TackleDirect Dredge Fishing Kit

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DINP and Lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Looking to spice up your offshore trolling spread and not sure where to begin? Adding dredges to your spread is an easy way to generate more interest from nearby pelagic of nearly all species. If you don?t want to go down the route of rigging and rerigging natural dredges using mullets or ballyhoo, the Squidnation Dredges are awfully hard to beat. Both killer pink and Blue are included in this package, which are considered standard issue on the dredge fishing scene. From here you can rig up to both eyelets on the Fathom Dredge Fish Weights with short 8-10? sections of the 920lb 49 strand Fathom Cable. Off the back of the weight, the 450lb Quick Rig Corkscrew swivel will allow you to quickly swap or remove the dredges. Much better than a traditional snap swivel that can open up if you get tangled by accident, which could result in the dredge sinking down into the abyss and cutting down on your fishing time. Make sure to use the provided Hi Seas Thimbles inside the loops and the Fathom adhesive lined Shrink Tubing over all the cable connections, your hands will appreciate not getting caught on the cable?s painful burrs. Now you will be all set up to pull two balls of bait behind your boat off of heavy duty rods with 80w or 130 class reels, or the best option right now, a Lindgren Pitman S1200 or S2400 Electric Reel.

TackleDirect Dredge Fishing Kit Contents:

TD CodeQtyRetailDescription
SQU-0013-31$399.99SquidNation D636-42 Pink Dredges
SQU-0013-11$399.99SquidNation D636-10 Electric Blue Dredges
QUI-01211$28.99Quick Rig Sea Buoy DWE 7mm 450 BB Rings Swivels 10pk
FAT-0035-11$45.99Fathom TW-FWC8-707 8lb Black Holo Coated Fish Weight
FAT-0035-21$45.99Fathom TW-FWC8-708 8lb Purple Holo Coated Fish Weight
FAT-00761$19.99Fathom CBL-920 Cable 49 Strand SS 920lb 30ft Coil w/12 Oxide/Copper Crimps
HIS-02121$2.99Hi-Seas HA-TH-SS-M10 SS Thimbles Medium 10pk
FAT-00261$9.99Fathom ST-3/8 Shrink Tube 3/8inx1in Adhesive Lined 4pk

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