Scotty Electric/Manual Downriggers

Scotty has been designing and producing innovative fishing and marine products for more than 40 years. Over twenty-five years ago, Scotty recognized a need in the sportfishing industry and developed the first Scotty downrigger. Through the years, Scotty downriggers have become widely recognized and used by top guides and fisherman alike, all over the world. The Scotty name has become synonymous with downriggers and downrigger fishing.

Scotty's manual downriggers are packed with features that no other downriggers have. Features that help catch more fish like the low profile horizontal spool, automatic brake, faster retrieve speed, tilt up mount and the adjustable slip clutch.

Fast, powerful, and durable are the best words to describe the Scotty electric downriggers. They have more speed, more lifting power and lower amp draw than any downrigger on the market. Every Scotty carries a lifetime warranty backed by Scotty's forty years of quality production and the Scotty 100% commitment to service.
Scotty 237 Triggerlock Mounting Bracket f/ 222 Sidewinder Rod HolderScotty 238 Rail Mount Adapter f/ 222/223 Sidewinder Rod HoldersScotty 241 Combination Side/Deck MountsScotty 241L-BK Locking Combination Side/Deck MountScotty 242-BK Rail Mount AdapterScotty 243-BK 1-1/4'' Square Rail MountScotty 245 1-1/4'' Round Rail MountScotty 287 7/8'' Round Rail MountScotty 244 Rectangular Flush Deck Mount w/ Splash CoverScotty 244L-BK Locking Flush Deck Mount w/ Splash CoverScotty 344-BK Round Flush Deck Mount w/ Splash CoverScotty 444-BK Compact Threaded Round Deck MountScotty 253 Gimbal Mount Rod Holder AdapterScotty 254 Rod Holder Height Extender w/ Stainless Steel ShaftScotty 254M Mini Rod Holder Height ExtenderScotty 259 Rod Holder Height ExtenderScotty 459 Adjustable Rod Holder Height ExtenderScotty 412-BK Replacement Rod Holder PostScotty 266 Float Tube Adapter f/ 241 Side/Deck MountScotty 340 Nylon Track AdapterScotty 426 Side Slide Track AdapterScotty 427 Double Gear AdapterScotty 428 Gear Head MountScotty 429 Gear Head Mount ExtenderScotty 388-BK Gear Head Mount KitScotty 414 Offset GearsScotty 415 Slip DiscsScotty 248 Oarlock Rod Holder MountScotty 449-BK Portable Nylon Clamp MountScotty 453 Gimbal Adapter w/ 428 Gear HeadScotty 459M Mini Double Ended Rod Holder ExtenderScotty 132 Extra Long Grip Mounting Rivets - 10 PackScotty 133 Well Nut Mounting KitsScotty 341 Glue-On Mount Pad f/ Inflatable BoatsScotty 438 Gear-Head Track AdapterScotty 439BK Slide TrackScotty 135 Portable Camera Mount PostScotty 137 SUP Stand Up Paddle Mounting SleeveScotty 138 FCS SUP Stand Up Paddle Fin Box Adapter