Scotty Electric/Manual Downriggers

Scotty has been designing and producing innovative fishing and marine products for more than 40 years. Over twenty-five years ago, Scotty recognized a need in the sportfishing industry and developed the first Scotty downrigger. Through the years, Scotty downriggers have become widely recognized and used by top guides and fisherman alike, all over the world. The Scotty name has become synonymous with downriggers and downrigger fishing.

Scotty's manual downriggers are packed with features that no other downriggers have. Features that help catch more fish like the low profile horizontal spool, automatic brake, faster retrieve speed, tilt up mount and the adjustable slip clutch.

Fast, powerful, and durable are the best words to describe the Scotty electric downriggers. They have more speed, more lifting power and lower amp draw than any downrigger on the market. Every Scotty carries a lifetime warranty backed by Scotty's forty years of quality production and the Scotty 100% commitment to service.