a big deal
  • a little on the heavy side
By jon
salisbury, md
The best line up
December 2, 2020
I have the 40 size up through the 80 now and all of these reels are awesome. Very smooth, great line capacity and drag, and never miss a beat. Very please with quantum on this set of reels.
  • price
  • none yet
By Jon
eastern shore, md.
Awesome reel
September 12, 2020
this is my 4th Cabo and these reels are a great buy. Paired the 60 on a 7' Teremar heavy action. Perfect setup for big reds, cobia, tarpon, and small pelagics.
  • drag, line capacity
  • none
By Kenny
Harwood, Maryland
May 29, 2020
The drag on the cabo is incredibly smooth, its never skipped on me yet. I have a few cabos that gets used for tuna and tarpon quite frequently. The cabo the best $200 ive ever spent, its a shame its always overlooked when people are shopping for a quality reel
By Brendan
Fairbanks, AK
Shoulda bought a Penn Spinfisher
May 29, 2020
Got the 120 on sale from 259 to 179, so feeling good about the savings. Had it loaded with 80 lb Spiderwire. Looks good and had tons of drag, but on my first trip the screw holding the knob to the handle snapped on a retrieve (not even with a fish on, just a jig) and I had to jimmy the knob back on with half a screw. Also, makes a gear grinding noise on retrieve, even under no strain. Bought it to replace my Fin-Nor Lethal 80 that I bought for 100 bucks (and was working fine), and within an hour put the Lethal back on the rod. Seems that some manufacturers are so caught up in looks that they forget the basics and I fell for it here. Probably last Quantum reel I'll ever buy.
  • Looks good, big spool, lots off drag
  • Can't count on it, end of story
By Cobb
Glenmoore, PA
Nice reel
March 2, 2020
Great line capacity and very strong drag looks nice and has a nice handle
  • Looks good
  • Lots of line capacity
  • Versatile inshore/offshore
  • Kind of heavy
  • Bail feels weak and is thin
Great saltwater reel
February 15, 2020
Spooled with 65# spider Camo on a MH Shimano Terez 72 for bottom fish off the west coast of Oregon. Will pull anything off the bottom. Plan on using for tuna and halibut this year.
By Kenny
Great inshore reel
November 18, 2019
The cabo is really smooth and feels rigid. This is an amazing inshore reel for bigger fish
By Dan
Sarasota, FL
Powerhouse with Smooth Drag
August 19, 2019
I purchased a Cabo PTS60 for tarpon and heavy structure pier/dock fishing and it worked so well that I decided to give the PTS 120 a try for offshore bottom fishing. It has become my favorite offshore reel and I own a much more expensive conventional Accurate Daughntless 600 as well, but the stopping power and speed of retrieve with the Cabo 120 is unmatched. I highly recommend this reel.
  • Powerful drag and fast retrieve
  • It's heavy
7 Questions & 7 Answers
from Florida asked:
January 9, 2019
I have a Quantum CSP50PTsE Cabo PTsE Spinning Reel that I want to pair with a Penn Battalion Inshore rod. Which rod of the series would be a better match for the reel: (1) the BATIN1220S76, which is a 7'6" medium heavy rod rated for 12-20 lb. monofilament and has a 1/2 to 1 1/2 lure weight rating or (2) the BATIN1530S70, which is a 7' heavy rod rated for 15-30 lb. monofilament and has a 3/4 to 2 1/2 lure weight rating? I expect to use the rod to throw jigs in 20-60' of water for flounder and bottom fish for snapper and black seabass. I might even try the rod for smaller, but legal-sized cobia.
1 Answer
The heavy would be the better choice, it will also allow you to use heavier weights in deeper water as well when the current is running fast.
Submitted by: Bernie on January 28, 2019

from Brooklyn, NY asked:
April 20, 2018
Would 50 lb Maxquatro Power Pro braid be sufficient on a Cabo 50 reel? The reel specs say 325 yards of 30 lb braid. I’m mainly plugging for Stipers and Blues from surf. Any recommendations on line and a rod to match would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
1 Answer
The 50 lb Maxquatro would be a good size line to use for the Cabo 50 fishing for Striped Bass and Blues from the surf.
Submitted by: Donald on April 20, 2018

from New Port Richey FL asked:
December 17, 2017
What rod would you recommend to go with this reel?
1 Answer
This depends on your target species and technique. A good option that could effectively be used for multiple applications is the Shimano Teramar model number TMSE70H.
Submitted by: Devon on December 19, 2017

from Langhorne Pa asked:
April 1, 2017
Are all rotors for the cabo PTsE family made of plastic?
1 Answer
All of the Cabo PTsE rotors are aluminum.
Submitted by: Devon on April 3, 2017

Ashok Vashisht
from India asked:
December 27, 2015
What is the material of construction of the rotor and gears of the Cabo 50 PTsE ?
1 Answer
The main gear is a cast zinc alloy. The 50 size rotor for this reel is made of plastic.
Submitted by: David on December 30, 2015

Ashok Vashisht
from India asked:
December 27, 2015
I need a saltwater reel for inshore/light offshore work. Something I can pair with a 8 feet rock/pier rod and 2/3 Oz lures and braid upto 35 lbs. Is this reel good for such an outfit ?
1 Answer
This reel would work fine for that. Some other good options would be the Shimano Saragosa and the Penn Clash.
Submitted by: David on December 28, 2015

Nektarios Aristidou
from Cyprus asked:
November 16, 2015
I have a heavy spinning rod(xzoga shore game 2.90m,l.c 15-80 gr,240 gr w.t,pe 1,5-4)and i am looking for a reel to make it set with my rod.i like lots of your reels and i dont know which is the one for my rod.1)Quantum Cabo PTsE 40PT or 50PT,2)Penn Spinfisher SS3500 or SS4500,3)Okuma Vsystem V-40a,4)Okuma Cedros CJ45S or CJ55S and 5)Okuma Azures Z-40S.(or if you can advice me another reel to be similar with price or power like them.)I WANT THE REEL TO BE FOR SALT WATER,TO BE POWERFUL AND HAVE IT FOR MANY YEARS.....Thanks!!!!!!!!
1 Answer
If you are looking for a reel that will last I would check out the Penn Spinfisher V and the Shimano Saragosa. They are both great reels that are semi sealed and last for a long time with care. If you are looking for a more bulletproof surf reel, you could also check out the Van Staal and Zeebaas reels.
Submitted by: David on November 17, 2015


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