Shop Bunker Up Fishin'

Shop Bunker Up Fishin'

Whether you fish from the beach or from a boat, you're bound to find a Bunker Up Fishin' product here that will make your fishing more fun and your life easier. TackleDirect carries a wide selection of Bunker Up Fishin' beach and boat fishing accessories, ranging from the everyday to the highly unusual.

This company's stainless steel fish de-hooker should be a standard part of any angler's equipment, especially if you fish for toothy species like bluefish, pike or others with impressive dentition. This de-hooker is a great way to keep your fingers attached to the rest of your hands.

For surfcasters, we carry many BUF products that will make life a beach. You'll discover basic necessities for successful fishing in the suds, like stainless steel shovels, sand-spike rod holders and beach carts.

BUF also makes truly unique products, like its Sand Blaster Bait Caster. Using compressed air, this contraption can launch your bait up to 300 yards away from shore. That's three football fields of fish-holding water you'll be able to cover without even getting your toes wet!

Our BUF trailer-hitch adjustable rod holders make it easy to carry your surfcasting rods worry-free behind your beach buggy. Boaters will also find Bunker Up Fishin' products here that will help you hook 'em and cook 'em, from stainless steel gaffs to propane boat grills that attach easily and securely in your boat's rod holder.