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Shimano Orca Top Water Lures

Shimano Orca Top Water Lures

$24.99 - $29.99
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DescriptionLengthWeightPowerPro Line
Leader SizeShimano Rod
Shimano Reel
ORCA 145 Top Water145mm
(5.7 in)
(1.6 oz)
-Terez 7-8' HeavyTranx (conv)
Stella (spin)
Select Color$24.99 USD
ORCA 160 Top Water160 mm
(6.3 in)
(2 oz)
PowerPro 65-100lbFluoro 80-100lbTerez 7-8' HeavyTranx (conv)
Stella (spin)
Select Color$24.99 USD
ORCA 190 Top Water190mm
(7.5 in)
(3 oz)
PowerPro 80-150lbFluoro 80-130lbTerez 7-8' X-HeavyTranx (conv)
Stella (spin)
Select Color$29.99 USD
The Shimano Orca lures are the number one top water lures. These lures imitate an injured bait fish with rod jerking motion. The movement of the Shimano Orca lures is that of a pop and dive with side-to-side rolling action, this in turn makes a more realistic injured fish movement. The internal weight of the lure causes the movement. The Shimano Orca lures are durable with stainless wire through construction. Watch your lure fly through the air as the Orca lures have a unique aerodynamic design which allows for a more powerful and longer cast. Don't worry about holding onto and securing your catch because the Shimano Orca lures are equipped with ultra sharp, high tensile strength treble hooks to accomplish this efficiently.
5 Stars based on 43 reviews
By Bill
Converse Texas
September 13, 2017
Went out of Port Aransas prior to the Hurricane...Fishing for Tuna under the Rig Lights. After catching 8 Blackfin with my lighter tackle ..clipped the Orca on to my mid heavy with the Fin-Nor reel.Three casts..WHAMO,.. A 18 pound Yellow Fin..lure casts well and has good action.Can't wait to go out after all the destruction is cleaned up.
By Wang
Portland, OR
December 20, 2017
the best ever GT lure by Shimano
Its cheap, it has superb action for GT casting! Although due to the material (plastic) it is not as durable as wooden lures. normally i only can use each for one trip. (provided there is a hit) but i will keep buying because it is so easy to work and so easy to catch GT with this!
By Mark Scannell
San Diego, California
July 13, 2017
Shimano 160JE Orca Lures
Smart looking lure. Well made with quality tackle.
By Samurai
May 18, 2017
Great product
Great product
ProsGreat product
By Manuel F
Reston, Virginia
February 25, 2017
Almost better than live bait!
Last July I purchased from TD the two 160 floating, the silver and green mackarel versions. The cut thru the air achieving great casting distance; you can fish them different styles, resisiting powerful strikes. Out of the box they are ready to fish; because of the good quality I did not have to change neither hooks or split rings.
ProsReady to fish out of the box Excellent quality components Can handle powerful toothy strikes Great hoop up ratio
By Tim
January 23, 2017
outfishes most custom stickbaits in my box
great topwater lure for tuna/ mahi/ stripers/ bluefish, pause and twitch is deadly.
Prosdurability, castability, action on rod sweep, twitch and pause
Consreplace stock hooks with owners
By Ahmed
Doha, Doha
December 20, 2016
Great Lure
It is work as described ,
By Neemster
Beirut, Metn
July 12, 2016
Very well done! Great action great design
By Stephen
Darien, CT
June 5, 2016
Tuna Killer
Fished this lure last year on multiple trips offshore and it wasn't fair. These are great lures and work in every color. They have a tail weight in the bigger model so they cast very well and the action they have in the water is great. They swim better and are more affective with a long sweeping action of the rod instead of short quick twitches. Great construction and hooks on these lures. Built to last and I will be purchasing more in the future.
By Christian
Orlando, FL
April 11, 2016
Awesome Lure
Great lure. Top notch construction, great action and best of all catches fish! I replaced the trebles on mine with 7/0 VMCs for shark fishing from the beach and they worked great! Nothing wrong with the trebles as they are high quality, you are just not allowed to fish for sharks using Trebles here in Florida.
Pros- Great quality. - Strong Hooks - Fish nail them.
Cons- You will shed a tear when you loose one.
By Wang
Portland, OR
December 3, 2015
very effective GT lure!
great condition NEW! and fast delivery! reasonable prices
By ryan
July 5, 2015
High quality great action lure
Purchased this lure for inshore tuna popping off the Jersey coast. Lure worked perfect straight out of the box on schoolie Bluefin tunas.
ProsStrong hooks and split rings Color choices
By wilfredo
Orlando, FL
June 15, 2015
Top Quality Lure, Shimano knows best!
This is a great top of the line lure. Quality is top knotch, hooks are very sharp and top quality. Everytime I fish the lure, I get a series of Pelagic fish wanting to kill this thing, cudas totally hate it and they attack relentlessly at it, I've also had snook and Tarpon hitting it hard. Tackledirect customer service is as top knotch as this lure, you can't go wrong with the TD team, they are very knowledgable and helpful, they will give you the tips and advise needed to get the best possible experience with whatever product you get. This was my first purchase with them and most definatly not my last!
ProsTop Quality, Versitile, easy to use, if fish are close by you have a guranteed hit! Trust me!
ConsBit pricey, but worth it!
By Eugenia
Pozzuoli, Italy
May 19, 2015
Excellent lure
Very effective top water lure. It makes splashes and it drives fish crazy!
By Db
new york, NY
April 20, 2015
It is heavy lure but it always float and imitating injured fish. Slow retruvung and twitch motion create amazing swimming action. best jerkbait
By Walter Gulley IV
Howell, MI and Pascagoula, MS
March 22, 2015
Tuna slayer
These lures are hands down the best artificial I have had the fortune to use for catching tuna in the Gulf. Find a school of fish popping at the surface and simply cast it out and reel it in, it's that simple.
ProsGreat size for casting
By Ben
Lake Worth, FL
February 5, 2015
Perfect product
This thing works excellent and was done outstanding. Worth the buy
By Gennady
February 5, 2015
Nice lure
Looks like a nice lure. Haven't had a chance to try yet. Planning fishing trip to Panama.
ProsLooks quality product
By Gennady
February 5, 2015
Nice lure
Looks like a nice lure. Haven't had a chance to try yet. Planning fishing trip to Panama.
By Tony
January 22, 2015
Floating orca
Casts far and easy looks real when swimming
ProsRealistic looks, casts far, easy to use
By stephen
victoria, TX
December 31, 2014
good lure
Lure swims well , I will see if fish like it, shimano makes lures fish like, looking forword to my next fishing trip?
By Christopher
Point Lookout, NY
December 24, 2014
Incredible Action
Only took it out on a test run, but this lure has amazing action, especially when darting erratically under the surface. Casts well, not great. Can’t wait for next season to see how it does.
Prosaction design hooks are high quality
By Roger
October 15, 2014
Excellent action
Second cast brought a Snook to the boat. I was amazed at the action of this lure.
By Ataa
Saudi Arabia
August 21, 2014
great lures
I purchased this lure,, didn't received yet- in shipping but I ordered cause last trip the only lure that bites is my friend Orca lure hooks are great quality
Prosvery good quality
Conspricy.. I'll cry if I lost those
By Naim
Beirut, Metn
July 30, 2014
Excellent lure. Perfect finish!
By Tom
Newport Beach, CA
May 23, 2014
Beautiful Lure
This has been an excellent lure for me; I know have several in my tackle box. Highly recommended
ProsIncredible quality and workmanship, good variety of colors & styles
ConsA little pricy
By Tom
Newport Beach, CA
May 23, 2014
Beautiful Lure - Awesome
This has been an excellent lure for me, I know have several in my tackle box. Highly recommended
ProsIncredible quality and workmanship, good variety of colors & styles
ConsA little pricy
By BrendanM
New York
May 5, 2014
Great action!
Got the 2 oz models in green mac and purple. The paint on these looks great. Versatile action too. It can walk the dog like a spook beautifully but it can be worked like a pencil popper too. Didn't give it 5 stars because it doesn't cast as far as I'd like it to. Have to see how the paint holds up over time too.
By rj
April 26, 2014
great design and contruction
very high quality well worth the price
By ahmed ganainy
Saudi Arabia
April 5, 2014
Amazing quality with price tag
first time i started purchasing poppers and stick baits for top water fishing,I've selected one piece from 7 different suppliers as i am purchasing online. when i received my order i realized that orca was the best in quality ,painting and reflections in addition to the hooks ....furthermore the same price tag with others. I think it is not allowed to mention the name of the suppliers or shots for the quality difference.
By Alejandro
South Florida
April 4, 2014
Good product at good price point
Haven't yet caught anything with it but do like the action and ease of casting. I expect to capture large fish with this item.
Prosweight ditribution, color pattern availability and supplied harware.
ConsWish they had a larger version.
By shane
sandwich, MA
March 11, 2014
Very heavy duty
The Orca is and extremely tough lure, The hooks and split rings are tuna ready. Walks the dog easily.
By Ren
Seattle, WA
January 29, 2014
awesome lure.
This lure casts exceptionally well, and unusual for swimbaits and stickbaits constructed from plastic, this lure has a good solid feel and very stable flight akin to a more expensive wooden lure. when rigged with 2 pairs of single hooks, placed back to back, the hookup ratio for billfish like sailfish is high. these sharp eyed fish don't seem to be able to tell the difference between these lures and live bait. Also, the through wire construction would prompt me to use this lure when fishing for GTs in the tropics. can't wait to use it! exceptional value for such a good lure.
Prosgood casting very lifelike action natural looking lure
January 22, 2014
Can't go wrong with Shimano Lures
excellent quality lures got them in different sizes
By Chris
December 28, 2013
Exceptional Stick
This is an exceptional lure. Great quality, great action and great results. Use them on tuna and stripers ... both seem to have a problem resisting lure.
By Bernard a.k.a. OCFishGuy
United States
June 18, 2013
Great Action and Casts Super Great!!
I can see where these Shimano 160JE Lures would be the 'ticket' for Tuna fishing off shore. I'm using them in the surf. The lures are very hardy, have tons of 'FLASH', have great action and cast long and far. Wait to get into a 'Blitz' using one of these. How about two 30" plus Blues on one plug. ~ <')\\\\\\\\\>< <')\\\\\\\\\\\>< 'That was a first for me!!! Great item!!
ProsDurable, well made, Super Flash, Great Action!!!
ConsThe only Con is ...?... You'll be heart broken if you lose one.
By Nick
Dorchester, MA
June 8, 2013
Great Lure
Shimano makes the best lures!
By Gary
Sprngfld Gdns NY 11413, New York
April 8, 2013
this stick bait has a really nice Darting action and it walk the dog too , tunas and mahis and Jacks Goes crazy for them , and the price is really good .
By xing
March 26, 2013
Shimano 190JE Orca Lures
I have try a few casting session with this lures and the swim pattern of the lure is really fantastic. I hope it will help me to catch the biggest fish in the upcoming trip.
By Amr
Saudi arabia
February 18, 2013
Shimano the prefection
I didn't expect to see this finishing quality, hooks are perfect
By Gary
Sprngfld Gdns NY 11413, New York
January 29, 2013
Shimano Orca
The Orca is one of the best stick bait i've ever used , the Price is great and the action is even better , works with all fish especially pelagics !
sydney, nsw
November 4, 2012
good price
By Mohammed
Ksa , Jeddah
September 16, 2012
Nice lure
Very heavy lure , and very strong hook.
4 Questions & 4 Answers
from nitro, wv asked:
December 2, 2013
what color would you recommend for spring time rockfish fishing?
1 Answers
The black silver, blue sardine have been a popular color for rock fishing.
Customer Service
on December 2, 2013

from South Australia asked:
October 23, 2013
Can this lure be trolled with combined rod jerks, and if so what speed would be ideal?
1 Answers
3 to 5 knots would be ideal. That's about the average speed of a running bait.
Customer Service
on October 29, 2013

from antigua asked:
October 19, 2013
how to you tie it on with a loop knot or use a snap or tie direct?
1 Answers
You could use either/or method with the Orca Lures. Some people prefer to use the snap in case they want to quickly change lures. Others prefer to tie directly to reduce any reflection from a quick snap.
Customer Service
on October 20, 2013

from nitro, wv asked:
April 19, 2013
I am new to stripe bass fishing and would like to know if this lure would be a good choice for fishing late may/early June. VA. thank you.
1 Answers
Yes, that lure works especially well when fished in the surf because it looks like a wounded disoriented bait fish. It also works well around bait schools and bunker pods in a boat.
Customer Service
on April 19, 2013


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