Shimano Talica TAC20BFC / TackleDirect Platinum Hook TDPS662040SIN White Marlin Combo

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Now: $899.99
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DINP and Lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Having difficulties finding the perfect combo to outfit your new boat or to update your old gear before your next offshore tuna trip? TackleDirect has taken all of the guess work out of matching the industry?s best white marlin reels along with the brand new series of Platinum Hook rods by TackleDirect. The TackleDirect Platinum Hook TDPS662040SIN/Shimano TAC20BFC Conventional White Marlin Combo is an exceptional option when dredge fishing for white marlin and other small billfish with circle hooks. The soft tip section of the rod results in a higher percentage of solid hookups, while the lightning fast 60? per crank retrieve of the BFC ensures the angler stays tight on a white going ballistic behind the boat.

The TackleDirect TDPS662040SIN Platinum Hook Conventional White Marlin Rod is high performance and the result of stringent "on the water" design and testing by some of the finest sport anglers around the world. The TDPS662040SIN Conventional Stand Up Rod features a durable E-glass blank with a softer tip section geared towards a higher percentage of quality hooksets and less pulled hooks when targeting white marlin or sailfish with circle hooks. The heavy duty Fuji SIN (Silicon Nitride) guides allow for trouble free use with your favorite monofilament line.

The Shimano TAC20BFC lever drag reel is designed for being able to meet the highest level of tournament requirements for dredge and kite fishing for small billfish like White Marlin and Sailfish. These innovative reels offer a moderate drag curve under low drag settings that helps the angler to achieve a solid hookset in the corner of the mouth, and also maintain steady and even pressure during the fight.

TackleDirect TDPS662040SIN Platinum Hook White Marlin Rod Specifications:

  • Length: 6ft 6in
  • Line Rating (lbs): 20-40
  • Guides: Fuji SIN
  • Butt: Stuart Slick Butt

Shimano TAC20BFC Talica 20 Billfish Concept Lever Drag Reel Specifications:

  • Mono Line capacity (lb/yds): 20/640
  • Max Drag at full (lbs): 15
  • Max Drag at Strike (lbs): 4
  • Gear Ratio: 6.7:1
  • Line Retrieve per Crank (in): 60
  • Weight (oz): 28.1

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