Simrad NSS12 evo3S Combo Multi-Function Chartplotter/Fishfinders

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. -
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Simrad NSS12 evo3S Combo Multi-Function Chartplotter/Fishfinders

Improved Charting experience with the iMX8 processor

With a 2X faster page loading time, choosing any split-screen combination with views in 3D or Navigation perspective has never been easier. NSSevo3S features a preloaded US Chart with high-resolution inland and coastal coverage, plus a C-MAP Reveal layer of the ocean floor in Florida.

In addition to the preloaded C-MAP chart, NSSevo3S is compatible with a wide range of charting providers, including C-MAP, Navionics, CMOR, and Florida Marine Tracks.

Enhanced Sonar with superior on-water performance

1kW CHIRP-enabled sonar provides exceptional bottom-tracking and fish-finding performance. Dual transducer ports offer the convenience of connecting multiple transducers to a single display.

Better-than-ever processing power ensures Active Imaging delivers picture-like views of fish-holding structures, and crystal clear views of the bottom ahead using ForwardScan sonar.

SolarMAX™ IPS display for high-definition views

Clear views under any lighting condition with SolarMAX IPS technology, and ultra-wide viewing angles to keep everything in sight, even when viewed through polarized sunglasses.

These all-weather screens have been engineered to withstand the heat of the summer sun and are optically bonded to prevent condensation or fogging within the display.

UI improvements

  • Dark-themed wallpaper for less light pollution from a dash of multiple screens.
  • The Audio side bar can now expand into a full page view.
  • The addition of a chart orientation button to switch instantly between North up, Heading up and Course up without having to open the menu.
  • The addition of a Tide Graph in the instrument bar to monitor tide changes without having to leave the existing page

Wireless connectivity for smartphones and tablets

Displays can be mirrored to compatible iOS and Android devices to access charts, radar, sonar, engine data and more. Wireless connectivity also enables online software upgrades through any internet hotspot, access to the latest features and accessory support.

The Simrad App can also be downloaded for added benefits – from device registration and manual downloads, to saving waypoints and your favorite fishing spots – accessible both on and off the water.

Radar Options

HALO Pulse Compression radar systems can be added to negotiate crowded harbors, navigate safely in poor visibility, monitor distant weather squalls, and even locate flocks of feeding birds in order to locate fishing spots.

FLIR IP Camera Support

Day and night situational awareness can be improved by adding a FLIR M232 thermal imaging camera. The M232 features a resolution of 320x240 and offers the ability to pan and tilt the camera to allow for 360-degree viewing while underway. The M232 distributes video over Ethernet allowing for both display and control from an NSSevo3S.

WM-4 Receiver

Get up-to-date, detailed weather forecasts, weather radar, lightning, storm warnings, sea surface temperature, insight on favorable areas for particular fish species, and more, when you complete your boat's system with a WM-4 Receiver and a SiriusXM Marine Satellite Weather subscription. Add audio to your Marine Weather or Fish Mapping* subscription and get access to more than 140 SiriusXM radio channels at a discount.

Fast and Simple Networking and Connectivity

Industry-standard connectivity to create multi-display systems and link to all on-board electronics, engine and fuel monitoring in real-time, control of on-board sound systems, and much more.

Includes system expansion with Simrad modules and accessories, advanced fish-finding tools such as deepwater S5100, Active Imaging 3-in-1 or TotalScan, increased situational awareness with legendary HALO Pulse Compression radar, and automated control with a fully integrated Simrad autopilot.

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